Kalash 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Janki is in hotel and mistakenly strikes with Ankush. He says sorry, it was my mistake. Janki says I am impressed, people are selfish these days, what is your name? He says I am Ankush Saxena, I am finding job. She says I want people like you to work for me, I am Janki Raichand, Ankush says you are tycoon? Janki says I want assistant for my daughter, Ankush thinks that she must be rich, I can trap her too. Ankush says I want to give interview, she says we need vacancy to be filled urgently so no need for interview, she gives him card and asks him to come.
Devika comes Nivi’s room and finds injections which Nivi gives to Sakshi, she says I will replace it with new injections which will make Sakshi normal, Nivi will keep it to her, thinking she is making her mental when instead Sakshi will be getting treated, she replaces injections. Devika brings out papers and replaces them with fake papers, she takes papers which says that Nivi will get property after Devika’s death, Devika thinks that Nivi wont doubt it, she wont get anything, even if something happens to me, she wont get anything now. I wanted Nivi to be busy in office so I could do these things here. She leaves from there but Manju sees her leaving Nivi’s room. Manju thinks to go inside and see what she did. Manju comes Nivi’s room, she looks around but doesn’t find anything, she leaves room but Shweta see her leaving, she thinks Manju must be making plan against Nivi, did she come to take papers from Nivi? I wont spare manju, she didn’t let me take jewelry.
Ravi’s family is drinking tea. Ravi says dip your finger in my tea Devika, it will be sweet then, Devika says very funny, my finger will be burned, Ravi says I will blow air on it, Devika says sit away from me, Ravi says I have married you, it wont be be good to stay away from you. Vikas and Shweta comes there too. Nivi comes there and greets everyone, she says I want to have tea too, she says I am in good mood, Ambika is responsible for my happiness, she has asked me handle business, Ambika you are most welcome. Nivi says I want organize party for Vikas and Shweta’s anniversary, Monty says nice idea, Ravi thinks that its good, Nivi still thinks so much about my family. Nivi says Ambika is owner so can we organize this party? Devika says why not, we should have big celebration, my mom has hired personal assistant, I will give duties to him, he will be coming soon. Ravi says party will happen only if Vikas makes Shweta eat sweets with his hands, Vikas lovingly makes her eat. Ravi says to Devika that I want you to make me eat like them too, DEvika says don’t dream so big, I don’t like sweets as well. Shweta is about to make Viaks eat sweets when Ankush enters there, spoon falls from her hands seeing him. Ankush smirks and greets everyone. Ankush says I am Ambika’s assistant, Janki asked me to come here so I am here. Ankush whispers to Shweta that I didn’t know you live here. Shweta starts leaving but stumbles, Vikas asks her to be careful.
Vikas brings Shweta to room and bandages her wound, he says what was the need to stumble? be careful, she nods, Ankush knocks on door, Shweta is tensed. Vikas says come inside, Ankush says juice for you ma’am, Shweta says its not needed, Vikas says you have to drink it, he says Ankush that I am Vikas, I am happy that you are arranging our anniversary party, Ankush says your couple is cute, Vikas says I will bring bandage, he leaves. Shweta asks Ankush to leave else I will not spare you, Ankush says I wont leave empty handed. Devika sees this and thinks that you tried to break my relation with Ravi, its time to take revenge, tomorrow your and Vikas’s relation will break.

Scene 2
Ravi says I didn’t expect this from your Shweta, Manju says you cheap woman cheated my husband. Vikas is in tears, Shweta is in his feet and says it was old things, I love you a lot, I wont this mistake again, forgive me. Vikas says what to say? its enough Shweta, I have no relation with you now, you didn’t feel shame? even after our marriage, you had intimate relation with other man, no man can forgive this mistake, would you forgive me if I did that mistake? I cant forgive you now, this is sin, leave from here before I do something dangerous. Shweta asks family to support her, nobody looks at her.. this all turns out to Shweta’s dream, she wakes up and sees Vikas sleeping beside her, she thinks that I cant think about separating from Vikas, I have to do something, I have to talk to Ankush and ask him to remain his mouth shut.
Ankush is sleeping, his phone rings, Ankush sees Shweta calling and takes call. He says are you missing me? Shweta says please leave my life, don’t do this with me, Ankush says I don’t have interest in breaking your marriage but I want you to complete deal, you have to arrange money before your wedding anniversary, I want 5lacs. Shweta says have you gone mad? how will I arrange that much money? Ankush says that is your problem, I want money till tomorrow or else I will break your wedding with Vikas, he ends call. Vikas wakes up and switches on lights, Shweta is shocked to see him awake.

PRECAP- Devika wakes up and sees Ravi sleeping on sofa, she lovingly gazes at him, she sees Ravi sleeping with baby boy soft toy she gifted him and is surprised.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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