Kaleerein 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan Elopes From Police Station

Kaleerein 13th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Meera pleads inspector to believe that Sunny is alive. He shouts now Vivan will go to jail forever. Sunny disguised as old man smirks, removing his beard and mustache. Vivan asks Meera not to plead so much and return home, it is not in their fate to reunite. Meera determines to catch Sunny and rescue Vivan and walks away. Sh walks on street and gets kidnapped by Sunny.

In police station, constable informs inspector that criminal escaped from cell. Inspector shouts to catch him. While running, constable drops cell key. Vivan notices that. A ball fall into Vivan;s call. He picks it and reads a note that Meera is kidnapped by Sunny and Vivan should reach old kalimaa temple. Vivan opens his cell and runs away. Inspector and constable follow him. Sunny takes Meera to old temple and ties her down. She pleads to free him. He shows live CCTV footage where Vivan is running and police behind him. He says inspector is targeting Vivan’s legs, but one constable is pointing at his back, he is my aide.

Inspector shoots Vivan, but Vivan escapes and continues running. Vivan… Meera shouts Vivan…Constables surround him and point guns. Sunny asks Meera if he should order his aide to shoot Vivan. Meera shouts no..what he wants. He says he wants to spend a night with her. She is shocked to hear that. He says how sweet, Sunny’s suhagraat with Meera, if she agrees to save vivan or not. She gives him a tight slip and he falls on pillar.

Precap: Saturday’s mahaepisode’s promo is shown.

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  1. Optimistic

    Anybody want meervaan fan fiction based on ur likes and comments I will start writing

  2. Friends,the writers just know how to spoil the show and lose even the die hard fans of Arjit….I have tried my best to stick to the show but it is just deteriorating to a point of no return….today TV was on ,Serial was coming but i couldn’t concentrate on anything as there was nothing new…the same.drama…Meera tied up and crying hysterically ,Sunny’s bakwas and Vivaan running as helpless as ever…Poor actors,they can not leave the show at this juncture as this is their bread and butter but we,viewers have no such constraints….So till things improve ,I have decided to take a break….feel vey sad for this as I don’t leave a show in between but ths is just hopeless…Hope the writers will note our concerns and do something to rejuvenate this once upon a time lovely serial….till then good bye ,my friends and take care….

  3. Agree with you Lakshmi when dis show was started my family watch it carefully we use to listen every dialogue but today entire situation is change no body want to listen d dialogue no body cares if tv is mute ๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ˜Œdis writers r so pathetic i mean dey realy don’t know what message dey r sending to d viewrs…Sunny is so caward dat he is tourching Meera ….he doesn’t have guts to face Vivaan.story’ll be more intersting if dey show man to man fight…

  4. Yes Lakshmi you’re right. The writer spoil a beautiful story. Very sad for the actors . But don’t leave the show Lakshmi. I like your comments. I don’t understand this writer. The writer is so negative and evil like the evil one in the serials. The leads are suffering so much they can’t be together. Every time we have to watch triangle love. What kind of a message is this. Is this the way how they lived in India. I think the writer is serving the satan.

  5. how long they are going to drag this story line for 3-4 months .. what the hell.. I don’t even watch it and just read the summary. and each time they are still playing the cat and mouse chase story line..

    I also agree with you all.. as they say ” payback is a b*t*h” .. if Meera (the wishy washy) stood up to her loony father.. we would at list have a romance story line.. there was enough to keep us entertain instead of all these stupid chases..
    by the way, isn’t Vivan rich??? so were the hell is his lawyer????
    all and all what a waste…

  6. i know this track is getting boring but if we don’t watch the show it will get offair. i dont want it to get offair. i just love this show whether it is boring or interesting. i will keep watching this show because i just love arjit and aditi. i remember all the episode names with their no’s. plz keep watching this show.

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