Kalash 26th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 26th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
DEvika is in tears, Ravi looks at her, he holds her hand, Saket comes and ask Ravi who invited you in our party? Ravi says i have come with my boss, Saket ask to go to her then, Ravi goes to Navi, she is busy with other guests, Ravi thinks she doesnt even have manners to introduce me, she comes to him and shows him a guys, she says he is our competitor, Ravi says he has earned name, should i introduce you? Navi says do you work for him too? Ravi says i am not betrayer but can do anything to revenge you, Navi says i am no.1 in business, he will come to me, Ravi says he will not come, she says you wanna have bet? you will ask for promotion, but you wont get it, the guy looks at them, Navi waves at him, Navi ask what will you give me if you lose bet? Guy doesnt come to Navi, ignores her, Ravi ask do you wanna say something? think before having bet with me, he looks at Devika from far, Navi sees Devika too and recalls how she had seen her with RAvi, Navi comes to Ravi and ask she is same girl who was caring for you that day, is she your girlfriend? Ravi not at all, she is fiance of my relative and work in your office too, Navi says why i feel you are not happy with her marriage? Ravi says i need space, he leaves, Navi thinks there is something between them but what?
Sakshi and Pallavi boosts Rekha, Rekha comes to Savitri and says i wanna talk to you, Savitri says you always come on wrong time, speak, Rekha says actually.. Savitri ask her to hurry up, Rekha says i am worrying about Devika, Saket doubts alot, i dont think she will be happy with Saket, Savitri says he shows right as he loves her, he cares for he alot, didnt you see how much jewelry he gave to her, Devika will be safe with him, Rekha says what he did in ring fiasco, Savitri says anyone would do same, that is past, he has forgotten it, i know what i am doing, Rekha says what has happened to you? you used to talk about limits and upbringing but where is that now? you used to tell limits to girls of this house but now you have forgotten it, all you know is Saket, why he is hurrying for marriage? all you could see is his money, Saket has no quality, think about it, SAvitri gets tensed, Rekha leaves, Sakshi thinks thanks God, now i have to bring Ravi and Devika closer.

Scene 2
Ravi comes to Devika and gives her water, he says i didnt know you like parties, Devika says i cant tell how much uncomfortable i am here, people are weird here, they are cheap, i am not for these parties, Ravi says i know you will handle everything, Devika says i am afraid of Saket, Ravi says if someone criticize you then.. Devika says then i will come to you so you can boost my confidence, Ravi says dont think about people, i am here, he ask her to smile, she smiles, Saket sees them together, he comes and holds Devika, he is drunk, he says to Ravi what you are talking? Ravi says i was talking about new boss, Saket says to Devika you are with me, he must be boring you, he takes to his guru. Ravi thinks that she is so innocent, she can be hurt here.
Sakshi comes to Rekha and says you did great job, Savitri must be affected by your talks, Rekha says for first time i talked to her in high tone, did i do wrong? Pallavi says you were right, we are proud of you, SAkshi says we should stand for truth, Sakshi ask her to promise that she will be with us, Rekha says till you both are married, Sakshi says i mean you will help to bring deviak closer to Ravi, Rekha ask have you gone mad? Pallavi says dont you want good for Devika, Sakshi says we have planned everything, we just need senior leader, Rekha thinks and agrees with them, Sakshi says now start our plan.

Scene 3
All are drunk in party, Devika is uncomfortable, saket takes Devika upstairs, Ravi sees them and thinks where he is taking her, he is about to leave but navi stops him and ask where are you going without my permission, Ravi says i am going to washroom, you wanna come behind me? she says go, Ravi goes upstairs too, he is finding them, he ask waiter about Saket, waiter says he has gone to room.
Saket is drunk, he comes in room with Devika, he acts like he has headache, Devika brings water for him, Saket thinks that i will spend night with her, all is fine, she should not doubt me, i should put do not disturb card on door, Devika brings water for him, he holds her hand and drinks with her hands.

PRECAP- Saket holds Devika’s hand, he is caresses her face, DEvika is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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