Kalash 25th March 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Sajid brings Saket and Navi in jungle and shows them bonfire, he says Ravi and Devika was here, Navi says they must be in hut then, Saket says we are waiting, he asks goons to stay outside while he and Navi will go inside, Saket thinks that i will pretend infront of Devika that i have saved her from goons, she will be impressed then, Navi thinks that if i pretend infront of Ravi then he will be impressed with me.
Ravi and Devika are in hut, Ravi asks Devika to speak, she smiles, he says say something Miss Kach Kach, Devika says dont call me Miss Kach Kach, i dont like it, Ravi says i thought you missed it, Devika says no, Ravi says if you dont like it then i wont say it, he says i have brought something for you, Devika says give it, Ravi says so much attitude, he shows her cauliflower and says i have brought this for you, he says i have decorated it with leaves too, Devika says i have brought something for you too, Devika gives him strange plant, he says whats that? but i like it, its most special to me, he hugs Devika and says i love you, she says i love you too, he says my love is more, she says no i love you more, he says okay, he says i am sorry, i was rude, Devika says no i am sorry, i was speaking so much, you are right, i talk alot, i irritate alot, Ravi says lets end this sorry game, lets make a pact that we wont be saying sorry to each other from now on, if we have fight then we will solve it in 5minutes, Devika says you are right, i dont like this sorry word, Ravi says from now on, we will have happiness in life only.
Rekha brings food for Shekhar, shekhar says my daughter and son in law are in problem then how can i eat? Pallavi says Navi and Saket is behind all this, Savitri says no its only Manju who has evil eye, when she will leave then our family will have happiness.
Ravi says to Devika that this hut had given me so much, Devika says these moments are so special, even if death comes, i will give my life in your arms.
Sakshi and Monty are in jail, Sakshi says that Navi have put us here and must be planning something new, Monty says dont worry, everything will be fine, Sakshi says i am dying to see Devika and Ravi.
Saket and Navi comes in hut, they dont find anything there, Navi finds Devika’s dupatta there. Saket comes out and ask goons if they saw Ravi and Devika? Sajid says Deepak was standing outside hut, he is not here, maybe he has gone behind them, Navi says then we have to wait till Deepak return.
Deepak is running behind Ravi and Devika. Navi says to Saket that all your men are idiots, Saket says yes only you are clever.
Ravi and Devika hide behind tree. deepak is searching for them, Ravi asks Devika to hide while he will fool goon. Ravi whistles, Deepak comes there, Ravi beats him, Devika says dont leave him, beat him, he has created many problems for us, Ravi beats goon, Devika hits him with rod, Deepak falls unconscious, Ravi asks her to stop beating him, Devika says i wont leave him, i have learnt fighting by staying with you. Saket calls Deepak, Ravi sees it and says seems like his boss is calling him, Ravi takes call and says to Saket that your goon will become conscious and will spill your name too, you have kept me in problem, once i find your name, i will not leave you, Saket ends call without saying anything. Navi asks Saket what happened? Saket says soon our truth is going to come out to Ravi and Devika, Ravi has caught Deepak and is beating him, Navi gets tensed and asks what should they do now?

Scene 2
Manju says to Parmindar that how can a sister make her sister get kidnapped for money? dont know where they must be, she cries, Shweta says dont worry, they will return for sure. Ravi and Devika comes home, she is stunned, Shweta says i am seeing dream? Parmindar sees them on door, she gets happy, she tells Manju, Manju turns and sees them, she gets emotional and hugs Ravi, she cries, she asks if he is fine? he says dont worry, i have returned, Ravi meets Addy and Vikas, Shweta thinks they have returned home, i should find out where Navi and saket is. Shweta calls Saket, she tells him that Ravi and Devika have returned, you both come here and show sympathy, Saket asks if there is someone else too with them? Shweta says no, Saket says to Navi that Ravi must have left Deepak in jungle only but his phone might be with Ravi, Navi says we should go home and pretend that we were so worried for them, Saket says okay.
Manju hugs Devika and caresses her face, Devika says dont cry, we have returned, Ravi makes her sit, Manju says i didnt like food too, Ravi makes her drink water, Parmindar says you were returning two days back? Ravi says goons attacked us with truck, we fell off from cliff, we were in death zone, i was not breathing, Devika have saved my life, if she was not there then i would have died, she didnt think about her wounds, she brought me food and water, she finally confessed to me, Manju asks what? Ravi becomes conscious, he asks Parmindar to make food for us, she says okay and goes, Ravi says i will not go anywhere, dont worry Manju, Vikas says it feels like Devika have brought you here, addy says she is the best, Ravi says you are saying as if i didnt do anything, Devika says no Ravi gave me all the strength, Ravi says no you were so strong, Devika says no you did alot for me, Vikas ask them to take rest, Devika goes to her room. Ravi brings Deepak in house, Deepak is unconscious and ties with ropes, Manju asks who is he? Ravi says he is goon of person who kidnapped us, as soon as he comes to consciousness, we will know the kidnapper’s name.
Devika comes in her room, she recalls her moments with Ravi, she says i was dying to comeback here, i have spent seconds to reach here, she looks around in room, she looks at Ravi and her picture and smiles, Banjara plays, she sees cards which she bought for Ravi and left at store only, she sees crystal ball which Ravi gifted to her, she smiles seeing it.

PRECAP- Savitra calls Devika, Devika asks who is she? Savitri says you know what your cruel mother in law has done? she has thrown out Sakshi and Monty and have alleged them that they are behind your kidnapping, Devika is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Saket and navi will release deepak or they will make him blame Sakshi and monty, another headless chicken drama will start and what do you know? The real culprits will get away with their crimes. Vaaah!

  2. Why didn’t devika tell Ravi about seeing navi when she was kidnapped? Only hope they don’t find out about deepak being at home but no doubt schweta will tell them. Also if they get monty and shakshi out then MAYBE it will make Ravi and devika think when they till Ravi and devika what they found and know. Please don’t drag this track again.

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