Kalash 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Monty comes to Nivi and asks to sign on documents, we have got new project, you should read it, Nivi says what you thinks of yourself? you have no authority to choose any project, you just have to take orders from seniors, Monty says i got this project so i thought to handle it, Nivi says you dont have caliber to handle any project, get out of here. Monty says i am only one to take your side and you know how others behave with you and you are insulting me? it wont be good for you, i am against Ambika, you are my boss, i will do what you want me to, he leaves. Nivi thinks he is right, he is on my side, i shouldnt be angry with him, he always standby me, maybe Monty can help me to finish Sakshi but how to use Monty for this?
Shweta sees Vikas outside mandir and says you here? Vikas asks how are you? i hope you are out of pain due to Saket’s death, Shweta says i am fine, you dont believe in God and all so why you are here? Vikas says sometime we are lost, after separating from you, i come here to get peace, how come you are here? its far away from your house? Shweta says maybe God wanted us to meet, i was passingby so i thought to come in mandir and i found you here, i did big mistake but will you be able to forgive me? i cheated on you, i will get peace only when you forgive me, my love is increasing for you daily, i am breathing only hoping that you would forgive me, Vikas says even i dont know if i will be able to forgive you, you have hurt me a lot, you have broken my heart, i wont be able to forgive you, i just pray that you always remain happy, i cant say anything more, i should leave now, its late, he sadly looks at her and starts leaving, Shweta says Vikas.. she cries and looks away from him, Vikas looks at her and says Shweta.. she turns to him, Vikas says i just want to say that you are still married woman, dont be like this, be groomed, you would look good, bye, he leaves, Shweta looks on.
Sakshi asks Devika that you sent milk sample to laboratory, Devika says yes, Janki has gone to get those reports, Sakshi says what will be in reports? Devika says it can be anything, we dont know maybe Nivi mixed intoxicating medicine in milk to get you dizzy and then you would spill truth about Devika’s soul, Sakshi says Nivi is most evil enemy of yours, she can do anything, Devika says i know she can cross any limits, you remember how i used to be happy but Nivi snatched my happiness, she is behind all my pain, i will finish her, i will give her pain, she cant even think what i will do with her, her end is near. Janki comes there with reports, she gives it to Devika, Devika opens report and is shocked to read it, Sakshi asks what was in reports? Janki takes report and reads it, she is shocked. Devika hugs Sakshi. Janki says reports are saying that there was poison in milk, means Nivi wanted to kill you, Sakshi is stunned.
Nivi is driving car and thinks that i have got an idea, if Monty wants to be used then i will use him, this is good idea to trap Sakshi, Monty will agree to it, i will go to office and talk to Monty.
Devika says to Janki that i wont sit quiet now, i wont spare Nivi, how dare she try to kill Sakshi infront of me? i wont spare her now, i will jail her, she has to go to jail to attempt to kill Sakshi. Janki says if we do this then Nivi will prove that she didnt offer this milk, Devika says what to do then? i have to do something, you saw her guts? she tried to kill Sakshi, i cant risk Sakshi’s life, i cant risk Sakshi, she has done a lot for me, she might try to prove me wrong but i will get more proofs, i will ask Ganga to be witness against Nivi. Janki says Nivi must have threatened Ganga too, we shouldnt take action in haste, we should be on our path only. Sakshi says Janki is right, we cant take wrong action, Devika says Nivi can try anything to kill you, i cant lose you Sakshi, she must be desperate to kill you, Sakshi says i am ready to take risk, we cant do mistakes anymore, Devika looks on and says fine, we have to do something soon, we dont have much time, Nivi can try to harm Sakshi again and it will be dangerous, we have to make her mentally unstable.
Nivi comes to Monty’s office and says i am sorry to behave like that with you, i was angry and i took it on you, i shouldnt have done that, forgive me, Monty says i understand your situation, Nivi says you are nice to me, i have signed your documents, you can do this project as you want and i know you will make it success, Monty thanks her, Nivi says dont thank me, i never doubt your talent, you have achieved so much, i can trust you blindly, i know you will give 100% to this project, you know Monty, i wanted to say something else, i am in problem and i need your help for that, Monty says i can do anything to help you, tell me. Nivi says i have doubt that your wife Sakshi is playing game with me, when she is alone with me, she behaves like Devika’s soul is in her, she scares me, i dont know if it Sakshi or she is faking soul thing but i am sure somebody is asking her to do it, i am so tensed, i cant even sleep, i need answers, Monty says i will ask Sakshi and she will tell me truth, Nivi says she wont tell you truth, whoever is making her do this work wont allow her to tell truth, she might doubt you too, i have another idea, bring Sakshi where i tell you and then i will make her say truth, and i will do the job, you just bring her to place i want her to, i want you to do this, only you can help me, you understand my problem, i am in such sick situation, Monty says i will do everything you say, you just give me orders, just tell me where to bring Sakshi and i will call her there.
Ravi is in office and says i am missing Ambika, i should call her. Ravi calls Devika. Devika takes call, she asks why did you call me? Ravi says do i need reason to call my wife? i was missing you so i called, Devika says i can call you later? i was talking to my mom, Ravi says okay i am waiting, call me later, he ends call. Devika says to Janki and Sakshi what should we plan? Sakshi says we have to make her afraid, Devika says we should take Nivi to place where she killed Devika, she will get scared there, she will lose her senses there, Janki says good idea. Monty calls Sakshi, she takes it and asks why did you call? Monty asks how are you? she says fine but why did you call? Monty says i have to talk something important, Sakshi leaves room to take his call.

PRECAP- Raghav calls Devika and says Nivi came to me and asked me to give her gun, i said i dont have it so she snatched my gun and said she wont spare Sakshi, she also said that she has called Sakshi near old Mandir, Devika is shocked to hear it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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