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Scene 1
Nivi is finding Ravi, she comes in corridor, her dress catches fire from the lighter which Soraj left, she leaves from there, Devika sees her going and sees curtain on fire, she says i have to tell Nivi about fire here, she leaves. Jyoti comes in corridor and sees curtain on fire, she says i have to do something, she goes and rings fire alarm. Ravi is in party and says to family that there is fire somewhere. Janki looks around for Ambika. Family comes in corridor, Manju says where is Nivi? they say now, Manju says what if she is in room? Ravi asks Vikas if he has seen Ambika? Vikas no. They see whole corridor on fire, Ravi calls fire brigade and tells them address, Vikas says fire is increasing, how will we stop it. Janki comes and says Ravi did you see Ambika? she is not seen anywhere, Ravi thinks what if Amabika is inside? Ravi tries to go in corridor, Vikas stops him, Ravi says what if Ambika is inside? Vikas says what if she is outside? Ravi asks Janki to call Ambika, Janki calls Ambika, she doesnt take call, Janki says dont know where she is, Ravi says i will go inside and see her, Janki says i will come with you, Vikas says you both need to control yourself, maybe she is outside and safe, we should wait for fire brigade, they all leave from there.
Nivi comes in kitchen and is looking around for Ravi, Devika comes behind her and sees her dress on fire, she quickly picks up water and throws it on her dress to doze off fire, Nivi turns around and sees it, Devika says have you gone mad? your dress was on fire, whole corridor is on fire, fire alarm rang too but you didnt listen, lets go from here, Nivi says where is Ravi? i am finding him but he is not seen anywhere, why did you go to his room? you want to snatch him from me? Devika says we will discuss this later, fire is dangerous, lets go, Nivi says i dont care about fire, what about fire in my heart? i am afraid of you, you know Ravi is mine then why did you go close to him? he is mine, earlier too Ravi left me for that Devika and her property and what property? just of 10crores, i have lots of money than that, he has to marry me, i love him madly, i can go to any extent to get him, you may have money or power but i will do anything for Ravi, Devika says cant you see fire around? i dont want Ravi, i have no interest in him, i am no Devika, Nivi says you think that i am stupid? you act like you dont have interest in him, Devika says we have to go out of here, we will die burning in here, Nivi says i dont care, you dont have interest in him but you are pretty, he can have interest in you, i dont care about anything, i want my Ravi, Devika thinks that i cant stay here anymore, i am tired of making her understand, she says okay fine, you stay here and die in fire, i am leaving, she leaves, Nivi thinks that its good fire has started, i will kill her in this fire only.
All family members are waiting outside house, Janki says i cant stop, i have to see Ambika, Ravi stops her, Manju says even Nivi is not seen anywhere, Soraj thinks that dont know how this fire started, my work was not done, that Nivi will scold me so much, i should leave, she leaves. Manju whispers to Shweta that if anything happens to this house then we will come on roads, i have become habituated to luxury life, what will happen to me? Shweta says you are riight, Nivi should be fine. Janki says i have already lost one daughter, i cant loose another, i have to see her, she starts going inside but Ravi stops her and says what did you say? that you have lost one daughter and dont wanna lose another? what that meant? Janki is stunned, Monty calls fire brigade again, he says come fast, why you are taking so much time, Vikas takes call and says they are coming here, Ravi says even Sakshi is in room,i have to go inside, Vikas says dont worry about Sakshi, Jyoti have brought her outside, they see Sakshi standing with Jyoti, Monty looks at her tensed. Rvi thinks that if fire brigade doesnt come now in 5minutes then i will go inside.
Nivi and Devika are in corridor, its all fire around, Nivi stops Devika and says you are going to Ravi so that he can hug you? Devika says have you gone mad? Nivi says why you dont you leave us, Devika says cant you see fire around? Nivi thinks that i will make sure to burn you in this fire. Devika is running out, she comes in hall, its all fire around, Nivi calls her name, saying Ambika stop, DEvika sees her stuck in fire, Devika says come fast, we can go out from that way, hold my hand, we will leave this place, Nivi stops her and says not us but only i will leave from this way because i have made plan to kill you right here, yes you have to die, i am going to kill you and i cant bear you anymore, i gave this party to kill you only, what you thought that i gave this party to increase your status? no, i gave this party to kill you and i tried alot in this party but you get saved everytime maybe you have that luck, you remember that waiter whom Ravi beat? i hired him, he was about to kill you with hot oil but Ravi came there, then he gave you juice to kill you but again Ravi came there, Devika recalls everything that happened, Nivi says now i am standing here and nobody can stop you from dying, you thought that you will destroy my life, destroy my business take Ravi from me and i will stay silent? i told you that i will hurt you such a way that you will be in shock, whatever happened in bank, how Ravi left me to save you, it hurt me so much, you have to die now. Nivi tries to push Devika in fire but Devika throws her away and runs from there, Nivi falls on sofa and feels dizzy.
Fire brigade comes outside of house, Manju says go inside and save Nivi, Vikas says even if anything happens with Nivi then it will be payback for her deeds, Monty says you are saying this for someone who is your bread and butter, Vikas says you are worried about Nivi but what about Sakshi? whom you married and promised to be with her for 7births? did you think about her safety? where she must be in fire, or maybe you thought that its good Sakshi will die in fire and you will be freed from her and you can get chance to marry again, you are asking me to have shame? you should be ashamed of yourself, Monty says mind your tongue, Vikas says i will say again that this should happen with Nivi, Monty holds his collar and i will beat you, Ravi holds Monty’s collar and says cant you see, he is your elder brother, you have no shame, Monty says what shame? you are not my real brother nor this Vikas is, you dont have right on me, stop this brother drama, Ravi slaps Monty hard, all are shocked.
Devika comes near gate of house, she tries to open it but sees Nivi unconscious lying there, she says i cant leave her like this. she comes to Nivi and sees her faint, she says we have to leave, get up, she looks around for help, she says you cant die like this, you have to live, i cameback to life again to take revenge, if i am alive then its because of you, you took everything from me in that mandir where you tried to kill me, you have to live for my revenge to be fulfilled, you cant die like this, i have to take revenge, you have to live, you are coward, how can you leave battlefield like this? you cant faint like this, show me your power, get up and try to kill me, you cant die like this, you will die when you will see your sins, when you will cry and beg infront of me, that will be your death, you cant die in this fire, you have to bear the pain which i have gone through, i will break your every dream, you snatched my love with this money so i will snatch this money from you, i want to see you begging and crying for mercy, God has kept me alive for this, i wont let you die here, i wont let anything happen to you, i will save you today, your passion, your ego everything i will break and for that you have to live, you destroyed my sister Sakshi’s life, you destroyed my chachi’s life, i will take revenge for that, those who took your side has to beg too and you have to live for that.

PRECAP- Devika is weak, Janki supports her and walks with her, Devika slips, Ravi holds her hand and asks if she is fine? Devika says i am not some handicapped person, i am able to support myself and i dont need support of person like you, she leaves with Janki.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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