Kalash 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Tanushi sit in Mandap, Devika is with her, Tanu shows her light contractor girl and says her affair is with manager here, they went to store room too, dont know what happened there, people are talking alot about them, DEvika recalls how she saw them in store room, Devika says she was with guy and he was very weird person, very ill-mannered but nothing happened between them, then why these gossips are doing rounds, Tanu says these boys spread these gossips to get attntion, Devik says these guys are cheap, he first flirted with her and now playing with her respect, this girl doesnt even know what people are talking about her, i will warn her as i dont want her to become Namrita, i wont let that happen, she leaves. Devika is finding light contractor, Ravi comes there too, a photographer comes there and says can you both pose for picture, i have to check lights, Ravi looks at Devika, Devika and Ravi poses for picture, Sadqe tere plays, Devika is tensed, photographer take their pictures, they leave after he takes it. some girls find Ravi and says he is hot, light contractor girl says he was my Boyfriend, he has 8 packs, other girls how do you know? she says he came closer to me, he couldnt control seeing my beauty, Ravi’s brother listens and thinks to tell to Ravi.
engagement of ajay happens, Devika get happy. Ravi comes to girl and says why you are telling rubbish to your friends, everything is finished between us so dont make headlines of our marriage, he leaves from there, girls get angry and throws away lamp, short circuit happens in lamp and soon it catches fire, all runs away from there, Devika is stuck in Mandap only, one worker says that girl is between fire, wedding Vikas says if any causality happen then we are gone, ravi listens this, he runs inside, all comes outside, Dada ask where is Devika, all are worried for Devika, Ravi comes in Mandap, he finds Devika there and says why you are standing here, you will die, DEvika turns to him and is about to fall, Ravi holds her in time, she becomes unconscious, Ravi lifts in arms, song Sadqe tere plays, Dada is crying, Chachi says Ambe Maa wont let anything happen to Devika. Ravi s thinking how to go out of Mandap, Ambe Maa helps him by sending rain down, fire doses off, ravi brings Devika out, her friends ask what happened to Devika, Vikas says to Ravi that why did you go inside, Ravi says else you will be blamed that you didnt plan things right, Vikas says you have hurt you hand, Ravi says i am fine, Savitri and Dad comes there and ask Devika to open her eyes, Ravi looks at Devika.

Scene 2
Devika opens her eyes, Savitri says when fire broke out then why you didnt run out, Devika says i went to bring gifts and when cameback in mandap, there was fire all aroud, all leaves from her room, Devika’s friend tells her that the handsome guy took you i arms and saved you like hero, she says the guy who was in store room with light contractor, he saved you, Devika says what? he is cheap guy, he touched me, friend says he is hot, Devika says you will in problem one day.
Ravi’s brother teases him that he is hero that he saved girl, Ravi says she was jsut weight for me, i had to carry her to save her, Vikas says how i arrange money now, my Mandap got burned too, Ravi ask to take money from contractors.
Devika is cleaning room, she says thanks Ambe Maa for saving and that guy, he maybe ill-mannered but thanks to him for saving me. Dada attends one call, he gets happy after call and says to Devika that you have passed exams and you are 1st in whole ity, Devika gets happy, he ask Devika to go and bring marksheet, Devika leaves.
Ravi is walking on road, one girl stops car, he says you are giving me lift 2nds, its my rule to not date girl after 3rd time, he says i will take lift only if you let me drive, i have to reach somewhere fast, girls give him driver seat, Devika is sitting in car of her friend, she stops at book shop. otherside Ravi comes there too and stops car, girl says i am thirsty and will bring drink, Ravi waits for her, Devika buys magazine and puts peacock feather in it, she comes and sit in backseat in Ravi’s car instead of her friend’s car, Ravi starts driving and then see Devika from mirror, she stops car and says you here? Devika is shocked seeing him.

PRECAP- Ravi says to his mother that we will find other way to take out money from Savitri, mother says that trap and run away with her granddaughter only then malign her respect, this way we will take revenge from Savitri devi, Ravi says what are you saying, we will find some other way, mother angrily leaves.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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