Kaleerein 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera/Sunny And Vivan/Silky’s Wedding After 2 Days

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Meera walks to Amar and calls him. He turns. His friend Satinder gets severe chest pain and collapses. Doctor checks him and says she needs to check his heart, asks nurse to perform his ECG, and asks family not to give any tension to him. Laali yells there is more drama in this house, hopes engagement does not get canceled. Amar consoles Satinder’s wife and says he will go and make engagement arrangements. Meera consoles Sunny and says she gets tensed when something happens to her father, she can understand his condition.

Amar takes care of wedding arrangements. Dolly serves him breakfast. Vivan passes by. Dolly asks him to have breakfast. He says he is not hungry. Amar says he should have breakfast as he needs to have energy to serve guests and himself feeds Vivan, then gets phone call and leaves.

Sunny reminisces giving medicine to Satinder and getting him chest pain. He drops water on Satinder’s face. His wife pleads not to do this, he already gave medicine and made him ill. Sunny reveals he has kidnapped their real son and has come here in disguise as Sunny. Wife asks what he needs. Sunny warns if they cry and shout, their son’s fingers will be cut in America, so they should keep queit and keep smiling. Satinder smiles forcefully. Sunny walks out thinking he came here to take revenge from Vivan.

Dolly prays god that he knows Vivan and Meera’s love his true, then why he is examining them, Meera cannot break her husband or father’s heart, god should get her daughter of of this problem/

Vivan shows rakhi to comatosed Amaya and pleads her to wake up as today is rakshabandhan. Amaya starts breathing heavily. Vivan calls nurse. Nurse says her BP must be high and needs injection, asks him to go out. Vivan walks to living room. Meera says Satinder uncle’s health is stable now, he should speak to papaji now. Amar walks in and asks what is happening here. Sunny interferes and says his papa/Satinder told engagement should happen tomorrow itself. Amar says if Satinder wants, engagement will happen tomorrow itself. Sunny smirks behind, but then apologizes Meera and Vivan and says he tried his best, but could not postpone engagement. Once they leave, he whistles happily.

Sunny then walks to Satinder and filling liquor in a glass forces him to drink. Satinder says he does not drink. Sunny reminds his son is in his grip. Satinder drinks and coughs. Meera walks in. Sunny sees her and pressing Satinder’s tightly asks not to get adamant, he will postpone engagement. Satinder says he is fine now, engagement should happen tomorrow. Sunny says he will then. Meera gives herbal tea to Satinder and thanks god that someone is there who wants to reunite her and Vivan. Sunny thinks he will not let them reunite.

Amaya opens eyes. Vivan gets happy and makes her sit. Dolly thanks god. Amaya asks Vivan if he is fine. Vivan says yes. Doctor asks them to let Aamay rest and asks Vivan to come out. She tells Amaya’s condition is stable now, but she should not be given any tension.

Engagement ceremony starts. Amar calls Meera on stage. Meera walks and stands next to Sunny. Sab kuch badal gaya….song…plays in the background. Amar then calls Vivan. Vivan goes and stands next to Silky reminiscing marrying Meera and their happier times. Amar asks to exchange rings. Biji also insists. Laali forcefully gives engagement ring to Vivan and asks him to fix it in Silky’s finger. Meeraa with shivering hands fixes ring in Sunny’s finger and Vivan in Silky’s finger. Everyone clap. Decorative bulb breaks and glass hits Meera’s ring finger injuring it. Ring falls down from Sunny’s hand. Amar picks and gives it to Sunny and asks him to fix it in Meera’s finger. Sunny does. Everyone clap. Amar hugs Satingder happily. Satinder says he will he alright if marriage happens early. Amar says wedding will happen day after tomorrow, it is his final decision. Meera and Vivan get tensed hearing that.

Meera walks tensely and slips and is about to hit a nail on wall when Vivan holds her and asks what is she doing. She cries that she cannot live without him, they have to tell truth to papaji. She continues crying and Vivan tries to consoles her. Amar sees Satinder and his wife speaking hiding and thinks what they are speaking. Sunny sees Satinder trying to call someones, snatches phone and punishes him, warns if he wants to lose his son. Amar shouts and calls Meera. Vivan asks her to go…

Precap: Sunny warns Satinder not to make mistake, else he will slit his son’s throat. Vivan walks in and asks whom he is talking about. Sunny says his brother and shows pic in locker. Vivan checks pic and informs Meera he feels something is wrong and they are missing on something.

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  1. I am not yet divorced but am getting engaged… huh?

  2. By the way silky was with sumer na…. Now Wat is this

  3. Frankly ,the previous Silky was a nice sister to Meera and very polished like the products of Soni Kudi Academy should be….Even when she started liking Sumer,she used to feel guilty for cheating behind her sister’s fiancée.In contrast ,the current one that we are seeing is neither pretty nor sensitive nor cultured….She looks as if she has come from a gutter …exactly like her mother….both don’t seem to have their own house or any avocation or any shame ….the female negative characters that they are being portrayed in this serial like Laali ,Silky ,Sweety and Roma are worse than women from a brothel that we are seeing in the new serial ‘Yeh Teri Galiyan’ ….at least they have some values….they don’t go to houses in the guise of family members to do back stabbing later…..Just disgusting ….But all Zee serials have this type of witches to get on our nerves…Anyways with the engagement over ,,Meera seems to have come out of her stupor and realised that she has been stupid and over confident all along..It will be interesting to see how she will save both Vivaan and herself from this fake marriage…
    I wonder,who is this Sunny ,that has so much enemity against Vivaan,….Can he be the same kidnapper of the previous track who kidnapped Pammi and Amaya and killed Roma mercilessly…or is he sent by Roma only because her dead body was never shown…
    The only bright point in this gloomy scenario is Amaya….the sweet girl has come out of her coma and hope she will help Vivaan and Meera to evade the marriage and expose the three resident evils and Ofcourse to find out who Sunny is…

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