Kalash 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Manju gives her statement to inspector, Navidita eyes Raqvi and leaves from there. Ravi ask Manju what you did? Inspector says you wasted our time, i can lock you up, Devika says its not his fault, he was tensed, Devika ask Manju is it hurting you? your wound, Manju says i am loving my wound, this wound is lucky for me. Ravi makes DEvika stand far, he comes to Manju and ask why you did that? Manju sys i am old player, i took lot of money for this wound, Ravi says but she was in police station, Manju says when i was in hospital, her driver came to me, and gave me 2 lacs, flashback shows driver giving her money and ask her to give statement in Navidita’s favor, fb ends. Manju says i got 2 lacs for small wound, Ravi says you made me wrong, i was fighting for you here and you insulted me, Manju says i did this for you only, she could have involved you in court work, that girl is great, Ravi thinks how dare she bribe my mother, i will not leave her, Manju leaves.
Navidita is in car, she sees Ravi’s handkerchief, she says i hate people who enter my life without my permission, i dont like unwanted guests, she throws it away.
Ravi says to Devika i will drop you home, he says oh i forgot my bike is with Monty, Devika says we will walk to home, its near, they are walking, DEvika ask why you are angry? Ravi says i am angry on that girl, i hate people who show attitude unnecessarily, Devika looks at him and says anger doesnt suite you, if anyone sees you like this then he will never know how much good heart you have. DEvika sees kids playing on street, she goes and plays with them, Ravi smiles seeing her innocence, Aap jo pas aye song plays, kids says Ravi cant play, Ravi says i will play, he plays with them, he is about to fall but Devika holds him, they get closer, Sadqe tere plays, Devika looks in his eyes.

Scene 2
Saket mother says to Saket that i wanna tell you something, she says i saw Ravi and Devika together, she was sitting on his bike, i didnt like it, Saket says i told Ravi to take care of her, there is nothing between them, you doubt unnecessarily.
Ravi and Devika comes home, Devika says didnt realize that we reaches so fast, Ravi says if i get a chance to walk with you then i can walk day and night, Devika looks at him, he says have nice dreams, Devika says come home, all will be happy seeing you, Ravi says if you are happy then i will come, Devika ofcourse, she takes Ravi home.
SAvitri takes Devika in room and says why you got latr today? Devika says someone did Manjus accident so we got late, Savitri gets happy and says someone else did my work, tell me if her bones broke or not? Devika thinks that RAvi should not listen this.
Shekhar takes Ravi in room, Rekha is happy seeing Ravi, Ravi ask something happened? Rekha says this ring will take our lives, Rekha says to Ravi that Saket’s mother came today with lot of gifts, then she gave us bills of jewelry they gifted us then she asked the bill of the ring which we have given Saket in engagement, Ravi says what? Shekhar sys they want jeweler’s address, Shekhar says to Ravi that when he have not bought ring then how will we bring bill? Rekha says to Ravi that day you handled things but Saket asking fro bill implies that he still have doubt in his mind, he and his family are behind us, they will get peace when we will be insulted, Shekhar says i told Saket that bill is with Devika, what will we do now, Ravi says dont worry, i will handle them, this Saket doesnt understand anything, he is dumb, he doesnt understand relations, Rekha says i trust you completely, i know you will do anything to save our respect, she says Saket will come tomorrow, Ravi says you sleep peacefully, i will handle things, he leaves, Ravi is leaving when he finds Devika sleeping in her room, she is feeling cold as window is open, he says what to do? all are sleeping, he comes in her, closes window, covers her with quilt, he sit beside her and looks at her intensely, he says we are just friends, she is getting married to Saket, i like to be with her but i dont have right to be with her, Kabhi na Sukoon aya plays, he is about to leave but finds Sakshi there, she sternly looks at him, Ravi is about to leave, she says stop, she ask what are you doing here at night? Ravi says i came to close window, Devika was getting cold so i covered her with quilt, she is my good friend and cant see her in pain, you dont understand, he leaves, Sakshi says you dont understand this relation, its more than friendship, dont worry i will make you and Devika understand.

Scene 3
Shekhar is not getting sleep, Rekha ask what happened? Sakshi listens their conversation, Shekhar says to Rekha that son in law should help like son but ehere someone else is helping us like us, Rekha says you are talking about Ravi, Shekhar says he is doing work of son in law, Rekha says Ravi’s in laws will be lucky one, i wish Ravi was groom of DEvika, Shekhar says now i wish that too, Sakshi comes and says i also want Ravi to be my jeeju, Sakshi says to Rekha and Shekhar that no one is better than Ravi for Devika, just say yes then see what game i will play that Saket will be out and Ravi will come in DEvika’s life, Rekha ask her to not do anything like that, this is dream is hopeless, Shekhar says Devika is engaged to Saket, dont do anything which will put family in problem.
DEvika is sleeping, she feels quilt on her and ask how did this come on me, it must be Sakshi or Rekha, anyway lots of thanks and love to that person. otherside Ravi is not able to sleep, he thinks about Devika, he says this is wrong, she is just my friend, she is engaged, i cant think about her.

PRECAP- Devika is giving tea to Ravi, they share eyelock, Saket comes there and sees them, Ravi and Devika gets tensed seeing him there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. atiba your ridiculous. Your precap is wrong. Ravi and devika were having some juice in their hands. 0% sincerity towards your work.

  2. thats okay…juice or tea…she was potraying feelings otherwise nicely…such things happen…we shd not be rude to someone

  3. Owh sooo cute love u devika nd ravi

  4. Thanks for the update

  5. noooo even in 19th may update also she made a mistake. She is repeating it

  6. last few scenes r missing

  7. yeah ur santhiya tat happnd ysterday update also.leave it no use of saying

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