Kalash 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
The wedding is going on. Ravi and Devika recalls their wedding. Teri galiyan plays in background. She says we have been married twice once as devika and then as Ambika. First time i didn’t know who was I getting married to. Next time you didn’t know. You thought is Nivi. He says first time I was so scared. I thought what would I say everyone because they thought its Saket. Devika says my eyes were looking for you everywhere. Ravi says in the second time my eyes were looking for you. We had incomplete weddings each time. She says we had been married weirdly each time. Devika says give me two minutes.
Devika goes to aunty and says I have a request. She tells her. Aunty says such a good idea. Go call your husband. Devika looks for Ravi.
He is near food. Devika says come with me. He says where? She says come.
Aunty announces. She says this guest couple has seen so many ups and downs together. They fell from the clifff but their love saved them. Their love is an example. They both will get married here.
Ravi says to devika was this your plan? She says yes it was. I know you wanted that too. You are happy about it but just pretending. You heard what she said. We have chosen each other forever. Ravi says I am very happy. Thank you aunty. You have done for us. AUnty says you are our guests.

Scene 2
Sakshi is looking out. Janki says sakshi why are you not sleeping? WHat are you thinking? Sakshi says look at the moon and stars. Everythig is so different. Yesterday was so dark. Today is brighter. Like its a better day. Janki says you are right. Its because we are not stressed anymore. This whole universe is related to our lives. They become our shadow. I pray that Ravi ad Devika always stay happy together.

DEvika ad Ravi come dressed as bride and groom. Their wedding starts. They make each other wear garlands. They sit together. Aunty ties their knot together. They take rounds around fire. They make promises to each other. Ravi makes her wear mangalsutra and fills her hairline.
They bring them to the room. A guy says this is your wedding night. You should enjoy it.
Ravi says don’t do so much for us. He says no you are our guests.

Ravi and Devika come to a room all decorated. He says this is not a bad idea. I like it. She says I don’t get it? Ravi says really? Ravi holds her had.

Precap-Ravi and Devika are in each others arms. Devika says all the wealth is nothing in front of this comfort. You are my world.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Aman Pratap Singh

    very nice today episode


    Soooooooo lovey dubby episode… ???????

  3. Very nice cant wait to C the romance

  4. Yeah after 1000 years, we are getting to see them married to each other nicely, it was a refreshing episode, but the precap, I have no words, they are that close, that’s very nice, I like it, also want to see them both romance, I hope that Devika does something about Monty, when they return, why are there so less comments, what happened

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