Kalash 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Janki says to Devika that you are putting yourself in trouble, Devika says what you mean? Janki says maybe you wont like my talk but truth is always bitter, you are leaning towards Ravi these days, his fake love is making you get in his trap again, Devika says he doesnt pretend to love me, he really loves and care for me, i know it, Janki says yes you trusted him like this when you were Devika and this trust brought to death, Devika says Ravi has changed, he loves me and takes care of me, Janki says nothing has changed, your feelings are still same but Ravi killed Devika first and now he will kill you, his intentions are same, he is playing with your feelings, he knows that his teammates have been doomed so he is playing nice with you, Sakshi did mistake by calling him in mandir and now he is trying to act sweet, he knows that you have big business and he wants to trap you again, he will kill you and will get your properties, Devika says enough, Ravi is not like that, he takes care of me a lot, he gets pained to see me hurt, he doesnt leave me for one second, i have seen and felt his love, you are mistaken, i cant think like this about Ravi, even Sakshi told me that Ravi loves me, i doubted Ravi too but i felt that Ravi loves me a lot, you told me to forget everything and after taking revenge with my enemies, i will live happily with Ravi, you gave me that hope and now when i want to move on in life with Ravi then why you are saying? dont break my heart, i want to give chance to this marriage and Ravi, Janki says you want to get cheated again but i cant allow you to go to hell again, i dont trust Ravi at all, you saw what he did after you trusted him as Devika, Devika says i dont even know if he was involved in my murder, i never got proof against him, Janki says you are blind in his love, Devika says he is not like that, even if i believe that he was involved in Devika’s murder then he has changed, he loves me a lot, i cant live without him, i will die without him, Janki says i cant let you take risk, Devika says what is wrong with you? you are forgetting that Ravi is my husband and i wont break this marriage off, we have both tried to make this work, i wont leave him, i will give one chance to Ravi, try and understand, i dont want to leave him, i will die without him, Janki hugs her and says i wish your hope was right, i want you happy but its not possible, your trust for Ravi will be your death ticket, i am begging you to not follow this path, forget this love and take revenge from Ravi. Devika says no i wont leave Ravi at any cost, i wont leave him, he loves me and i love him, everything is fine, Ravi is my life and how can one take revenge from their life? i dont want any revenge from him, Janki says if you care about that cheater than your mother then i am not needed here, i was standing beside you ein every fight but now when revenge is completed so i am not needed, you have planned your decision, you dont care about my warnings so i should separate myself from you, Devika cries and says i cant live without you, dont do this, Janki jerks off and says i have to leave, i cant see my daughter’s destruction, your love will take you destruction and i wont see it, you have chosen your path so i am choosing mine, i wont stay in this house anymore, Devika begs her to stay and says i love you both, you know how much i love Ravi, i cant live without you both, Janki glares and pushes her away, she leaves from there. Devika cries.
Janki is leaving house when Sakshi stops her and asks where are you going? Janki says i am going to my house, no one needs me here, Sakshi asks what happened? Janki says my tries failed, take care of my daughter, i am leaving this responsibility on you, she leaves. Devika looks on and thinks that i wish i could stop her.

Scene 2
Manju says to her lawyer that i cant stay in jail anymore, do something fast to free me, lawyer says i am doing everything, i have given urgent request in court, Manju thinks that i just get out of this place soon.
Devika is crying and recalls how she was killed then how Janki saved her and promised her that she will be with her in every battle. Devika says she did so much for me, she supported me so much but why was she talking like that? she has given me new life but i cant lose Ravi too, i love Ravi a lot and Janki maa knows it then why she is trying to separate me from Ravi? my life wouldnt of any meaning without him but if i choose Ravi and Maa leaves me then i wont be able to live, i have pacify her, she will comeback after she listens to me, she was angry now thats why did it, but where is Ravi? i should check up on him.
Devika comes in hall searching for Ravi. She sees Ravi talking on call, Ravi says to lawyer on call that please trying to bring manju maa out of jail, Devika thinks that he is trying to bring his mother out without telling me? Ravi says to lawyer that i will give you money but free her soon, lawyer says i will free her soon, Ravi ends call. Devika thinks that he didnt even tell me, is he going to meet Manju? i have to see what is going on in his mind. Ravi sits in car and leaves. Devika sees him leaving, she sits in his car and follows him. Devika thinks that why Ravi is doing it? why is he hiding it from me? was he pretending to be angry with Manju? what if Janki was right about him? this cant happen.
Ravi comes out of mental asylum. Devika comes there too. Devika thinks that has Ravi come here to.. no.
Ravi comes in mental hospital and goes to one room. Devika follows him and thinks that its not right to follow him like this, i should trust Ravi, maybe he is meeting some doctor or policeman but he has hired lawyer for Manju aunty, he knew Manju was wrong and still helping her, but he is not doing anything wrong, she is his mother and Ravi loves her, its his duty to free his mother, he is doing right, he could have said it to me but he might be hesitating, i wont think wrong about him, she is his mother, he has emotions for her, i would have done same for my mother, it shows Ravi’s niceness, Ravi wont lie to me, i will sort out everything, i would ask Ravi why he didnt tell me, i will tell him that i came here and our doubts will be cleared, everything will be fine after talking to him, she goes to talk to Ravi.
Ravi is in Nivi’s room, Nivi is hugging Ravi tightly, Ravi is not hugging her but Devika sees them like that. She same recalls Janki’s words that Ravi is just pretending to love her, how Devika chose Ravi over Janki, she sees Ravi and Nivi hugging and cries.

PRECAP- Devika says to Ravi that you have to go with me to Amba’a mandir(same mandir where Devika was killed), Ravi says i wont go there, Devika glares at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. OMG is devika going to kill Ravi? How will she live with herself if after she finds out that Ravi is innocent?

  2. I think janki needs to go to the mental asylum n join nivi? she is really becoming annoying. We back to square one now. They going to drag this thing all over again.

  3. No, yeah Tuffy, it means telly news is right Devika is finally getting her revenge killing Ravi. And that’s what she might do. I can’t watch this separation track again, every time misunderstandings come in their relationship. I will die if I watch another episode, but I’m helpless as I love them a lot that’s why I have to watch

  4. So much of dragging na…. kabhi tho bharosa karo ravi par devika

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