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Scene 1
Devika sits in car and says i was going mad to save Monty, Janki maa told me that he is on Nivi’s side and he has changed, i should have thought he is Ravi’s brother, can do anything for money, what if Monty tells everything to Nivi? my plan wil be destroyed, Nivi would know that this bridge was brought by me, Monty will tell her everything, i said so many things to him against Nivi.
Monty thinks that i have to tell Nivi about Ambika, Ravi is with her and he has soft corner for Ambika, i have to tell all this alone to Nivi. Ravi and Nivi comes there, Ravi says you will get bailed soon, Monty says dont show off, i know you dont care about me at all, Ravi says you can think anything but i am doing my work as elder brother, Nivi says lets not fight now, Monty says to Nivi that i wanna talk to you alone, Nivi says you can say anything infront of Ravi, Ravi says its okay, he leaves. Monty says to Nivi that i have something important to tell you, before you came here.. policeman comes and says to Nivi that inspector is calling you, Monty says my talk is important, she says i will listen later, she leaves, Monty thinks dont know who is my real well wisher, Ambika? Ravi? Nivi?
Janki calls officer and says all negative reports against Nivi’s company should be printed, reporter says news has already gone on to media, dont worry, Janki says you will get more money from me if you do this work nicely, he says dont worry, she ends call. Devika comes there and asks whom you were you talking? Janki asks where are you coming from? where did you go? i know you went to meet Monty, why did you go there? you know yor one mistake can fail our plan, we have to think before doing anything, i am sure Monty has doubt on you now, Devika says Monty has lost path, he is my sister’s husband, he took her hand when Sakshi was in trouble, i can never forget that he stood by Sakshi’s side when when we were in trouble, Sakshi and Monty brought Ravi and me closer, he cant be my enemy, he always stood by Devika’s side, i know he has gone to wrong path, he wants money thats why he is taking Nivi’s side but i know he cant be Nivi’s side to kill me, i wont let him get used for her selfish reasons, Janki says so you want to destroy our plan? you are taking risk, Devika says i know my mission is to take revenge but i cant give punishment to innocents, i wont be able to forgive myself then, i may win but i wont be happy, i cant let Monty be punished because of us, there will be no difference between Nivi and me then, Janki says i know Monty is related to your sister and i understand your emotions but we can save Monty in other ways.
Inspector says to Nivi that we cant give bail to Monty on your guarantee as you are involved with that case too, it was your company before so you cant bail him. Nivi in newspaper heading that Nivedita is a thug, she says what is this? Manju calls Nivi and says some people from bank have come home, they are threatening us to call you, Nivi leaves with Ravi.
Janki shows news papers to Devika, she sees all news against Nivi, Devika says i cant even think how Nivi must be feeling rightnow, Janki says she trapped Monty easily so i had to give her shock, i had to bring her to reality, Devika says she deserves this, her power is her company, she used to think that she can buy everyone, she did many mistakes on basis of money, you snatched that power and money from her, she must be in shock rightnow, thank you, she took my happiness because of this power, she took my husband because of this power, now she will know how it is to be taken from everything, i begged her to not kill me but she didnt listen and killed me, i wont listen to her now, she will beg to me but i wont help her, i wont spare anyone now, i will attack them now, they did wrong with me and now i wont move back, thank you for this.

Scene 2
Nivi comes home and shouts on bank people that are you God? you can come here anytime? you people run business because of us, you people ask us for loan taking and all, where is your support now? i am not afraid of your threats, i will do such thing with you that you will remember for life, Ravi asks her to calm down but she says no these people can come here anytime, what they think that they can do? if they torture me more then i wont give them a single penny of loan they gave to me, bank manager says banking have some rules, we have given you enough time, you cant runaway like this, Nivi says you are threatening us? Devika comes there too. Nivi says to banker that i will be destroyed but will destroy you too, your bank gave us loan because of my company’s name, its my choice, i wont give loan back, i will allege that you people took bribe from me to give me loan, banker is stunned to hear that, Nivi says i will tell authorities that i gave money under the table, banker says that didnt happen, Nivi says you cant prove that i am lying, Banker says you can say whatever you want, we came here to give you one month notice period but now we will take action, you dont know power of bank, you will get notice for alleging us for taking bribe too, they leave, Nivi says i am not afraid of all this. Ravi asks her to calm down, Devika says its not time to get angry, lets think about it, come with me, she takes her from there.
Nivi comes in room and says they dont know i am Nivi, Devika gives her water and says relax, Nivi says everything will be finished, i have invested money, projects are not taking off, where will i get money? i cant ask dad then he will call me to London, Devika says you need to calm down, Nivi says everything is going wrong, my company is in trouble, and now this bank, i dont have any solution, Devika says i will support you, we will think something, Nivi says its not that easy, its critical solution, if bank takes action against me then dont know what will happen, my dad used to say that money can buy anything, can buy people and their loyalty, i have lived like that only, you know when Devika was murdered, i gave huge sum of money to policemen to end that case, look nobody is able to point finger at me, i am absolutely safe, i feel like i am finished, i am so scared, DEvika thinks that you did everything on basis of money thats why its important to end your wealth power, you need to break down professionally and personally then i will tell you that i am Devika and i have brought you down. Nivi says if you give me money to save my business then it will be good, i know you are my friend, i cant get loan from bank, they know projects are getting delayed and i have invested loan in them so i cant trust them but i can trust you, i will give your money back, dont bail out, please, Devika says fine, you are my friend, i cant see you like this, i will bring you out of this problem, it will take time, i need to arrange money, Nivi says its fine, you are like my angel, i am sure now that till you are in my life, nobody can attack me, Devika says you are right nobody can hurt except Ambika.

PRECAP- Ravi says to Devika that inspector is asking for guarantee of someone who doesnt have any criminal record, i know you only, my brother is innocent, he didnt do it, please help me, he holds her hand and says if you help me then i will do anything you say, Devika feels weak.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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