Kalash 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Savitri is checking preparations for Ajay’s marriage, she says to wedding planner that Mandap is not fine, planner says rain happened and it got destroyed, Savitri says you didnt knwo about it? i wont give you money now, she leaves, planner says she is mad girl, his brother comes and says when you can handle you mother then you can handle thsi women too.
Savitri comes in Mandir, she says why you made Devika give exams again, you didnt like laddos which i gave to you? she is taking plate back when Dada rings bell, blows ari in Mandir, Savitri thinks Maa is doing it, she says ok i will return laddos, she ask Ambe Maa to not get angry, Dada is hiding and throws Devika’s result there, she says i understood maa, dont get angry, i will allow Devika to go for exam, just help my sons,
she comes to room, she says to Dada that i thought alot, i think Devika should give exam, Dada says no need for it, Savitri says it will not matter much if she pass or fail exam, she will have to marry, i feel that Maa will get angry with me if dont allow Devika to go for exam, Devika have to give exam for my grandsons future, i want Ambe Maa to not get angry with me. Dada laughs silently.

Scene 2
Devika comes back to home, Dada comes and says your dadi Savitri has agreed for your exam, Devika ask how? Dada says Ambe Maa did this, she thanks Dada.
Savitri comes to grandmother of Rajesh, she says that we have to postpone the marriage, she says this is marriage not joke, Rajesh says i want to marry as soon as possible, grandmother says that you said all follow your orders in your house, sAvitri says dont you dare insult me, have you seen your son, he looks like father of Devika, find some bald lady for your bald son, dont come to my house eer, you are illiterate people, i break the relation, she leaves, Rajesh is shocked.
the wedding planner comes to home, his mother ask hm did you earn by arranging this marriage, he says no, rain came and destroyed the Mandir, she scolds him, her younger son (abhi) tells him that it was marriage in sAvitri devi’s house, lady says then she will not give a penny, she says but i am manju garewal, call me there, i will bring out money from her. Raghu (Main lead) comes there, he says i got drenched in rain, Abhi ask was there any girl with you? Raghu says she didnt even look at me, this doesnt happen to me, planner says yes girls go crazy behind you, you are lucky in this, Raghu says dont say this brother, manju says help your brothers and work with them, Raghu says i will not work like wedding planners, i will do something big that everything will change in house, i am not weak, i am God of myself, i will go ahead of life, he says i will make buildings, i will do myself, no God will come to help me. otherside Devika thanks Ambe Maa for helping her. planner comes Raghu and says why dont you marry a rich girl, he shows him pictures of girls waiting for him, Raghu says i have already dated them and i dont like it.

Scene 2
Dada ask Devika where did she find that kite(sheet which Rahgu gave to her), Devika says i found on strange guy on bus stand today, he took lift and was asking me to sit too, Dada says so you should have taken it, he was helping you only, dEvika says he was weird guy, the one from whom we should stay away, Dada says how will you love someone then? Devika says i will choose the guy which Ambe Maa selects for me. other side Raghu says to Manju that i will not wait for you Ambe Maa to send girl for me, i will choose girl for myself.
planner comes to Ravi, he says to him that my Mandap got destroyed in rain, my client will eat me alive, Ravi says i will go with you.
Devika is studying, Savitri calls her, Dada makes her afraid that Diya is blowing off in Mandir, Savitri says what mistake i did now? Dada says you said you did contract with her to make Devika study, Dada calls Devika and says Abhay is going to come, go and prepare food for him, Savitri says no i will make it, dont go in kitchen, you go and study, she leaves, Dada smiles and ask Devika to go and study, Devika hugs him and leaves.

Scene 3
Abhay has comeback, he greets Savitri, she caresses him, he meets whole family, Namrita sees him from far, Abhay brings his wife, she greets Savitri, she is in veil, they take him inside, Abhay looks at Namrita and goes in house, DEvika is sad for him.
planner brings Raghu to Mandap and says that all got destroyed here, how i will arrange it again, Raghu ask who is light contractor, planner she is some girl, the girl comes there, Raghu says i didnt see light contractor as girl before, he flirts with her and makes her agree to arrange lights again.m Devika is leaving for exam, her Dada makes her eat Parsad, he says Devi Maa saved your life once and now gave you chance to give exam again, studies make life of people, DEvika sys you are my support, i am going to give exam only because of you, one day you will be proud of me, Devika is about to leave but the kite which Raghu gave to her fall from her window, Devika comes down to take it, kite gets stuck on Raghu’s back, Devika comes there, Main Tainu Samjhawan ki plays, she takes the kite and leaves from there, Raghu feels her presence and turns to see but she is gone.

PRECAP- Raghu is making out with light contractor in store room, Devika comes there and finds them making love, she is shocked and is about to leave when falls on something, Raghu and girl gets alarmed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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