Kalash 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Vikas says i will bring Ravi’s shirt from cupboard, Shweta says no, its not there, Vikas says just let me, Vikas is about to open cupboard, Ankush is hiding behind it, Shweta acts like feeling dizzy and says my head is spinning, Vikas says i will bring something to eat for you, he leaves, Shweta locks door and brings Ankush out of cupboard, she says what will you get by breaking my marriage? what is other option then giving you money and jewelry? Ankush says if you dont give me money then give yourself to me on this bed, Shweta pushes him away and says what rubbish is this? Ankush says you want me to tell your husband how you used to close to me? Shweta pleads to not do it, Ankush says remember our relation? it was like magic, it was intoxicating, we had great moments being close, if you give me that moment of closeness again then i will leave you, i dont want money as i have job, just revive that moment and memories, he hugs her, Shweta thinks that i am disgusted but i dont have money to give him so i have go along with what he wants, God be with me, i hope Vikas forgives me. Shweta is laid on bed by Ankush, he hovers abover and they get intimate.
Devika and Janki sees Vikas normal, Janki says seems like Vikas didnt see anything, Devika says Ankush and Shweta are still in room, Shweta must have fooled Vikas, i will go and talk to Vikas.
Vikas says to servant to check all arrangements. Devika comes to him and asks what about Ravi’s shirt? Vikas says i went there but Shweta got dizzy and she is resting, i will bring shirt later, he leaves. Devika sees one flower decoration out of place and stands on stool to fix it, she slips from stool but Ravi comes and catches her in his arms, they both share eyelock. Devika says dont know i fell, Ravi says God wants you to fall and i save you all the time. Ravi has lifted Devika in arms bridal style. She says put me down, Ravi says no, my heart doesnt want to and i just want to look in your eyes, Nivi sees them like that, she has spray in her hands, she looks at it. Nivi passesby Ravi and Devika and thinks that they are getting too close, she sprays room freshner near Ravi’s eyes, devika falls from his arms, Nivi says i am sorry, i didnt know you were here, Nivi says to Ravi that what is this? you got spray in eyes and let your wife slip? did it hurt Ambike? Devika glares Ravi and leaves, Ravi goes behind her saying sorry. Nivi smirks. Saket comes there, and asks Nivi to come with him.
Sake and Nivi meets Shera, he is contract killer, Saket says he is famous killer, Nivi says he is looking roadside romeo more, Saket says dont go on his face, he will do work. She asks will he shoot Abmika? Shera stammers and says i will use knife to kill her. Manju laughs and says he cant even kill bee, he is so lean. Shera grabs Manju and put knife on her throat, he says i can kill you in one go, she says i am sorry, forgive me, Saket says i wont give money for killing her so i you want to kill her then do, Shera leaves Manju, she runs away. Nivi says now i am certain that you can kill Ambika. Shera says my knife cant do mistakes. Saket says he will be DJ in party.

Scene 2
Party has started. Gurvindar is drooling on guys in party. Manju is collecting gifts on Shweta’s behalf. Manju thinks that i wont give one gift to Shweta, i should put these gifts in room, she goes. Ravi is looking around for Amvika. Nivi comes to him and come aside, she brings to corner and says my dress’ button is open on back, can you close it? Ravi says i am married, i cant do it, Nivi says its not big deal, Ravi says its big deal for me, i am married now, Nivi says even friends do it, Ravi says i am not that friend, he calls Manju and says she needs help, he leaves. Manju asks what you want? Nivi says get lost.
Devika comes to Janki and says where is Ravi? if you see him then dont tell him where i am, Janki says he must be worried finding you, Devika says he is always behind me and is irritating me, if he knows that i am here with you in party then wont let me concentrate on anything, i want to concentrate on Shweta and Ankush. Shweta comes in party, Ankush comes there. He has rose in his hand and shows it to Shweta, Shweta smiles shyly at him. Janki says to Devika that they are smiling at each other. Shweta shows her dress to Ankush, he praises her with hand movements. Devika says to Janki that i thought they had tension between them but they seem like friends now. Janki says how this happened? Devika says i will come. Devika comes to Ankush and says you did great decorations, whom is this flower for? Ankush says i will talk to you later, he leaves. Devika comes to Janki and says they are flirting with each other, how Shweta can be so shameless? Vikas loves her a lot, when i listened to Ankush and Shweta before, i thought Shweta is in problem and i thought to use Ankush against her but they seem together now, Janki says she is doing this to be saved from Ankush, she has lost all her limits, Devika says i wont let her get off the hook so easily.
Vikas asks Shweta where she is lost? you are looking beautiful, Shweta says i am enjoying party. Vikas asks did you eat anything? i will bring something for you, he goes. Shweta looks around. Ankush comes there and pulls her behind pillar, he gives her rose after kissing it, she takes it. Ankush says your eyes and smile is making me go crazy. Shweta says what else i can do? Ankush says keep showing magic of your love, Shweta says i will meet you later. She goes, Vikas brings snacks for Shweta and asks where did you get this rose from? she gives it to him and says its for you. Vikas says i love you a lot, Shweta says i love you too.
Ravi meets Devika and says i was searching you everywhere. Devia says shut up, you are always behind me and swaying rubbish. Ravi says to Janki that see she is always scolding me, wife should be with husband in party, all guests were seeing us separate, they will think that we dont love each other. Janki says he is right, Devika says maa whose side are you? Janki says dont involve me in your fight. Monty welcomes everyone to party and says Vikas and Shweta will perform romantic dance.

PRECAP- Devika comes in room and says i have to finish work. Saket comes there and smirks at Devika, she is tensed to see him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What a bunch of human shit!


    Bakwas se bhi jayda gatiya show ho gya h ab…. going no where better to end this cheap crap show

  3. don’t know why channel is telecasting this show?

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