Kalash 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Manju asks lawyer did you tell ravi I agreed to sign? He says yes I told him. Ravi went to amba ji with his wife that is why he couldn’t come. Manju wonders why did he go there? Lawyer says he is really worried about you. He said whatever happens to him you should be out of jail. Manju says why did he say that. Whats wrong with him.

Rekha says I hope devika clears her doubts against ravi. Palavi says don’t worry ma. Rekha says I am so worried. My Devika is alive and she was with ravi. But all this came between them. I am worried for both of them. Palavi says we just pray and leave it to God. God won’t let anything wrong happen with Devika. Rekha says devi ma please wipe out all the doubts of devika.
Devika and Ravi are on their way. Ravi stops the car. Devika says why did you stop? He says it stopped itself. Let me check. He goes out to check. Devika comes out and sees the temple. She says I feel like I have seen this. Its the same temple where God saved my life. Janki ma met me here. Ravi says I need to bring water. It has heated up. He goes towards the temple.
Devika says the pandit of this temple helped ma in saving me. He will recognize me.

Pandit ji is doing arti. He asks Pandit ji you remember me? I missed my wife somewhere. He says yes I remember you were crying. Did you get her back? Ravi says no I married again. My wife wanted to go to amba ji. So we came here. Pandit says time wheel is at the same place again and God wants to return you what you lost. Ravi says I am here with the hope the I find my wife back. Pandit says you said you married again? Ravi says I am trying to look for my old wife in new. Pandit says I don’t get it. Ravi says I don’t get it either. I need water. Pandit ji says I will bring it you go downstairs.
Ravi says God I am really confused. Please help me. Take away my misunderstandings. Give me my devika back. Please help me.

Devika is in car and says what if Pandit ji tell him that janki found me here. Ravi comes back. She says you went to bring water? Ravi says pandit ji is bringing it. Devika says in heart pandit ji will recognize me. my whole game will be over. Pandit ji is comibng in that direction. devika hides her face with clothes. Pandit ji gives ravi water. Ravi says you take care of this temple alone, I wanted to donate. He says ambika give me my purse please. Ravi goes ahead. Pandit ji says you..

Janki sees her dia blows. she says I hope everything is fine. Pandit says I saw you here. Devika says I came here first time. Ravi says where did you see her? Pandit ji says I can’t recalls where exactly but I saw her. devika says Ravi pandit ji helped you and you are asking him questions. Don’t waste his time. Devika says thank you pandit ji for helping us. Lets go. Ravi says try to recall pandit ji. Devika says don’t annoy him and lets go. Ravi pours water in the car. Pandit ji recalls where he saw Devika. He says the girl who was saved by janki. And this man was looking for his wife. God united them? His wife died and this girl was saved by janki. They leave.

On the way ravi stops the car again. She says why did you stop the car here? We have to take cable car from here? I read this on internet. Ravi says yes you came here first time. She says of course. We should study about the place before coming there. Ravi says this is shortcut. This will pass the place where I lost devika. Ambika says I want to see that place. Ravi says okay.
Janki is praying. She says I sent her with her enemy. What if ravi tries to harm her again. Please save my daughter.
Rekha says please save them and keep them together God. Give Ravi justice. Be with who is right.

Precap-Janki says to Devika keep this with you for your safety. Devika says I can’t take it. Janki gives her gun and says that ravi can never be trusted.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. WTH why are the writers dragging this track? The pandit remembered. Hope devika realises the truth.

  2. Why janki give devika the gun? Does she have ulterior motive?

  3. Why does devika spend half the episode talking to herself? Just clear the misunderstanding. Dragging for no reason.

  4. The episode was nice. Today everyone had faith in lord, and that pandit, like couldn’t he stop Ravi and ask Devika about how Janki saved her. He just continued thinking. I knew that will happen. I want Rekhas prayer to hell answered not Janki’s. Because Rekha is right and Janki is so wrong this time. I am tensed thinking about the confrontation scene, what will happen, what do you think guys?

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