Kalash 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Devika is crying. She says I am so upset. I don’t know how to collect all these pieces. There is sakshi on one side and ravi o the other. I love them both so much. Sakshi doesn’t want to understand. If ravi gets punished I will never forgive myself. Did you see she said she wants ravi to be punished. When we doubted ravi she trusted in him. She looks at me like she does’t know me. Janki says I know what you are feeling. Go talk to Sakshi.

Nivi comes to sakshi and says I know what you are feeling but you are so strong. You can fight Devika and ravi. Sakshi says I am here to get just for my husband. Just go from here. I don’t want to talk to you. Devika comes there and says will you leave us alone for sometime? Sakshi says I have nothing personal against you and ravi but I need justice for Monty as well. Hearing is starting I am going in.

Scene 2
Hearing starts. Lawyer calls Gurwinder in the witness box. Gruwinder comes. Lawyer says tell everyone what you saw. Gurwinder says my whole world has been take from me. My only son is taken from me. He always said ravi is jealous of me. He worked hard all the night. Ravi was jealous. He never cared for her. When Moty starting exposing him he couldn’t bear that and he killed my son. How ca I forgive him?
Lawyer says I want to call the event manager. Lawyer says you were the event manager? What did you see? The manager says I saw ravi shot Monty. They had a big quarrel. Ravi fired the shot and monty died. Then waiter comes and says as well that ravi shot and killed monty. Lawyer says this is the gun from which monty was shot. This is registered on Monty’s name and he wqas killed from this. He killed monty from this gun. Tell ravi why you killed monty. Because he exposed you? Ravi says he was drunk. He was not in his senses.
Lawyer says you shot him there to silent him. Maybe you didn’t want to kill him but anger took over your mind and you shot him. Truth is that he is dead now. A young talented boy is dead.
Ravi says I didn’t shoot him. He is my brother. I brought him up myself. He says I have not killed him. I do’t know what they are saying. Devika says ravi please don’t say all this. He didn’t do anything. I am with you. He didn’t shoot monty. Judge says go sit on your seat.
Lawyer says everything is clear. He provoked monty to fight with him. And then killed him. A young boy died therefore ravi should have death sentence. Everyone starts crying. Devik says ravi please say something.

Judge says the time of court is over. The decision will be annouced in next hearing.

Scene 2
Sakshi recalls her time with monty and when they got married. Gurwinder comes and says don’t cry. We should celebrate. Sakshi says don’t you feel ashamed of saying this? It feels like you didn’t lose monty at all. You can celebrate if you want. It is not about win or lose. It is about justice. Sakshi leaves.

Devika meets Ravi. She is crying. He says my time with you is not much. Don’t cry. We have to accept the reality. He hugs her. Devika says I am sorry. I lost. This is all my fault. He says you have to strong. My love will always be with you. He hugs her. devika says in heart how do I tell him about our child. If I tell him he will not be able to tolerate that pain. She says I can’t tell him this truth.

Precap-Devika says to inspector this case isn’t over yet. Court proved Monty’s gun fired the shot but ravi had my gun and I will prove he didn’t kill Monty.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Please make nivetida have death sentence stop the torture want to see ravikas baby plsssssssss end the serial on a happy note plssssss

  2. Read in a spoiler that devika will find out that nivi and saket killed monty and she will be kidnapped by them again but will save Ravi and it will be a happy ending.

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