Kaleerein 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan Doubts Meera’s Character

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Sunny takes out Meera’s torn sari piece from his watch and says good her husband herself let her in this room and even locked door, if she is ready to spend night in his arm now. She picks trishul and walks towards him angrily. He taunts if she is participating in fancy dress competition. Sh attacks him with trishul. He is shocked and asks if she has gone mad. She continues attacking him. He falls down. She runs away. He thinks where did this mad woman go and finds her bangles on floor. Meera enters Sunny’s room, finds bomb remote and breaks it into pieces. She then runs to Vivan’s room. Sunny searches her on road.

Meeera reaches Vivan’s room and sees I am sorry with flowers on bed. She gets happy and searches him in whole house. Vivan is on terrace venting out his anger on punching bag. Meera asks servants if they saw Vivan. Someone says he is on terrace. She walks to him and seeing him punching bag with bare hands stops him and asks what is he doing. He says he loves her a lot and trusted her so much, then how can she spend night with Sunny and betray him. She asks to ask his heart if she can betray him, she is always loyal to him. Sunny reaches there and pulls cable under Vivan’s feet. Vivan falls, but Meera holds his hand and saves him, asks if he is fine. He says yes and continues confronting her. Meera sees Sunny speaking to someone wearing hooded jacket and runs from there to check.

Vivan angrily walks his room and spoils flowers on bed shouting how can Meera betray her. Meera on the other side follows hooded jacket man and thinks he wants to trouble Vivan, she will teach him a lesson.

Precap: Vivan asks Meera to undergo virginity test and prove that she did not lose her virginity to Sunny.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I wanted to stay away from this tortuous story ….I am not even watching the serial but with some hope still reading the update and comments and just astonished as well as disgusted to read the precap…It can not get any worse…the very idea of a man asking his wife to prove her virginity is repulsive and Vivaan ,a highly educated and polished businessman ,saying this is just unimaginable ….It is the writers’ stingy and sick mindset that is being reflected here through their male lead…
    If I remember correctly,Vivaan and Meera have already consummated their marriage on that fateful night when they confessed their love for each other….If so,how is Vivaan expecting Meera to be a virgin still or does he have some kind of memory blockade …there is no doubt that Meera ,with some stupid plan in her nuts, is behaving like a wanton….but Vivaan asking her to give proof of her chastity ….well! High time to change these sick writers if they want to save the show..

    1. Please dont stay away Laksshmi, reading your post make the serial enjoyable. Is there no privacy in marriages in India. Must Vivan be throwing paper in front of the whole family at every occasion. it can not be discussed in the bedroom? Why is Sunny living in their house? His mum’s killer, roma’s son and Amaya’s kidnapper? And why is Meera playing God in Vivaan’s life, the one to protect him from harm. She can not tell him until things go very bad.

  2. can’t meera just tell the truth to his husband who is begging to tell what’s in her mind.asking him to stay calm until she becomes a super woman and solves the problems.How can he?Why is this sunny allowed to stay with them when they know he is a murderer.Is vivaan the top businees tycoon is that much helpless?will watch if something postive happens & this stupid precap is a plan by both to fool sunny.Seems like the writers are trying their best to make everthing more worse

  3. DannyComments

    Well..she deserves this! I never for once felt bad when Meera’s father treated Vivan badly. He was always right. Vivan doesn’t deserve meera. There has never been any trust in their relationship. Anyway..they will definitely divorce for the 3rd time. And this foolish Meera! God! She is just like Bani in Kasamse. Every time she has to prove herself! Will it kill you to just tell your husband the truth? And Vivan, after everything, this can you not just try and Just think, why is my wife, whom I went against all odds to marry, who supported me, who always stood by me, will want to have an affair?? Oh well.. guess we are gonna see weeks of these crap and finally Vivan doing the whole crying and apologising again..And ofcouse, meera will always forgive. God! I just want to shoot meera myself right Now!😑

  4. DannyComments

    And what Virginity test? I remember quite clearly that Vivan and Meera slept together..Or was that just them cuddling? Well..I guess they just made out then..SMH. virginity test my foot! I want to see him go for a virginity test too! Hypocritical asswipe.

  5. All,
    Hate to break it to the dumb writer.. here it goes again.” M eera is not a virgin, she has not been for a while” however, what she is ” a drama queen..who thinks that she is smart and wants to prove her love protecting vivan by keeping quite( ohhhhh, how sweet / loving of wife she is). Nauseating.
    1)Wish M eera would butt out of it, let v ivan grow up and fight his own battles..
    2) isn’t this vivan’s house, why he doesnt kick all including sunny (the looney) out of his house?
    3) as for virginity test that v ivan is asking…this is vivan’s attempt to boost his male ego..
    4) wish M eera would just answer the damn question when v ivan ask her did you sleep with sunny? She just need to say “oh he’ll no” I’m just buying time to figure out this crazy man’s plan. Instead of saying ” v ivan ask your heart this question, would I ever betray you?. Vivan should say” b*t*h, it is a yes or no answer . It is not a open ended question”

    Over probably this is the writer’s first job (amature).. also probably he meant to write ” v ivan asked m eera to take a pregnancy test” he goofed up..
    Or maybe the writer is a virgin and someone needs to teach him about the bird and the bees, or adam and eve, etc..
    What a mess

  6. Virginity test? Totally ridiculous. Grow up writers and stop ruining the show with your so many unsolved mysteries.

  7. One more blunder by intellient writers ….dis show is getting more n more pathetic day by day.Instead of showing Vivaan doubting Meera..dey can show Vivaan trustng Meera without any question he believes her …she’ll never ditch him …whatever she’ll do will be for der gud life only…

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