Kalash 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Rakha sees Devika and Sakshi’s photo slipped. She says I hope my kids are not trouble. Pleaese take care of them God.
Devika says to Sakshi wait out I am going inside I will cover my face. Sakshi says nivi would come planned too. Devika says God gave me this second life for justice. You won’t come inside promise me? I can’t risk your life again. Do as I say. Just wait here. Sakshi says okay but please take care. Devika says I will. Devika covers her face and goes in.
sakashi says that nivi is so clever she can do anything. Devika has suffered enough. Please take care of her today. Nivi has to lose today.
Nivi is inside, she sees someone with face covered coming in. Nivi picks her her phone. A voice says thanks Sakshi that you came. I am waiting here. Come here. Devika says in heart monty? What is he doing here? This is nivi’s game to fool sakshi. She is so clever. i have to be alert. Nivi says why has sakshi covered her face? This red sari? Her middle class mentality. She came to meet monty. she thought its her new start. Little does she know that she is dying.

Janki is on her way. she says oh God please protect Sakshi and Ambika. That nivi is so clever. I know Ambika she would risk her life to save Sakshi. She says driver drive fast. He stops the car and says something’s broken. Janki says hurry up and check. He checks and says we have to call mechanic. It would take time. Janki says what should I do now.

Nivi says hi sakshi? surprised after hearing my voice? Look at you all dressed up. You came here with so many dreams to meet your husband? He isn’t here. I asked him to call you here. Monty does everything I ask him. He can betray you but he is always loyal to me. You know if he gets to know that someone is troubling his nivi madam he would fight anyone even his wife. I asked him to call you here and you are here. Why are you silent? Shocked enough? I achieved what I wanted.
You have come here all the way by yourself. Let me tell you my reason. Remember I told you it can be dangerous for you that devika’s ghost comes into you. You should take care of yourself. Now see you didn’t take care of yourself and you came here. I am gonna kill you here in this silent place. You are going to die. Today will be last day of your life and I will make sure of that. You must be thinking why do I wanna kill you? I never wanted to. I would have an year ago when you got to know about me and told me you will expose me. I kept you alive thought I dis-balanced your mind so no one trusts you. But It has gone to far now. If I keep you alive now I would be gone. You would die because of your sister’s ghost. She wanted to kill me. So I don’t have another option you have to die. No one will even ghost of your devika would come here to save you. Ghosts can’t come in temples. See a good idea. Your devika is responsible for your death. You people started taking interests in front of me so you can expose me to ravi. I killed you sister and away from Ravi’s life. I don’t regret it 1%. I did something worse with you. I kept you alive but as a joke and now see devika has brought death in your life. You think she is gonna come and save you? When I kill you I will see that ambika too. She and Janki has annoyed me a lot. She took everything from me. SHe took my property, my business and then ravi that I loved the most. She pretended that she doesn’t love him she could divorce him but she didn’t. She is interested in him. I can’t stand her I want to kill her when I see her. I want ravi at any cost. I can kill anyone for him.

Sakshi is outside. She says I am very scared. Please save didi God. SHe is doing this all for me. What if something happens to her. She says how can monty do this. He has to answer me. He has to tell me why he did this.
Nivi says I can’t bear this pain. I have to share my pain. Ambika took everyone from me. I felt so good saying all this to you and I am not worried since you are gonna die. No one will know. I will do you a favor. Tell me how you wanna die? Like devika died? but thats a lot of work. Second option, I mixed poison in your milk but ambika saved you but she won’t come here to save you. Except for me and monty no one knows you are here. No one can save you here. Devika says in heart when I take my cloth off from face you will be so shocked that you wont say a word.

Precap-Nivi is trying to stab devika. Police comes and says throw your weapon. Everyone comes there.

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