Kaleerein 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan’s Stepmother Roma’s Entry; Vivan Supports Meera

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Kaleerein 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vivan’s stepmother Roma reaches outside Meera’s house. Meera ties pagdi to Vivan. Dolly praises her damad is looking so handsome in pagdi. Vivan jokes something is burning and it is Meera’s heart. Everyone laugh. Amaya walks in and angrily says Vivan that Roma has come. Biji asks who is she. Amaya says Mrs. Roma Kapoor, his dad’s wife and her stepmom. Biji says let us greet them. Vivan meets Roma who calls him VK asks if he is coming from theme party. He says no. She asks what all he did here, he heard he did a mistake and married. He says yes. She asks how will he correct his mistake. He has solution for that. She asks to shake hands. He does. Dolly walks in excitedly and hugs her followed by Biji and others. Roma yells to stay away from her. They ask her to go and relax in her room and walk away. Biji says it is obvious when someone touches without permission. Amaya comes. Roma tries to chat with her, but Amaya fumes.

Meera in her room thinks now she has to meet her saas, all saas are arrogant, Sumer’s mother was so arrogant and Vivan’s mother will also be, but hopes she is not like Vivan, else she will sign papers. Dolly walks in and asks what signatures. Meera gets tensed. Dolly asks to get ready for saas’ muh dikhayi/face watching ritual.

Roma fumes at Vivan what is he doing here, why is he behaving with them like family members, they are not even fit to be their servants, how can he do such a big mistake. She continues.. Vivan says these people will perform rituals, she should also enjoy. Roma asks what…. Dolly walks in calling her behenji. Roma shouts what.. does she know age difference between them, how downgrade. Vivan says she is Mrs. Kapoor and he also calls her same. Dolly calls her for bahu’s muh dikhayi rituals. Roma thinks she cannot speak now as Vivan is on their side.

Meera stands wearing veil. Biji tells Roma it is ritual for saas to see bahu’s face first i mirror. Roma fumes, but Vivan signals her to go ahead. Roma and Meera look at each other’s face in mirror and are shocked. Meera drops mirror. Biji says it is good sign and it will be auspicious when Meera’s saas will dorn chunri/veil on her. Vivan signals her to go ahead. Roma thinks she will dorn chunri which everyone will see. She silently burns chunri in aarti lamp. Family gets tensed seeing Meera’s chunri burning.

Precap: Roma tells Meera that she, her whole family and whole country stink. Meera confronts and says even she is Indian and not foreigner, so even she stinks. Roma angrily tries to slap her, but Vivan holds her hand.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Couldn’t understand Vivan’s attitude….unlike his siter,Amaya ,he seems to be quite comfortable with his step mother,,,,even Mrs.Kapoor is warm towards Vivan but has bad vibes about Amaya ,I think Amaya,who could never get over the memory of her biological mother,has never treated this woman as the wife of her father ,leave alone her mother….Ofcourse this woman doesn’t seem to be a mother material ….the way she was treating the children as untouchables and driving the car as if she was zooming on a highway before Meera stopped her….no doubt she is going to be the main antagonist and Sumer and Silky will be just her proxies……..But what is Vivan thinking about Meera,the way he introduced her as his wife ,coaxing his rather arrogant step mother to consent to Dolly’s requests and his pleasant nok jhoks with Meera are giving us an altogether different picture of this guy….is this all true or simply putting on an act to get the divorce from Meera…

  2. Arjit taneja i just love ur acting

  3. i lyk all abt this series

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