Kaleerein 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Amar Decides To Get Meera Married to a Married Man

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Amar slaps Laali’s puppet and asks to tell who sent him to steal idol. Puppet says Vivan hired him and even gave gun to shoot and escape if he is caught. He throws gun and runs. Vivan runs behind him, but Amar stops him and asks Meera if she will trust Vivan even now. Vivan asks to trust him, she is in the same situation where he was and trusted stranger than Meera wrongly. Amar yells to choose between him and Vivan, picks gun and warns Meera to choose now and counts. Meera and Dolly plead to drop gun. Laali, Sweety, and Silky hold each other’s hands excitedly. Vivan pleads Amar to drop gun. Amar warns to stay away and shouts he will not let Vivan win and counts 1, 2, 3.. Meera pleads to stop, she will do whatever he says. He asks to take his oath. Meera takes oath that she will marry whoever he says. Vivan shatters and walks away.

Laali with Sweety takes Silky aside and asks her to go and console Vivan and get into his heart. Silky leaves. Laali tells Sweety let us go and do their duty and provoke Amar to get Meera married soon.

Vivan walks on street and sees a father slapping a girl for insisting to study further. He slaps man and warns if they all villagers think daughters as their personal property and think them as slaves. Villagers see him slapping man, catch and frisk him for calling them all mad. A boy identifies him as Meera’s servant, runs and informs her that the man who was working here is fighting with villagers. Villagers are about to trash Vivan when Meera enters and stops them and asks Vivan to come with her. Vivan asks why should he, all villagers are mad and force their decision on daughters like her father forced her to agree to remarry, this man is forcing his daughter to stop studies. Meera drags Vivan from there.

Vivan continues shouting her father forced her to take oath to marry someone else and she agreed easily with his emotional blackmail, he is not her servant and is The Vivan Kapoor, he will do what he likes now and will see how she will marry someone else. Meera says because of one-sided rules and decisions in anger, they are facing this situation. She continues that girl would have agreed to stop studies and her father would have let her study seeing her cry, this is how father-daughter relationship is, he will not understand. Vivan says whatever it is, he will do whatever he likes.

Amar’s friend consoles him not to worry, he will help him solve his problems. Amar asks to find a boy for Meera. Laali and Sweety join them and say Pind people are orthodox and who will marry Meera. Friend says he has a boy in mind, but his wife died in an accident and it is his second marriage. Dolly hears that and confronts Amar if he will marry his daughter to anyone without thinking. Amar shouts he did not ask her permission, Meera herself has agreed for remarriage. Dolly says it is because he forced her with his oath. Amar calls Meera and asks if she will marry a boy he selects or not. She says she will whoever he selects.

Vivan goes to country arrack shop and orders whiskey. Owner says it is country liquor shop, he may not digest desi liquor. Vivan says when he can digest so much insult, he can digest even desi liquor and asks to bring 1 bottle. Owner brings 1 bottle. Vivan drinks and loses control. Owner says it is not easy for him. Vivan orders 1 more bottle. Silky walks in and asks why is he punishing himself. Vivan says his mistake is to love a stubborn man’s daughter, he will punish himself now. Silky thinks his punishment is her gain…Meera is seen crying in her room. A sad song plays in the background.

Precap: Meera says god makes jodis and her fight is to unite Amar and Vivan now.

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  1. This episode is nothing but utter nonsense …it was just a fools’paradise with protagonists shouting at each other and antagonists busy hatching conspiracies…I I don’t think ths serial will see its 200 th episode…I really pity the actors as their talent is being wasted due to the illogical storyline…still the producers have every chance of reviving this love story which is in doldrums right now…better the makers bring in a fresh set of writers who can change the fortunes of this serial..

  2. Amar is just another a*sh*le forcing Meera with blackmail. How immature are these Indian parents always threatening to killng themselves in emotional blackmail against. Their children

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