Kalash 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Vikas wakes up and asks Shweta what happened? Shweta says i git miss call from unknown number, Vikas says dont worry, sleep, we have special day tomorrow.
Its morning, Devika wakes up and sees Ravi sleeping on couch, she lovingly gazes at him, she finds him sleeping with baby boy soft toy she gifted him. she plays it and Ravi wakes up with jerk and screams, he says is this way to wake up? Devika says you didnt like it? you slept with soft toy. Ravi says what if i got heart attack? devika says i am sorry, Ravi says you would have killed me, Devika says i didnt intend to hurt you, i would not joke again. Ravi says you got serious, i am joking too. Devika says i thought you got angry on me, i was about to cry seeing you scolding me, i wont talk to you now. Ravi says you can joke but i cant? she says my joke was deifferent, Ravi pulls her on his lap, she says leave me, he says tell me to leave you with smile, Devika says Ravi please let me go, she kicks his foot, he screams, she runs away from him, Ravi says who beat her wife like this?
Shweta wakes up and says where did Vikas go? what he got to know truth? Vikas comes there and covers her eyes, she asks where did you go? he sys to bring something special, she gives her rose bouquet and says happy anniversary, i wish we remain happy like this, Shweta hugs him and says i thought you left without wishing me, you are so nice, you are best husband, Vikas says no need to be formal, i would do everything for my wife. Ankush comes there and says he is right, there would be many surprises today, happy anniversary to both of you. Vikas thanks him and says you are on time, Ankush says i believe that all should do work on time, i dont like to delay, he eyes Shweta, Shweta says i will make tea for you Vikas, Vikas says make for Ankush too, Ankush says i would love to.
Nivi says why Saket didnt call till now? he took responsibility to kill Ambika, but he is not picking my calls too, he must be drunk, if i know that he is not planning anything then i would plan something.
Saket wakes up and calls Nivi. Nivi says i called you so many times, whats your problem? Saket says i was busy with work. Nivi says i dont care, you said you would kill Ambika, Saket says your work is almost done, i asked my hitman to do work, Nivi says good, call hitman and hire him, if he doesnt want to do it then i will hire someone, we cant wait now, Saket ends her call.
Vikas is decorating house with Ankush’s help. Devika thinks that i have to think something to use Ankush against Shweta. Ravi comes there and says Ankush if you need any help then let me know, Ankush says you dont need to work when i am here, Ravi says even then let me know. Ravi sees Devika sitting there, Ravi acts like his foot is sprained, he says who kick her husband like this? Devika says you were flirting so you had to get it, become deserving husband first, Ravi says give me chance to be good husband, Devika says i wish you had feelings to be good husband, Ravi says i only know that i love you a lot, from my heart, Devika says you are liar and says love is not only thing needed, you need to be wise too. Ankush asks devika about decorations. Vikas says i will tell, make heart shape on entry of house with roses and write my and Shweta’s name. Ravi says i didnt know you had romance in you, Vikas says i learned from you, Ravi and Vikas leaves. Ankush thinks to go and meet Shweta in her room to threaten her, he leaves. Devika thinks that i am sure, he is going to meet Shweta.
Shweta is getting ready in her room, she tries to tie her dress’s dori on back, Ankush comes there, Shweta doesnt see and says Vikas tie my dori. Ankush touches her back, Shweta says Vikas i was thinking, we didnt shop, we should go and buy suit for you, say something, she sees Ankush standing behind her and pushes him away, she says how dare you to come close to me, Ankush says did you forget how much you used to want to be close to me and how you used to come in my arms, Shweta says you are cheap man, Ankush says let this party start then you would be cheap in your husband’s eyes, if you dont give me money then i would make sure you get title of characterless tonight.
Vikas thinks that someone thought about me and Shweta after many years, this is good omen that everything wil be nice, is it because Shweta started loving me or Ambika came in this house? Devika calls Vikas and says i think Ravi’s shirt went to your laundry, can you check in your cupboard? he says i will bring it. Devika thinks that now he will see Shweta and Ankush together.
Shweta says to Ankush that i cant arrange this much mone on such short notice, dont torture me. Ankush says give me jewelry you are wearing, he pulls her closer and glares her, he says give these to me and i will leave, or you have another option, he tries to come closer and is about to forcefully kiss her but Vikas knocks on door, Shweta says hide in cupboard, Ankush hides in cupboard. Shweta opens door, Vikas comes in and says whom were you talking to? you seem tensed? Shweta says no, i was talking to friend on call, how am i looking? Vikas says you are looking like beauty queen, come with me, oh i forgot, Ravi’s shirt is in my cupboard, i will bring it, Shweta stops him, Ankush is in cupboard.
Devika says to Janki that its good you came, i have guilt, i have hurt anyone, i dont know i am doing right or wrong, Vikas will be hurt knowing Shweta’s truth, Janki says you are right but this truth ash to come out, he is living in delusion, Devika says Shweta did wrong, he will know truth soon, Shweta and Ankush are in one room and i sent Vikas there, lets go there and see what is happening here.

PRECAP- Ravi has lifted Devika in arms bridal style. She says put me down, Ravi says no, my heart doesnt want to, Nivi sees them like that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Stop this bullshit right away. Wtf. It’s almost one year devika became ambika, even kahani ghar ghar ki was quicker than this cringe show!!!!!


    Soooooooo much slow and repeating story… and shewta truth will be out as vikas said for almost first tym they are celebrating their anniversary this grand, that means truth will come out for sure… poor vikas, he will be bearing pain without any reason

  3. I love this story. In this serial . I like ambika and Ravi’s couple . almost best and likely character in ravi’s character .he knows already that ambika and devika both of one. And is serial me uski halt b meri tarha hai ki usko bta ni sakta ki kitna pyar karta hai .or WO sochti h ki ye lair hai .mera b asa hi scene hai .par ap dono ka sirf serial me hai or mera real.
    But ap dono ki jodi ek dum classical hai I like so much.love u alot ap dono ka fan ho gaya hu .

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