Kaleerein 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Roma Plans To Kill Amaya

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Kaleerein 25th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Roma tells doctor that she wants to say something. Doctor asks to speak. Dolly takes Meera to Vivan. Meera asks how is Amaya. He says fine. Dolly asks what happened again that they are fighting. Vivan says he wanted someone to accompany him, but he finds person in opposite direction. Meera says she wants to accompany, but the other person always does not want to. Dolly asks where is he going. He says to get medicine. Dolly says Prince will get it. Daadi insists him to have food for Amaya’s sake. He agrees and walks with them to canteen. Meera serves him food. Pammi watches hiding and thinks thank god someone is there to take care of her son.

Roma walks in and gives phone to Vivan. UK doctor asks Vivan why he is keeping his sister in a small hospital, bring her to UK. Vivan says he will not, she may go. She says she is not taking opinion, she is informing. Vivan insists. Roma says if something happens to Amaya, he will be responsible. Nurse informs that Amaya’s condition is getting critical. They all run and see Amaya gasping for air. Doctor says oxygen cylinder finished. Vivan scolds nurse to get it within 5 minutes. Nurse says they get it from far away and needs some time. Vivan panics while Roma thinks now Amaya’s drama has started and pleads doctor to arrange oxygen cylinder, she can pay 10 lakhs rupees. Doctor says they are trying their best. Pammi sees that and thinks Roma is playing game which she played with her.

Meera sees an old patient with oxygen cylinder and pleads that he must be having extra cylinder at home, if Indians don’t help each other, will foreigners help, if he can spare a cylinder. Patient’s wife says they have only 1 cylinder. Patient says he is an army man and can fight without oxygen for 15 minutes. Meera thanks him and takes cylinder. After 15 minutes, Amaya gets new oxygen cylinder. Patient says credit goes to Meera who convinced him to spare his cylinder. Vivan thanks him. Wife says she is proud of her husband and takes him away.

Vivan scolds doctor if they cannot have extra cylinder, he will shut this hospital. Roma yells that Vivan is not listening to her and risking Amaya’s life, why he is beind Pammi and wants to risk his sister’s life. Vivan says he will leave for UK tonight itself.

Meera thinks how can oxygen vanish for suddenly. She hears wardboys discussing to correct oxygen pipe and seeing her running away. Meera thinks if someone tampered oxygen pipes or if it is her thinking. Pammi thinks even Meera has given up now. Meera asks comatosed Amaya to be courageous. Laali on the other side thinks if Pammi really used her own sim and reminisces Roma asking to send key maker. Pammi hears that. Doctor then tells Roma if even 1 minute had passed, they would have achieved what she wanted, but Meera interfered. Roma asks to do it during airlifting, she was air hostess and knows when oxygen level drops in flight. Pammi hears that and cries how to help her child, police is searching for her.

Vivan packs his bags and tells Meera that now he is going back to London, this room is her and she can sleep the way she likes. She says she will sleep in her room and slips. He holds her. Romantic song plays in the background.

Precap: Pammi calls Meera and pleads to save her daughter’s life. Meera sees doctor taking Amaya away and trying to give injection. She picks devimaa’s trishul and stabs doctor’s leg.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. today is a nicer epsiode.happier:) roma is so evil. please dont kill amaya please. i hope next week everything comes out.

    1. ya episode was nice but i want this pammi kapoor track to end soon…

  2. Oh dear, what an episode! What a b*t*h Roma is!!! I hope she falls out the aircraft…from a height! How terrified and helpless Pammi must feel to hear Roma’s decision to cut off oxygen for Amaaya…this is precisely why Amaaya never liked her stepmother and she has valid reasons too…i can imagine the tension between this couple now that it becomes evident that they have to part ways and under extenuating circumstances to boot… Friends, if you spend one moment of your time with someone, a memory is created, whether it’s good or bad, and when that person moves away from you or isn’t there for whatever reason , it’s becomes a defining moment of a fraction of your existence. No matter what happened between Vivaan and Meera, there’s a bond between them that is undeniable and if they were to part for now, it would be best, in this way they’ll come to understand that destiny brought them together and I know they will miss each other but if this trip has to be aborted, then we’ll have to prepare for round two of fights and we can only hope that they could at least coexist with each other…which is not good, we all want them to love each other deeply and give us something to cheer about, more nok joks and breezy romance!!!

