Kalash 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Rekha says to Ravi that you became angel for us again, i thought everything wll be difficult to solve, Ravi says it was easy, i went to jeweler, ordered same ring and got a bill and changed date on it, Rekha ask how you managed money to make that ring, Ravi says leave that, now there is no tension, Rekah says no if you think us as family then you have to tell how you got money, Ravi says i sold my bike to friend, when i get money so i will buy car, Rekha gets in tears and says i cant tell you what you have done to us, you are angel for us, you are doing things for us, Devika comes there and listens that, Rekha says to Ravi that you have saved our respect, Devika says i cant thank you enough Ravi, what you have doen for me and my family, nobody do that in this age, i am lucky that i have friend like you, i cant tell you what it means to me, thank you. Ravi smiles, Sakshi sees all this from far.
Devika says to Ravi that why you took risk, if Saket got to know about bill then what? Ravi says when i can fool around with so many girls, so what this Saket is for me? Devika laughs, Ravi says to Devika that your kajal has smeared, she ask him to remove it, Ravi says take in your dowry, you cant do anything without me, she says stop joking, he comes closer to wipe kajal near her eye,they look at each other, Kabhi na Sukoon aya plays, he gets a call from receptionist, she tells him that Navidita is coming office, she has called you in office, he says i am coming, Devika says i will come with you, Ravi says you are on leave so stay at home, he says i will not get scolded by new boss as she is impressed with me because of the design in which you helped me, he says i will leave now.

Scene 2
Sakshi comes to Savitri and says only 1.5 week is remaining, she says i have plan, Savitri ask what? Sakshi says its a surprise, Sakshi ask her to prepare for marriage, i will do my work, she leaves. Saket’s mother calls Savitri, she says that Saket is going to politician’s party so i want Devika to go with him, that way they will get to know each other, Savitri says i will ready Devika, you send Saket, she ends call, mother says to saket, your work is done.
Ravi comes in office, workers tell him to go and meet her, Ravi says i know how to handle girls, i will see her.
Navidita is checking designs, Ravi comes there and says what designs you want, i will do it fast, she sys you are that fast? he says i am dedicated to work, Amit sir used to trust me, you can test me too, she turns, Ravi is shocked, she is shocked too, both say you, he recalls how she did accident of his mother, she recalls how he made her wait in police station, she starts laughing, she says this is joke, you are Ravi whose designs i approved, and gave raise to you too, she says if knew i was giving this all to fool like you then i would have stopped myself, Ravi says if i knew that i am making designs for a snobbish, egoistic girl so i would have also.. she ask what would you have done? he says i had other options too, Navidita says come to point, i gave raise of 2 lacs to you and i also gave 2 lacs to your mother, now i will deduct that 2 lacs from your salary, if you ever able to impress me then you can get raise, Ravi says thats all you are taking from me? she says because of you i got to see police station, now my second wish is to see circus, you can act like monkey to fulfill that wish of mine, Ravi sys if you were not Rakesh’s daughter then i would have made you act like monkey, he is about to leave, she says wait, she says when your designs get completed, bring it to me, i will reject them, dont forget i am the boss here, Ravi leaves.

Scene 3
Ravi comes to his cabin and says such irritating girl cant be my boss. he thinks what should i do? how can i work under her, she must have got company from father, now she will destroy everything, she is taking revenge from me, before she stop my career, i have to find other job. Navidita says how can he show attitude to me, my father never talked to me so rudely, i feel like firing him right now. Ravi thinks that i can teach this girl lesson too, she bribed my mother, i have to take revenge from her, i will make her feel guilty. Navidita thinks no, till he is here, he is under me, i will get chance to break his ego, his life is in his career, so i have his life in my hands, if i fire him then how will i take revenge from him? i will do such with him that he will never be able to work anywhere else, he didnt say sorry to me instead was rude to me here too, i have to make him monkey, i will make him work on fingers, it will be fun, she says so much entertainment, i wil crush his ego.
Saket comes to Savitri’s house, DEvika comes after getting ready for party, Saket lustily looks at her.
Ravi is working in office, Navidita comes there and finds him working, she thinks that now i will see me and i wanna see his expression, Ravi doesnt notice her, Ravi thinks that i should ignore her, Navidita takes sheet from him and says this is 3rd class work, you are wasting time, who gave you job? i am sure the designs i approved of you, you must have asked someone else to make it, Ravi says you didnt see my design carefully, she ask are you doubting my observation or eyes? Ravi says i doubt both, Ravi says this is master design of your father, from which he got award of best architect, so i thought to copy it, maybe you think that your father’s design was so cheap that he should have not get award, he says i knew that you will reject my designs so i chose that design which made this company famous around the world, wasnt i right? Navi says i was taking your test only, i have to go to political party and you will go with me, we have to finalize deal there, as you are in core team so you have to come with me, Ravi says anything for work, Navi says you have 5 mins, come down, she leaves.

PRECAP- In party, Saket is drunk, he holds Devika, he says to Ravi what are you talking to my would be wife?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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