Kalash 29th March 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Ravi frees Deepak and asks him to tell name of his boss, Deepak looks at Saket and Navi, Ravi says if you dont tell us then we can be bad, Ravi grabs him from collar and asks him to tell his boss’s name, Vikas brings knife, deepak gets scared seeing it, Ravi says tell me, Saket says let police do this, Ravi says i dont care about anything, i just wanna know kidnapper’s name, Navi whispers to Saket that what if Deepak opens his mouth? Saket says if he takes my name then i will take your name, Ravi says to deepak that first i will take out your eyes then i will throw your body in jungle, animals will eat you, Deepak says no, dont kill me, i will say truth, Navi says he can say anything in name of truth, how can we believe him? Deepak says shut up, he says to Ravi that Devika was kidnapped by navi, all are shocked, Deepak says she called us in market, Ravi says tell us everything, Deepak says on her saying, we kidnapped Devika, we kept running away, we kidnapped you too, you dont know what she did, she called Dildar and asked him to kill Devika and keep Ravi safe, she was going to give us 4crores, you remember when you brought you in truck? we were about to kill Devika but she said that make her death look like accident thats why we attacked you with truck and fell off from cliff, when she got to know that you were killed too so she started shouting that how dare you kill my Ravi? she even killed Dildar, then she came in jungle with family, her truth was going to come out in open but she twisted things, Vikas takes deepak from there. Navi says to Ravi that listen to me, Devika comes inbetween and slaps her hard, she says i always had doubt on you, you are so cheap and you have put blame on Sakshi and Monty who cant do this, you are shame in name of women, she asks Vikas to call police, Navi says listen to me, Ravi slaps her and says i cant believe that you have done all this, Navi says that goon is lying, Ravi says why would he lie? he told me every detail, why would he take your name? why did you do all this? i always used to praise you, i used to think that you are so nice but you have played such a big game, why did you do it? if Saket had done it then i would have understood it but i cant believe you did it, i hate you, why you did it? Navi says i accept that i did all this but you dont know what you mean to me, i love you, you are my life, i had gone mad for you but Devika came inbetween and you married her to save her but you used to love me right? you proposed me right? why didnt you wait for me? why did you marry her? i was going mad, i tried to tell you how much i love you but Devika came inbetween everytime so i had to remove her from way, now you know how much i love you, how much crazy i am for you? you love me too? Ravi says stay away from me, i dont even hate you, you dont know what love is, you tried to destroy my family, Navi says i loved you, this devika came inbetween and i dont lose in any situation, i had to kill her, that day Saket stopped me but today i wont leave her, she tries to strangle Devika but Ravi pushes her and slaps her… this all turns out to be Navi’s dream, she wakes up and says this was dream? Ravi didnt slap me right, he said in dream that he hates me, what if that deepak wakes up and tells truth to everyone, everyone will hate me, Ravi will hate me, i have to do something, i have to shut that Deepak’s mouth.

Scene 2
Navi comes to Saket’s house, he says you seem tensed? Navi says i saw a dream, i saw that Deepak told everything to Ravi, Ravi slapped me and threw me out of house, we have to do something, Saket says what can we do? Navi says go there and kill that goon, Saket says have you gone mad? i will not take your side everytime, what you want that i kill Deepak and go to jail? Navi says you have to do it, Saket says i wont, Navi says if you dont do it then i will put you in jail, Saket says dont blackmail me, i can put you in jail too, we shall see what can be done tomorrow, Navi says i cant wait, i have to do something tonight only, she leaves.
Devika comes in room and sees it decorated with candles and roses, she asks about it? Ravi says we have come home after so much time so we will sleep on bed easily, Devika says but i sleep on sofa, Ravi says but now you will sleep here, Devika says if it is needed? Ravi says your happiness is most important to me, Devika says did i hurt you? Ravi says i will be hurt by hurting you, real love doesnt need body, all i want is that you stay with me and i keep looking at you, we cant sleep here but can we talk? she says why now, Devika sits on bed and takes pillow, Ravi loses balance, Devika falls on him, Ravi looks at her and caresses her face, Devika’s mangalsutra gets stuck in Ravi’s chain, they share eyelock, Humdard plays, Ravi holds Devika’s hand tightly, Ravi says fate doesnt want us to get separated, your Ambe Maa wants us to become one too, Devika says dont give your mischievous act name of fate, like our confession was so beautiful, i want our love making to be that beautiful too, when we will become one, we will have no doubts, we will have no problems, we will be lost in each other, Ravi says you always speak nice, i will wait and this is my promise, i can make you sleep in my arms? when you will then i will go there, Devika puts head on his shoulder, Devika says sorry to Ambe Maa, she says i promised to Ambe Maa that if she sends us home fine then i will go to mandir and pray, i want to go to mandir, Ravi says if you have promised then i will fulfill it, we will go tomorrow, Devika says ‘i feel like after coming from mandir, our problems will vanish and we will live like happy family.
Navi comes out of Ravi’s house, she opens her car’s bonnet and cuts wire of car, she thinks that now my new drama will start.

PRECAP- navi comes in Ravi’s room, she finds them sleeping and starts to leave but Devika wakes up, navi hides behind door.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Please don’t tell me that another track is going to start that’s going to drag and navi and saket will go free again? What is navi upto now?

  2. Oh.
    ANOTHER dream sequence?! Are you kidding me?! This show has completely lost it’s plot points. Just dream after dream about what the viewers want. It is absolutely ridiculous. This dragging is just too much.

  3. omg …………i think navis n saket thurth is not cum out bcz navi will kill that deepk

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