Kalash 28th March 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Rekha says to Pallavi that dont know this is happening with us, dont know how she must be, and i never thought Sakshi would something like this, she must be in jail, i am feeling helpless right now, Pallavi says you have no importance for me? Rekha says you are my strength, dont say like this, Pallavi says then listen to me, i will bring food for you and you will have to eat it, Rekha says i dont feel like eating, Pallavi says this shows i am not important to you, Rekha says dont be angry, bring food.
Devika cries in her room and says i have made Ravi bear so much, that day i went out of house to tell Ravi everything but got kidnapped, today i have come in this room after telling Ravi everything, after telling him how much i love him, it might have taken time but i did what i wanted. Devika lights diya infront of Ambe Maa, she says you have given me best life partner, best husband, keep us blessed. She thinks to call Rekha, she finds phone there and calls Rekha, Rekha gets happy listening her voice, Rekha asks if she is fine? Devika says dont worry about us, we both have returned home, Rekha asks if she has got any wound? Devika says no Ravi have taken care of so much, he is best husband, Rekha says Thank God you all have returned, Shekhar takes phone and says now i feel life, be happy with your family now, Pallavi takes call and says i was missing you so much, i am happy that you are fine, Devika says i thought you all must be at house but you people didnt miss me, Rekha takes call and says i kept telling you Ravi is very nice person, i am happy that you know now that Ravi is best, Devka says you were right, there is no one like Ravi, Savitri takes call and says to Devika that you know what Manju have done? she has put Sakshi and Monty in jail in your kidnapping case.
Ravi asks Vikas to take care of that goon, he should not run. Parmindar asks Ravi to eat, Shweta thinks that Saket must not know that Ravi has brought his goon here.
Devika says to Savitri that i am not able to understand anything, Savitri says your cruel Manju have done it, she never wanted Sakshi to be her daughter in law thats why she has done it, Rekha takes call, Devika asks what she is saying? how did all happen? Sakshi cant do this, Rekha says when Sakshi told us that she wants to bring true face of Navi so she took us to jungle, Rekha tells her everything, Rekha says i cant believe that Sakshi can do this, i dont know why she did it, Rekha says Shekhar will go and free them, Devika ends call, Rekha says to Savitri that you didnt need to tell everything to Devika, Savitri says she needs to know what her mother in law has done.
Shweta comes in her room and calls Saket, she says you know.. Vikas comes there and takes phone from her, he says to Saket that we are waiting for you, come here soon, he ends call.
Parmindar asks Ravi to drink turmeric milk, Ravi says i cant. Devika comes there, Addy says make her eat something too, Parmindar asks her to eat, Addy says she have saved Ravi’s life so she should be given something, Devika looks at Ravi tensed, Ravi thinks what happened to her?
Vikas slaps Shweta hard, she says how dare you? he shouts shut up, what you were talking to Saket? why were you calling him? Shweta says i was asking to come here, Vikas says dont you dare lie to me, i fully believe that Sakshi and Monty are not part of this, i believe Saket, Navi and you are part of this scheme, Shweta says i will tell Saket that you have slapped me, Vikas says tell him that, you have done such cheap act that you should be punished more, he gives her phone and leaves, Shweta thinks that Vikas doubts me now, what if he tells everything to Manju?
Devika asks Manju where is Sakshi and Monty? Manju says they must have gone to market, Ravi says where are they? Manju says they will comeback, Parmindar says lets eat food, Devika says i wanna know where they exactly are?

PRECAP- Ravi says to Manju that if someone brings fake proofs against me then you will send me to jail too? let that goon come to consciousness and we will know everything.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. this story is so lame…i mean such a big MLA is runing behind a middle class girl ..n an famous independent business girl who has all types of luxuries is behind a middle class married man…when she can get many handsome rich man lined fr her…who shows such type of stories in this generation…n ravi’s family is also so dumb…that ravi is taking law in his hands..he shud handover that goon to police bt he wants to do it all alone…
    this plot was so good b4 n now they r jus dragging the plot

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    I agree with you… but in this serial atleast other males and females (ravi, monty, vikas, sakshi) are trying to find truth, otherwise her serial me ya to female lead hi sara sach bahar laati hai ya fir sach ke chaakkr me show itna drag krte hai ki show ka interset katam ho jaata hai..

  3. It’s not actually bad I don’t agree because I am a rich girl who has married a middle class guy and doesn’t even touch my money he provides everything for me sorry to say but you are f…ing wrong and you are lame

    1. its crct bt in the show that girl is behind a married guy….i hope u understand n nt take it otherwise….

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