Kalash 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Monty asks Ravi to come, doctor has comes, Ravi leaves. Devika thinks why did Ravi call doctor?
Ravi comes to doctor and thanks him for coming, doctor asks where is patient? Ravi says she is in room, last night, she got very sick, thats why i called you here, doctor asks if patient knows that i am called here? Ravi says no but i will pacify her and bring her here. Ravi says to Devika that you asked me to call doctor for Nivi thats why i called her here, Ravi goes to call Nivi, Janki says to Devika that i didnt know plan would work this fast.
Ravi comes to Nivi and says come with me, she says where? Ravi says dont question me, Nivi says i want to know where are you taking me? Ravi says i have called doctor for routine checkup, Nivi says what is wrong with me? Ravi says just meet him as i am asking you to, Nivi says i cant meet any doctor, Ravi says i know you are fine, i wont do anything bad with you, it will be proven that you re fine if doctor checks you once, Nivi says fine, i am doing this because you are asking me.
Nivi and Ravi comes in lounge where doctor is with other family members. Nivi sweetly greets doctor and says its pleasure to meet you, i know you are famous doctor, have a seat, he sits, Nivi says i am ready for checkup, doctor checks her eyes, doctor asks Nivi what is her problem? what she is facing? did any incident haunt you? unstable your mental state? Nivi thinks and gets tensed, she composes herself and says i dont have such problem, look at me, i am a businesswoman, i have to handle a lot of people, i need clarity to do all this, i wouldnt be handling all this if i am not calm, i am always fresh so nothing like that. Doctor asks if you get lost in thoughts and start imagining things? Nivi says i see dreams like everyone else, i try to make them true too, doctor asks if you get scared of anything? Nivi laughs and says i am not a child, there are so many people in my family so i am not scared at all. Doctor says to Ravi that nivi is fit and fine, why did you call me and waste my time? she is totally fine, she has stable mental state, she doesnt need any treatment, all look on, Devika thinks that Nivi is trying to behave normal, last night she was so scared but she composed herself today, i have to take revenge, how to prove her mental state? Ravi says i am sorry to waste your time doctor, Nivi asks doctor if he wants any tea or something? Doctor says no, Nivi sees Sakshi coming there and imagines Devika in her, she says she is coming here, nivi gets getting scared, she hides behind Ravi and says she tried to strangle me, Ravi she wanted to kill me, she tried to kill me, she is not Sakshi, there is Devika’s soul in her, i know Devika wants to kill me, Ravi says what has happened with you? Nivi screams for Sakshi to leave and says she is Devika’s ghost, Ravi drags her to her room, all look on, Vikas thinks that after Saket, its Nivi’s turn, what yo sow shall you reap.
Ravi brings Nivi to her room and says calm down, i will come, Nivi says dont go anywhere, i am scared, Ravi says relax, he gives her water, Nivi drinks water, Ravi says i am going to talk to doctor, i will come, he leaves. Nivi says Devika has comeback, i know she wants revenge, she wants to kill me, i know it, she cries.
Ravi says to doctor that you saw how bad nivi’s health is, doctor says you were right, she is not stable, its serious case, you have to take her to hospital, we will have to examine her and see what her sickness is, Monty thinks what is happening with Nivi? Ravi says to doctor that i wont be able to pacify her to go to hospital with me, doctor says just bring her once there, i can just say that she is scared of Devika, maybe Nivi did something bad with Devika and now she thinks that Devika will take revenge from her.

Scene 2
Devika says to Sakshi that you did great work by just coming there, Nivi made doctor believe that she is normal but you came there and changed everything, Janki says yes Sakshi, you dressed like Devika and when Nivi saw you, she showed her madness, Ravi is convinced now, Ravi will take her to mental hospital now. Sakshi says when i saw her screaming, i was happy, she has tortured me a lot, now she must know what went on with me, she made mad and snatched everything from me, even my husband, Devika says you have always helped me Sakshi, i cant thank you enough, dont think i just want revenge, i know your happiness is lost, i promise you that your happiness and even Monty will comeback to you, she hugs Sakshi, Sakshi smiles.
Ravi is sitting in room and recalls Nivi’s hysteric state, he thinks and says there is no doubt that Nivi is not mentally stable, she needs treatment but how to pacify her that she has to go to mental hospital, i have to do something to make her go for checkup.
Malini is cooking in her kitchen, bell rings, Malini opens door and finds hysteric Nivi on door, Malini glares her, Nivi hugs her and cries, Malini pushes her away and says i told you to not show your face, i dont want to talk to you, Nivi says i did bad with you, i shouldnt have insulted you, i was scared and i didnt know how to react and said things which i shouldnt have said but please let me come inside, Malini says i dont want to talk to a killer, i wont allow woman like you who is murderer, she tries to push Nivi out of house but Nivi throws her on couch and takes knife from table, she puts knife on her throat and says i am in this condition because of you, you have put me in this situation and you will bring me out of it, i want to kill you but i need your help, you have called that soul and now you have to take that soul out of Sakshi’s body, Malini says i am ready to help you but please remove this knife, Nivi moves away, Malini says torture body in which there is soul, finish it, Nivi says tell me clearly, Malini says Devika’s soul has entered Sakshi’s body so torture Sakshi, when Sakshi will be in pain then Devika wont be able to bear it and will leave her soul, you will be free then, this is only way to free yourself, Nivi looks on.

PRECAP- Nivi says to Sakshi that i want to finish Devika’s soul which is in your body, Sakshi gets scared hearing her words.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode i really like the way it tuk d turn

  2. The episode was okay. Just waiting for the track wherein Devika takes Nivi to Ambe maa mandir and kill her in the Same way that she tries to kill Devika. After Nivis death they should show romance of Ravi and Devika in full

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