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Scene 1
Ravi says to Monty that i will sehra and sit as groom, Monty says then you will have to marry Devika, Ravi says i dont know anything, i just want to save Devika’s life, Monty says then do what you want, they both undress Saket, Ravi wears his sherwani, turban, he ask monty to hide Saket, Ravi is about to wear Sehra, he thinks that i should tell Devika what i am doing, she must think that i cheated her, i was not her friend, also i dont know what she feels for me, he thinks that i dont have time, let her think what she wants, i will tell her later that i was stuck in situation so i had to take this step, door knocks, Ravi ask Monty to open door, he hides his face under sehra, Monty opens door, Savitri comes in and ask where is Saket? she finds Ravi standing in sehra, she ask Saket why is it getting late? if something happened then i am sorry for it, Monty says Saket is fine, he is about to come, Savitri says to Ravi that Saket if you are miffed with Sanjay then i am sorry, Monty says nothing like it, Savitri says why you are answering for him? Monty says he cant speak so i am answering for him, Rekha ask why he cant talk? Monty says Saket called guru ji, Guru asked him to recite some holy lines, he was reciting it thats why got late, Guru asked him to not speak till marriage so he will not speak to have blissful life ahead, Savitri is impressed and says i never thought you are so religious, Ravi leaves with Savitri and Rekha to mandap.
Sakshi is finding Ravi, she thinks that i have to find Ravi, he has to stop this marriage but where is Ravi, she finds Savitri with groom, she thinks that Saket is coming with her, Savitri says to Ravi thinking he is Saket, she says i am happy that Ravi didnt come in marriage, he always create problems, Sakshi listens this, they leave from there, Monty comes there and strikes with Sakshi, Sakshi ask where is Ravi? Monty says he went with Savitri from here, Sakshi is confused, she says Savitri went with Saket, Monty says yeah, i got confused, why you are asking about Ravi? Sakshi leaves from there.

Scene 2
DEvika’s father says to Gayetri that Saket could have told us before leaving, all guests are gossiping about wedding, he left jay mala in middle, Gayetri ask them to have patience, father says what about guests, Savitri comes there with groom, Gayetri says my son has come, now you are happy? father says dont mind but i am girl’s father so i have to answer everyone, Savitri ask them to come for jay mala.
Ravi comes to stage and stand beside DEvika, Shweta gives jay mala to DEvika and Ravi, DEvika thinks that Ravi didnt come till now, he is not attending his friend’s marriage, why he is doing it, Ravi thinks i am sorry Devika, i have to do this, Sakshi thinks dont know where is Ravi, jay mala has started, Ravi is about to jay mala in her neck but Gayetri ask him to stop, Ravi gets tensed and thinks if she recognized me? Savitri ask what happened Gayetri? Gayetri says in jay mala first girl makes boy wear it, Saket was doing it first, i want everything as per ritual, Savitri says you are right, she ask DEvika to make him wear first, DEvika reluctantly puts garland around his neck, then Ravi tries to put in her neck but Pallavi keep pushing devika back, Ravi finally puts garland on her neck, Sadqe tere plays, sakshi thinks this means now this marriage will happen at any cost, nothing can happen now, DEvika is still looking for Ravi.
Sanjay ask all to have dance, they all start dancing, Sanjay ask Sakshi to dance but she leaves angrily.
Gayetri takes Ravi to corner and ask what happened? why did you take so much time? Did ananya created some problem? Ravi thinks that this means all family members know about Ananya and they are hiding it, its shameful that they are saving his hideous crime, Gayetri ask Saket to speak, Monty comes there and says Saket have pain in belly, he was going to washroom again and again then he called Guru ji, Guru ji asked him to recite some holy lines, he did and pain is fine now, guru asked him to not speak for 1 hour, Gayetri ask Saket are you fine now? Monty says dont talk to him, if he speak then he will have pain again, Gayetri says ok we will not talk to him.

Scene 3
Ravi comes and sit in mandap, Savitri ask priest to start pooja, priest says i asked some things for pooja, Savitri ask shweta about it, shweta says its in Saket’s bag, its in his room, Savitri says i will bring it, Savitri comes to Sakshi and ask her to bring bag from Saket’s room, she leaves, Ravi and Monty gets tensed, Ravi thinks what if she sees Saket, Monty is going behind Sakshi, Sanjay stops him and says you were making fun of me that i am elephant, now have fight with me, Monty says i have some work, let me go, Sanjay ask are you afraid? Monty says ok i will fight with you then i will tell Savitri that you didnt allow me to do her work, Snajay says no go and do her work, Monty leaves.
Sakshi comes in Saket’s room and says why i am angry, when Devika is ready to marriage with that devil then what can i do, he will make her life hell then she will understand my points, and that Ravi, he say bug but couldnt do anything, he couldnt even confess his feelings to her and now when he is needed then he is not here, she says i have to find bag otherwise marriage will not happen, she says its good idea, i will hide bag and then marriage wil not happen, she tries to find bag, Monty comes and stops her, he says there is ghost in this room, you leave, Sakshi says dont talk rubbish, she turns and finds someone behind cupboard, Saket is unconscious, Monty has hidden him behind cupboard, she looks behind cupboard and is shocked to see Saket lying, Monty is tensed,

PRECAP- Priest ask Devika to put hand in groom’s hand, Devika is tensed, Sakshi comes smiling and puts her hand in his hand, DEvika is confused with her behavior.

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