Kalash 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Vikas is weeping in his room, recalling Shweta’s infidelity. Ravi comes there and is sad to see him like that, Vikas cries and says to Ravi that she destroyed my life, Ravi says we cant change past but we have to fight it, calm yourself, Vikas says i was so happy, i wanted to do so much for Shweta and she did this with me? i still cant believe it, Ravi i understand your pain, he hugs him, Ravi says Ankush shouldnt have come here and this wouldnt have happened, this is all because Ambika hired him.
Ravi comes to Devika and says you must be happy seeing all this, are you happy after that mistake now? Devika thinks that if he got to know that i was behind revealing Shweta’s secret? Ravi says you brought Ankush here, Vikas is in this condition because of you, why you brought Ankush here? Devika thinks thank God he doesnt know anything more, Devika says how can you say all this? Shweta’s truth come out, i know you are feeling bad, even i am not happy to see Vikas sad, see positive side that because of Ankush, Shweta’s truth came out, Vikas would have lived in dark if this day wouldnt have come, Shweta would have kept fooling him, Vikas will be hurt but he will be fine, atleast he wont be fooled whole life, you think it was wrong? Ravi sits on bed but baby toy starts playing, Devika laughs, Ravi says you gifted me this so you can joke about me, Devika says dont blame me for everything, Ravi grabs her and says i wont spare you today, i got to know that you were complaining that i dont get close to you, i dont touch you? he pins her to wall and cups ber cheeks, he says tell me your wishes, i will do everything, why you think that i dont love you? i love you a lot, look in my eyes, my love is true, they are close, Ravi kisses her forehead, he is about to kiss her on lips but Devika pushes him away and leaves from there. Devika comes in kitchen and is breathing heavily, she thinks that why i become week everytime, why i get lost in Ravi’s words? why i get weak when he is close? my heart melts but its wrong, i am not Devika, he is my enemy, i have to be alert, Ravi says be distracted but i have to control my emotions. Ravi in room thinks that how can i control my emotions, she is my love and wife, she gets happy when i am close but why she runs away everytime? what she wants?
Vikas looks at his and Shweta’s photo and says i loved you but now i hate you passionately, i wont forgive you ever.
Shweta is sad in her room and says i miss you a lot Vikas. Shweta calls Vikas but he doesnt pick up, Shweta says seems like he blocked my number, what will i do now? Shweta says its all my mistake, my sins are paying back.

Scene 2
Devika comes in kitchen and asks Jyoti for whome youa re cooking? Jyoti says i am making it for Sakshi, she eats tasteless food daily, its ordered by Nivi as Sakshi is ill, Devika says Sakshi will eat what is cooked in house for everyone, infact i will cook for her today, Jyoti says you are so nice, what will you make? Devika says i will make potato dish for her. Devika starts making dish, Ravi comes there and says can i taste dish? Devika says its not for you, jyoti says its for Sakshi, she leaves. Ravi says for Sakshi? you are making it for her with love, Devika thinks that he can doubt that i am Devika. Devika says i am making it for Sakshi because you know she is given tasteless food daily, you forgot your promise to make Sakshi fine, but i didnt forget my promise, this is my first step, she will like when she will talk to me, this is my treatment, she will get comfortable with me soon, i am not selfish like you, when i talk to her, she will take me as her Devika di and she will start getting normal. Ravi says you are doing such good work, i should help you with making food for Sakshi, Devika says its not needed, Ravi says i will cook remaining dishes. Devika says okay cook this dish. Devika stands on stool to get flour container, she gets but slips, Ravi tries to save her and Devika dunks flour container on his head while slipping, Devika laughs seeing Ravi covered in flour, she tries to clean him, their head strikes, Ravi lovingly strikes it again, he caresses her cheek, Devika puts more flour on his face and giggles, Ravi smiles, Ravi takes flour on his hand and throws it at Devika, they start flour fight.
Ravi and Devika comes to Sakshi’s room. Sakshi says Ravi and Devika together came to meet me? this day is lucky. Devika says see what i brought for you, Sakshi says its my favorite dish, will you make me eat with your hands? Devika says yes, she makes her eat and kisses her forehead, Ravi thinks that even if she is not Devika, she is as good hearted as Devika, Sakshi says you both look good together, your couple is best. Sakshi gives Devika’s hand in Ravi’s hand and asks Ravi to promise to take care of Devika, people are bad here, promise me to not let her die, Ravi says i promise to take care of Devika till my death, Devika looks at him and smiles, she sees Ravi holding her hand tightly.

PRECAP- Shweta calls Devika and says what you did with me, i will take revenge for that, Devika says that go on but remember i am Ambika Raichand, i cameback after dying and now even death cant scare me, she ends call.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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