  3. Amaya should nt die n vivan should not go back …..

  4. Naz,you have described Vivaan’s misery much better than me and how right you are when you said that whenever Vivaan uses abusive words ,he is actually crying out from inside…Simetimes I really pity men,they can neither show their emotions nor cry like us.Do you know Naz,why I feel so bad for this character Vivaan….because I have actually come across two such adolescents in one of the schools where I worked for about a year….my husband was posted in Gangtok that time,the capital of a beautiful Himalayan state Sikkim …due to local language problem,I couldn’t practice there,so I worked in a school run by the missionaries.This brother and sister in my class were twins from a well to do family and already in their early teens…the boy, very handsome but always serious,reserved and brooding ….his sister,a lovely girl just like Amaya ,would try to mix with her class fellows but they would always eep their distance and avoid her.First I didn’t interfere thinking they had some mingling issues with other students but after watching them for a couple of months ,I had decided to enquire..I called both of them to the staff room and asked what was the issue..the boy wouldn’t say anything but the girl broke into tears to say thar their mother had deserted them and their father about a year ego and since then no one would speak to them….Naz,being their teacher I couldn’t do anything …it was not some disciplinary problem to correct other students….they simply wouldn’t talk to them and I was a silent spectator to their pain for one year…I brought it to the notice of the principal thinking she would do something or atleast allow me to speak to the parents of other students but she was of lthe opinion that we should n’t interfere as it was a matter of social stigma…Naz,they were already 15 that time and the pain and hurt in their eyes particularly the boy’s would wrench my heart….Finally I couldn’t tolerate the apathy of the principal anymore and resigned after just a year ..Naz,Vivaan reminds me of my old student who must be around 3o now and I hope to god that he is doing fine now and looking at life positively.

    1. How sad Lakshmi, you see how things like this does happen in real life??? At all times it calls for sensitivity and understanding when you see a person behaving like Vivaan, he isn’t this way for jokes sake, they do have underlying emotional trauma and have no other way to get it out so they become just like Vivaan… Happy to see both of them trying to be civil with each other…do you think a little bonding is possible now?? BTW… On 2nd June Juzzbat will be aired here… I know you will eye roll here but yeah, we have to wait!! Like the stepchild would have to!!!

  5. Coming back to the episode ,I am happy that Meera is showing lot of maturity..she seems to have left behind her puerile ways and matured overnight .She has already forgiven Vivaan’s rude behaviour and says she is ready to stand by him if he allows…very cute of her to serve his lunch….Vivaan too has shed his anger and come back to normalcy,…just like any normal couple trying to bond again after a tiff …particularly Meera helping him in packing and giving him so many instructions on various do’s and dont’s…like a couple married for years..Nothing to say about Roma …Naz,as you said she deserves to be thrown out of the aircraft ….better Pammi makes her first move and help Meera…..what is the use of lurking behind windows and watching silently……And I fully agree with you that sometimes absence does wonders to a relationship and makes the hearts grow fonder…I will be happy if Vivaan and Meera stay apart for a while with the hope they will miss each other and realise they are in love…As for Amaya ,she is still not out of danger…what have the writers planned for her…..the end of this character?????

