Kaleerein 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan Saves Gurumaa; Meera Blindly Trusts Tulika

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Vivan finds Guruma’s trishal and hears a sound, walks towards it and sees Guruma trapped in a bottle. He breaks bottle. Guru maa falls down. He asks where is Meera, she was right, Tulika is not a good girl. She points at direction. Vivan runs in the direction. Tulika with black magic gets engrasped Meera into ground and laughs saying let us see if her black magic will win or Meera’s bhakti. Meera reminisces Dolly suggesting her to chant hanuman chalisa. She starts chanting and comes back on ground. Tulika’s hands burn and she falls down. Vivan reaches there. Tulika shows her burning hands to Meera. Meera runs and sets off fire. Tulika says Dayan burnt her hands. Vivan says she is dayan. Tulika says she is not dayan, her mother does black magic and she is dayan, he can ask Gurumma, she saw the whole incident. Vivan says Gurumaa herself cannot speak, else she would have exposed truth. Tulika continues acting innocent, Meera trusts her blindly while Vivan stands confused whom to believe.

Meera and Vivan return home with Tulika. Biji asks Tulika how did she burn her hands. Prince enters and shyingly says Tulika agreed to marry him. Meera rejoices while Dolly thinks how to save her son from dayan Tulika. She tells let us take Guruma’s opinion first. Tulika sits acting as shy.

Meera and Vivan return to their room and get romantic. Meera sleeps on Vivan’s shoulders while a romantic song plays in the background. Tulika does her black magic. Meera’s eyes turn red, she wakes up and attacks Vivan,but Vivan escapes and Meera collapses. Whole family gathers. Gurumaa comes. Family walks to her, Dolly asks Tulika to be with Meera. Vivan meets gurumaa who gives dayan’s hair, a holy locket and letter, blesses Vivan and leaves. Vivan reads letter that he should tie this holy locket in Meera’s neck. Tulika thinks she will end Vivan today and starts black magic on Meera.

Tulika orders hypnotized Meera to kill vivan. Meera picks knife and heads to stab Vivan.

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