Kalash 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Devika is walking on road she recalls what janki said.
Ravi says to Nivi I always stood by you because I thought you helped my family and you killed my wife. I hate you. I will ruin your life. Nivi says I can’t live without you. Ravi says then die. You killed my wife. I want to kill you but I am bound by law. I really hate you. And stop this drama. Do you even know what love is. You knew I got married even then you kept playing these games. You better stay here. I will kill anyone who tries to get out of here. Niivi is crying. He leaves.

Ambika comes home. Janki doesn’t talk to her. Ambika starts crying. janki says why are you crying. Tell me what happened. Sit here. Jankit gives her water. She swipes her tears. Janki says everything will be okay with you. I will always protect you.
Manju says to ravi you came to save me. You forgave me. Ravi says I didn’t forgive you. But you prove that you repent what you did. Manju says how? Ravi says sign these papers. They say that you agree to everything you did. Think and sign these papers. Ravi says if you want to come out of jail you have to sign. Unless you don’t sign them you won’t come out.

Sakshi wonders what happened. she says I am sure she went to janki aunty. I hope she convinces her that ravi can never kill anyone. What is wrong with aunty. she hates jeju.
Monty comes there. She says why are you here. He says I didn’t want to talk to you either. He says I didn’t know nivi wanted to kill you. She said.. Sakshi says I don’t wanna know anything. You betrayed me. I don’t even wanna see your face. Don’t ever talk to me about this topic again. He goes in.
Ravi comes home. He asks saskshi where is ambika? She says I don’t know she went out. Ravi says let me check.
Ravi sees Ambika is room. He says you need to rest. Where did you go? Ambika says it was important and urgent so I couldn’t tell. Like you didn’t tell me. Ravi says something wrong? She says should there be? He says no. Take meds. She says I have one condition. You will have to come with me to the temple. Ravi recalls thats where devika died. Ravi says I can’t go there.

Janki says will ambika convince him?What if her love makes her weak. She is very innocent. She recalls Ambika came to her and cried. Ambika said I was wrong you were right. Ravi can never change. He had been fooling me. He wants to take his mom out of jail. He is hiding things from me. I went to mental asylum and I saw them together there. Janki hugged her and said I am your mom. I only care about you. We have to find a solution out. You are not helpless. Ambika says you gave me this life. You and God are with me. I won all the battles. and I wont give up now. You gave me a new reason to live. And see that is why even after everything nivi tried I didn’t die. I have to take revenge from ravi and nivi. I will fight my last and most important enemy. Ravi has to die.
Janki says I know its not easy for her.

Ravi says I told ambika that I loved devika. I died when she did. Why is she taking me there again? I can’t relive that pain again. Everything is all right now then why this? Is Ambika devika? He recalls Nivi saying AMbika is devika. She has proved. He says so was all that right? DEvika did all this with nivi because she wanted to avenge her murder?

Ravi says to Ambika I thought about it and decided we will go to temple. If I go back there my prayers will be heard that weren’t last time.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Read in spoiler there will be a faceoff between Ravi and devika as they both want answers.

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      What you think will Ravi will be killed or they ravika will reunite with all misunderstanding cleared what do you think ??

  2. Ravi will win the battle ….I think the program will end soon ….if not then it is endless and much boring serial than none others….

    1. DC.ma.ancq r rcicm.cm zn x . na .b%'"?4 mamxs.ka nv i.acm

      Will they Reunite or Ravi will be killed by devika what do you think ? Will all misunderstanding will be solved ??

  3. I hope that this face off proves Ravi innocent once and for all. I hope so that misunderstanding will be solved. Because Devika herself said that no injustice oc committed in temple so Ravis innocence should be proved, I really hope so. Fingers crossed

  4. I hope they get Sakshi away from Monty. Let her go home and move on with her life. Devika has been doubting Ravi from the very beginning of this serial, that’s what keeps the show going in its boring way. I hope that gets resolved soon.

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