Kaleerein 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera’s Parents Go Against Her

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Constable tells inspector that they did not Sunny’s dead body, so cannot file complaint against Vivan. Inspector shouts to do as he says. Vivan asks how can he. Inspector shouts to shut up, else he will finalize his punishment here itself. Meera says he is wrongly alleging her husband. Dolly with walks in with Amar and Sweety and slaps her Meera yelling how can she help her husband’s murderer. Meera says Vivan is her husband. Dolly says Sunny was her husband and tells inspector she saw Vivan murdering Sunny and asks to file complaint. Amar and Sweety also say same. Meera thinks how can her family be so insensitive (as usual). She thinks now only the man who gave false evidence can prove Vivan innocent. She finds man’s statement in file, silently steals it and runs away.

Meera then searches goon’s address and asks people. Someone says he would be in a bar at this time. She walks in and sees dancers dancing and goon dancing holding liquor bottle. She breaks a bottle and scratches his neck. He shouts who is she. She says he wrongly alleged her husband and now should come with her and confess his crime in front of police. Goon says if he goes in front of police, they will kill him. She asks to show Sunny’s hide out and takes him along. A speeding car passes by and shoots him. He dies. She runs behind car.

Meera runs behind car and finds Sunny there. Sunny laughs on her and asks how is his game. She throws ash on his eyes and records his videos and pics. He catches her and says only he can me evil, not her. He tortures her. She pushes him and escapes.

Meera reaches police station and hugs Vivan, says she got proof against Sunny now. A romantic song plays in the background. Vivan hugs her, then realizes it is his imagination and thinks Meeraa must be in trouble.

Precap: Meera records Sunny thinking he locked a girl like a doll, she will show what she can. She rushes to police station and shows video to inspector. Inspector shouts what rubbish is this. Sunny disguised as old man smirks.

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  1. Leisa s morris

    What about d real sunny’s parents? Don’t dey think it is time dey came forward with d truth or r dey still afraid for their sons life. If dey r smart dey should realize dat fake sunny has no intention of lettin their son go

  2. Please please change story line. Hum sab family member kaleerein dekhte the but present story se kaleerein bandh kardi dekhna.

  3. So much of negativity…again & again dis guys repeating samething .Always Sunny oversmart Meera….fed up of dis track.Dolly fights with her husband for Meera telling Meri Meera jo bole so sahi…where is dat mom’s confidence on Meera gone..total crap….police first arrest Vivaan without any investigation without any deadbody found …very poor writting…

  4. Leisa, logic and reason are beyond the purview of our writers….they think that we are too dumb to go into these details ….they expect us to accept just every stupid thing they show…As you said ,the parents of real Sunny ,whom the fake one has been threatening ,should have revealed the truth much earlier..How can they be so sure that this raving mad guy would return their son even if they keep quiet…But solutions don’t come that easily in our serials particularly Kaleerein….The track that started. With Roma is still continuing with Roma’s son now calling the shots ….the once upon a time beautiful serial with its lovely and lively characters like the cheerful ,fun loving young girls ,Meera,! silky and Amaya,the smart and confident Biji ,a typical worried mother of unmarried daughters …Dolly ….and Ofcourse the dashing NRI business man ,,,Vivaan ..,..the colourful joint family and their customs and values….where is that story gone..All these characters are now a pale shadow of their former selves….just unrecognisable…

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