  6. i pity that boy and girl lakshmi… it’s very difficult for them to stay with these closeminded people… it’s not their fault but it’s fault of those people that they can’t accept them.. i think people need to change their mindset and start to think beyond it…

    1. Yes Neeti, like most newlyweds, they need to be on their own, away from family pressure, so that they can bond, in this way they’ll discover each other, isn’t that precisely why couples go on honeymoons!! You know how in families, the day after weddings, sometimes crude remarks or jokes are made and new couple feels embarrassed when they are asked inappropriate questions, well…in this family , we have Laali and her spiteful mindset… I think, just like Lakshmi, that it would have been better if they could spend time away from each other, just to realize that they miss each other…but these writers have their own plans for this couple, let’s see how the bonding goes now…hoping for some interesting scenes….and Meera does seem to be trying..

  7. Neeti ,the problem is 75% of our society consists of close minded people only…in big cities it is ok because no one has time to bother about others but in small towns where everyone knows everyone,there will be gossip ,murmurs and ostracization….I knew that the parents were the ones who had instructed their wards to ostracise the twins and the school was mindful of its own god damned reputation and admissions….But if I think of it now,i feel that It was not just about the class fellows or the society the boy was furious or worried about … he was simply raging inside for what his mother had done to them.,if one loses his / her parents to natural or unnatural causes,there will be grief and shock which will be overcome with the passage of time…but this is different…anyways both the twins were brilliant and let us hope they are happy and well settled in life now…

  8. I don’t have any words left in my dictionary now to comment on Zee’s overseas policies…by the time you get to see Jazbaat there,we will be ahead by 10 episodes…except expressing exasperation ,disbelief and disapproval.we can not do anything ….anyways let us not lambast anyone in this holy Ramzan month…
    ..Naz A VERY HAPPY RAMADAN to you and your family…while you are fasting and praying and busy with iftars ,we are having a gala time here in Bangalore…Ramadan is that time of the year when our Muslim brethren treat the city with delicious Kebabs ,Biryanis ,deserts ,samosas ….the list s endless..and tomorrow as usual I will be attending Iftar at my friend Mumtaz’s house…I always look forward to it as her Saasu MA prepares some excellent Mughlai cuisine….Friend ,i know it is a blessing to take part in Ramadan but take care of your health…
    Naz,another reincarnation on this channel…as you know I stopped watching Mahek long time back and I never even commented also but last week I happened to tune to Zee when Mahek was coming and shocked to see the death scene of Mahek and Shaurya ….Imagine this week they are back reincarnated ,,,now they are children like Raja and Rani,,,The girl playing little Mahek is real smart and her passion is boxing…Shaurya again a rich man’s son but this time going to be beardless …if interested ,check it out…

    1. Thank you for the warm Ramadan greeting Lakshmi… I was tied up a bit so now came up on the forum to post some comments. Lakshmi, it’s interesting to know that the whole of Bangalore is included in Ramadan festivities as well, with the Muslim community, that’s commendable religious tolerance, mashaallah… I was expecting you to tell me that you were going by Mumtaz’s home for Iftaar…of course she wouldn’t leave you out of her dinner preparation, lol… The food you mentioned is….too good, now I’m hungry all over again!!….and you know how I love biriyani!!! Anyways… As per Mehek’s new season, well… LMAO… Another reincarnation story, how many must we get??? Well, you know, we are a couple episodes behind in this as well so this week I’ll see them die, hopefully. I’ve been checking it out, in and out but I’m not too sold on it as yet, I can’t handle a mature Mehak and Shaurya acting like barely in adulthood, they both look too mature for the story now… Sigh!!! I’ll see how things go, if I’m not happy……i see KKB is in new season and this time I like what I’m seeing so I’m watching it. It has a certain maturity to the storyline and there’s a little girl in it who’s Pragya and Abhi’s daughter and wow, she’s a damn good little powerhouse actress.. In WAS.. I tried looking at a few episodes but too much has changed there so I just drop in to say hello to Jayashree from time to time…and you know what…the handsome hunk named Siraj from ISA is dead, so now I can’t see his handsome face ??…hope you had a wonderful time by Mumtaz’s house… Chat tomorrow…

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