Kaleerein 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Amar Disowns Dolly

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Vivan reminisces Amar slapping him and insulting him repeatedly. He then reminisces Meera telling Dolly that she loves Vivan immensely, but however hard he tries, she will not go back to him. Dolly walks in. On other side, Sweety snatches Laali’s mobile. Laali tries to snatch it back. Silky says let it be with Maami/aunty, she is on our side now. Laali asks to return mobile then. Sweety says when Laali can betray her brother, she can anyone, this mobile is for her safety. Silky says Maami is right, mom can change anytime. Laali asks she is on whose side. Silky points at her. Sweety changes her direction.

Dolly takes turmeric milk for Vivan and asks if he is in pain. Vivan says he heard her and Meera’s chat, when Meera does not want him, he is trying hard wrongly. Dolly consoles him and walks out. Amar sees her and starts his drama. He asks her why did she go to meet a servant. Dolly says he is in pain. Amar gathers whole family and shouts nobody listens to him and they always disobey and disrespect him, so it is better he disowns them. Whole family pleads to calm down. He pours water on him and breaks mud pot and says he disowns his wife Dolly from hereon. Laali and Sweety smirk. Dolly collapses. Whole family rushes to her. Sweety asks Vivan to go away and not trouble family anymore.

Vivan walks to Amar and asks what did he do, if an owner shows mercy to servant it is not wrong, what he did with Dolly aunty is wrong. Amar says he will take back his words if Vivan leaves this house and breaks up with Meera and whole family. Vivan agrees and says he will go away with his sister Amaya. Prince hears their conversation.

Vivan gathers whole family, apologizes for troubling whole family and says he is going now. He apologizes Meera and says he is unfit for her love. He then tells Amar that he will leave right now but will wait out till ambulance comes and then will leave this village. Amar shows him door. He tries to touch Amar’s feet, but Amar walks out. Vivan walks towards door. Dolly stops him and confronts Amar that he disowned her in 1 go and showed howmuch he cared for h er, but Vivan loves Meera truly so much that he is ready to go away from her, this is true love. She orders Vivan not to go.

Amar tells his friend that he is worried about Meera, their sanskars go against them sometimes. Friend suggests to get Meera remarried.

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  1. Bakwaas or koi option hai siwaye 2 marriage ke good job vivian leave meera and her family they dont deserve at all?? full shitttttt!!!he said ryt as meera only dont want him than what to do !! Meera is being so irriated to watch along with his family drama i cant toletate anymore enough is enough !!Byee bye kalirennn??

  2. I can not stop but commenting…..no doubts the writers have done irreparable damage to the story line by making Vivaan an unreasonable,illogical and self centered man in the first hundred odd episodes who would n’t believe in anyone due to his own insecurities which we had tried to understand and sympathise with him as well….When Pammi was finally found and things started looking rosy for Vivaan and Meera , the writers had again dealt a big blow to the credibility of this character by introducing the kidnapping track which showed him behaving like a raving lunatic ..in the present track we are seeing a thoroughly humbled Vivaan ,trying to win over Meera and her papaji by bowing down to all of Amar’s unreasonable wishes and tolerating all his insults and humiliations including physical abuse by Amar’s friends…And Meera, who had earlier not minded Vivaan’s rude and high handed attitude and helped him in all his problems,inspite of him objecting to her unwanted interference ,has now become a silent watcher to her father’s stupid tantrums…She is seen stifling her love for Vivaan but not a word against her father..the writers seem to be thoroughly confused about how to proceed with this love story…It is just like a hide & seek game…sometimes Vivaan not admitting hs love and sometimes Meera…They are never in sync with each other…May I remind the writers that that this serial has totally lost its appeal ….if I am still watching this serial,it is simply for Arjit !who is doing a great job as Vivaan……

  3. I am watching dis show only for Arjit ….great job…i am not convience with dis track at all….Meera just listening her father & his friend’s conversation without any reaction ….big surprise….she knows she loves him but not ready to accept it…waiting for d day when she’ll accept her love…Amar’s concern for her daughter can understandable but try to control her life.. can’t understand.I think confused writers write dis type of track…if dis is not sufficient dey are going to show Meera’s second merriage….i think let her merry dat guy then only Amar’ll realise Vivaan’s importance..

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