Kalash 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1

Voice over says that this story starts with two brothers Ram and Karm, they had no heir, they wanted to have son so they started their prayers, they gained powers by praying day and night, seeing this, lord Indar was jealous of this and he killed Karm, Ram after listening this was angered and wanted to win over lords, he started prayers more strongly, seeing this God gave him two powers, one that whichever women will win his heart, he will get son from her and second now lord will be able to kill him and no any human, Ram started to feel that he is immoral now. One day, he liked a cow and he disguised himself as male cow, he showed his love for female cow, another cow came there and attacked Ram, he hit his heart, Ram got died, his body was burning when female pregnant cow jumped in fire too and with that fire, Mahabali Asur Maheshasur borned, his head was of cow and vbody was of man, he was powerful, he attacked lords and thrown them about of heaven, he sat on Indar’s throne, all lords went to priest, priest said only a women can kill Maheshasur, then Vishnu, Bhrama and Mahesh joined their powers and gave born to a lady, she had 10 hands, she was given all weapons and was sat on lion, she is called Durga Maa, seeing beauty of Maa Durga, Maheshasur proposed her for marriage, Maa said that if makes her lose in war then she will marry him, he accepted offer, the war was fought for 9 days and on last day, Maa durga beheaded Maheshasur with her Trishul, we celebrate this win even today, we celebrate Navratri for this event, even priest knew that only women can kill such a powerful entity, history is filled with fact that women have finished the evil powers from world, even today, f someone becomes devil then Maa durga comes to finish him in disguise of some girl.

Scene 2

The pooja of Maa Durga is going on, one small girl (devika) has become Maa durga, her brother ask her to sit on fake lion, she says why fake lion? A lady comes and says you are looking very beautiful, Devika says chachi why I should sit on fake lion, Chachi says this is ritual, you know people have brought sweets for you, they will give everything to you, Devika says but dadi always give sweets to boys of house, Chachi says no, today you will get everything, Devika says I can manage with fake lion but sweets should be real, Devika says this Pooja is for me, a tad comes and says that this is all for one day, remember this is all fake, you should always remember that you are a girl.

Pooja starts, Devika is sitting on fake horse, all are praying, when some guys come and drags a Namrita(other girl) from pooja, her mother slaps Namrita and says what your brother is saying, you went to meet that guy? Her father says that that she misused our freedom, her brother says that she was with Abhay, my friend saw her and him, they were without clothes, I wont leave her today, he beats Namrita, father ask where is that guy Abhay, Devika listens all this and thinks that they are talking about my Abhay Bhayyia, I should inform him, she leaves.

One guy informs Abhay that Namrita is being caught and they are coming to take you too, Abhay says if father gets to know of it then storm will come, Abhay’s mother comes and says no one can do anything when your mother Savitri Devi deol is alive, I will kill all of them, I will protect my sons, they are cheap people, you are from rich family, you go from here and study hard, Abhay says how can I run away like this grandmother, she says dotn worry, I will handle everything, nothing happens to boys, you go and make your future, I am alive to protect you, Abhay runs from there, Devika comes there too, Namrita’s brother comes there and ask where is Abhay, Savitri says don’t you dare say anything about my grandson, brother says he flirted with my sister, Savitri says your daughter sold her respect, did you even see face of guy she was with, its not about boys, they do have relationships, maybe Abhay was with her but he is a boy, nothing happens to them but its girl whose respect is gone, ask anyone, no one will marry your sister, my Abhay will get any girl, for your information, abhay has left house two days ago, Devika is shocked, brother beats Namrita and says see what I have to listen because of you, he takes her from there. Devika hugs Chachi and says why they were beating a girl, it was fault of both, Chachi says but she was a girl, she has done a mistake, boys run away but people points fingers at girls.

Scene 3

DEvika come sin Mandir and says to Maa Durga that why you didn’t protect Namrita? Today I believe that you are not for real, you cant save any girl, I am fake Deviak and you are fake too, lords are for boys only, Mandir’s roof falls but because of Maa’s trishul Devika is saved from it, she looks at Maa and smiles, she says you saved me. Chachi comes there and hugs Devika, she thanks Ambe Maa for saving Devika, Devika smiles at Maa, she says today is our birthday, you have to save every girl, she prays. Otehrside Namrita’s brother is trying to hang her but light from sky falls on them, they runs from there leaving Namrita alone.

10 years later, Devika says I believe that every house have Maa durga, Maa Durga is my friend, I got to learn one thing from life that no one points fingers at boys, they are not blamed for anything. Young Devika’s face is shown, she is praying to Durga.

PRECAP- a guy meets Devika, he says you know we are meeting for marriage, Devika says I don’t wanna marry, I want to do something in life, I want to become something, I have some dreams which I want to fulfill, guy says I will do everything for you. Later Dadi hugs DEvika and says be happy, you did it, the guy have said yes for marriage, this relation will happen at any cost now, dEvika is shccked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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