Kaleerein 12th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sumer and Silky’s Dirty Plans to Defame Meera and Vivan

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Kaleerein 12th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vivan angrily breaks screen and confronts Sumer that he warned him to tell his truth, but he likes to be in dirt like a dirty pig. Sumer shouts when his right is on mangalstura, then why Vivan’s right is on suhaagaat. Vivan pushes him and warns to shutup and asks Silky to tell truth. Silky asks what truth, he gave her chip to edit. Biji shouts she saw Vivan giving chip to Silky. Sumer shouts vivan acted too good and is trying to hide his sin. He drags Meera and says she is a cheater. Family also starts tongue lashing Meera. Vivan shouts to shut up and stop alleging Meera. Meera slaps him and says he has done all this to take revenge. He says he was trying to protect her and stood for her when he never supported anyone in life, he did a big mistake supporting her and walks away from there. Guests start badmouthing. Silky and Sumer smirk.

Moral police enters wearing black clothes and holding wooden planks and starts yelling that Meera is a sinner and slept with another man before marriage, she does not have right to wear kaleerein. They physically abuse her. Family tries to interfere, but goon ladies harrass even them and drag Meera to street. Neighors yell that Meera is a pr*stitute and it is her business. They continue verbally abusing her and say her face has to be blackened.

Vivan returns and trashes all goons. He stops goon ladies from smearing Meera’s face black and protects her. Goons hit him with tubelights while neighbors continue their abusing language. One of them asks who is marry Meera now, will he. Vivan says he will and applies his blood on her forehead and walks away holding her hand..

Precap: Vivan asks Meera to sign papers, after that they will go on their own way. She asks what is it. He says divorce papers.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Cathy

    Ooshi , Hi, i do agree in most cases the bad guy isn’t well liked and i think in Indian serials they are not punished and are over used in the stories, but with shorter finite dramas they are entertaining and necessary to the stories…in Fari’s case her bad came from being portrayed as insane and that is what set her on the road to all the awful things that happend to Bano and the actress that played Fari did an excellent job.

  2. Cathy

    Lakshmi……..Oooooo Bashir part 2..i think my pulse just increased lol, that would be exciting if it is done, please keep me informed if it does go into production! as for the other faisil shows please and if you don’t mind continuing i would love to see them, Adhoori Aurat sounds good.

    1. Bashar part 2 ??? ??
      In which channel snd what is the exact name of series

      1. Cathy

        Mallu, i don’t think it’s been made yet…LOL if you go back a day April 11 Lakshmi talks a little more about it in her reply to me.

  3. Can someone please tell that the video of meera and vivaan, was that real?

    1. No, this was made up by Sumer and Silky because they Vivaan found the real video of them kissing.

  4. My pleasure ,Cathy ,I will start with Adhoori Aurat updates from today itself on Jeet Gayi Toh forum ,if our admin allows…Regarding the sequel to Bashar Momin ,Faisal himself talked about it in one of his recent interviews…let is hope it would materialise.

    1. Cathy

      On my over to Jeet!! 🙂

  5. As I said in my earlier comment ,it could not have got more uglier and sinister with Meera being dragged and mercilessly humiliated and her family stood watching helplessly….Can any viewer from Punjab just clarify whether such a system really exists or it is all the writer’s figment of imagination ,but if such a practice really exists ,I would like to know who are these black robed women and who gave them such authority that even Meera’s family would not dare to stop them ..I am also from India but have never heard of this….but India is a country with diverse cultures and the customs and practices vary from state to state…so quite possible such a moral brigade exists and I would like to know a little more about this group….please someone clarify whether it is true or fiction .

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