Kalash 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Monty says to guests that today is Vikas and Shweta’s wedding anniversary so they will perform romantic dance. Vikas and Shweta goes to dance stage. They sweetly dances to teri Shirt da song. Vikas hugs Shweta at the end of song, all clap for them even Ankush.
Devika comes in room and says i have to finish work. Saket comes there and smirks at Devika, she is tensed to see him, Saket smirks and says whats going on? Devika says its good you came here, I wanted to talk to you about Ravi, its personal. Saket says what? Devika holds his hands and says I think only you can help me, Saket thinks that how she is getting happy seeing me? seems like everything is going to be good, he grabs her hands and says I am ready for you always, DEvika takes her hands away and says you know in which situation I married Ravi but I accepted him, I don’t know about Ravi, he is running away from me, Saket says means there is no relation between you both? DEvika says no, Ravi is always running away from me, I don’t have draught of boys, Saket says I am with you. DEvika says I know but I am married and wants to give him one chance, if he wants to be with Nivi then I don’t want to waste time, its okay, I will think about my options too, Saket says you should think about yourself and back off from this marriage, Nivi and Ravi have something going on. Devika says you are right but as a friend, please talk to Ravi once, if he doesn’t listen then tell me and I will take my decision, will you talk to Ravi for me? I have hopes from you, I mean its okay if you don’t want to help but I want it, Saket holds her hand and says I will talk to him and will comeback here, Devika says I will be in party when you comeback, he says okay I am going to talk to him, he leaves. Devika thinks that I have confused him, I should do my work before anyone else come again here.
Janki is finding Ambika in party and thinks that I am always worried for her, always cared that anyone can attack her. She comes to Ravi and asks where is Ambika? Ravi says I am finding her too, don’t know where she went.
Saket comes to Nivi and says we should postpone plan of killing Ambika, we will kill her later, Nivi asks why? Saket says I met her, you know Ravi and she doesn’t have husband-wife relation, she wants to get away from Ravi, we should give her chance, Nivi says you accepted what she said? are you blind? think why said those things too, we have decided to kill her and we will, Saket says I love her and don’t want to kill her, Nivi says we cant backout, I will contract to killer to kill you, I want Ravi to myself, stop all this and deal with it, she leaves.
Devika is working on laptop, she thinks that finally transfer is completed, she takes out flash drive from laptop and recalls how Shweta confessed that she used to create misunderstandings between Ravi and Ambika, how pledged to take revenge form her enemies. Devika prays to God to make her successful in this plan, this is my duty now, I am feeling bad to do all this but I don’t have any other way, I have to bring their truth out, I have vowed to take revenge from all these five people.
Killer comes in party and thinks where is Ambika? Nivi comes to him and asks why you are wasting time? killer says I am waiting for Ambika. Nivi says she is in her room, she is alone, go and kill her, she shows him room and says don’t waste more time now, killer says I will kill her in 5minutes, Nivi says don’t make people doubt you, now go, he leaves. Nivi thinks that I just hope Ambika is killed this time.

Scene 2
Ravi is searching for Devika in party and says she knows I miss her but don’t know where she went, once I find her, I am going to scold her. Saket comes there and says you seem tensed? did you loose anything important? you should keep important things close to you else you can loose them. Ravi says what are you saying? Saket says I amet Ambika alone in room, she was complaining that you both don’t have husband and wife relation, I cant tell more, I am shy, she was saying you aren’t keeping her happy, if you don’t want this relation then let her go, someone might waiting to take her, Ravi says get lost from here, Saket says I didn’t say it, Ambika said it, Ravi leaves. Saket says he cant bear truth.
Devika comes in party again. Janki asks where did you go? she says to execute my plan against Shweta. Manju takes attention of guests and says I want to gift special gift to Shweta and Vikas. Ravi raises eyebrow at Devika, she blushes. Manju says we collect memories in pictures, I have made video of that and want to show them. Janki asks Devika what will happen with this video? Devika says just watch. Manju starts playing video, there are loving photos of Shweta and Vikas, all smiles seeing it but suddenly photos of Ankush and Shweta alone in room starts playing, them hugging, being intimate is shown, all are shocked. janki is impressed with Devika.
Killer enters Devika’s room and is searching for her but she is not in room, he says Nivi said Ambika is in her room but she is not here, where she must then? I have to find somewhere else. He comes out of room.
Shweta stops playing video and says its not me, she says Manju you deliberately played it, Manju says I am myself shocked at all this. Vikas is stoned seeing all that, Shweta says this is not me, someone has tricked me, I swear on your name. Vikas pushes her away. Devika says to Janki that this is not fake, Shweta is lying. Vikas says play this again, I want to see it, Manju says son don’t do it. Vikas plays video again, he watches Ankush and Shweta close and intimate with each other, them on bed, Vikasis hurt seeing all that and helplessly looks at Shweta, Killer sees Devika in party and says my time got wasted, I will go there and will kill her, no one will know as I will cut her throat in one go. Shweta says this lie Vikas. Vikas is in tears and slaps Shweta, all are shocked. Shweta is not able to believe it.

PRECAP- Ankush is trying to leave the party but Ravi grabs him and pushes him away, Ankush falls on killer, killer gets hit on his head by vase.

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    Atleast shewta cheat truth is out…. after sooooooo long….. rest is bakwas drama….

  3. Why does amibika insist on taking revenge from 5 when she saw 4 of them planning to kill her. The show has lost interest with ongoing never ending track. Think of the poor viewer who is suffering.

  4. the production team are the biggest moron of this serial,they make monkeys out of the cast.the music is very irritating and so are the dialogue lines.

  5. the production team are the biggest moron of this serial,they make monkeys out of the cast.the music is very irritating and so are the dialogue lines.

  6. Lot of moneys r spent on these type of serials are the money is black?I think so a lot of black moneys ……

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