Kalash 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Ravi says to Devika you have to take care of yourself. She says I will. She says if I doubt you again what would you do? the man comes and says this is my wife Sushpa. Deviika says thank you for doing all this for us. Sushpa says you are our guests and like kids to us. Come have lunch. My husband told me you fell from cliff and your husband saved you. I am glad you two came here.
There is a celebration in our village for a wedding. Will you two come? Devika says you are really nice. We will come. Ravi says for sure.

Rekha says please ma dont’ make my laddo and Ravi suffer. Inspector shows them the purse. Its devika’s. Everyone is in a shock. Sakshi says in heart this is devika’s. Rekha says to sakshi is this hers? Tell me Janki. They all start crying and sobbing. Janki falls down. Rekha says tell me this is a lie. Devika can’t go anywhere. Ravi is with her. He will save her. Devika calls Janki. She is surprised she says ambika you are fine? Where are you? Devikas says why are you so worried? Janki says we came here looking for you. We were looking for your in amba ji. Devika says we fell from the cliff but we are fine. Ravi saved my life. Because of him I am alive. We were so wrong about him. We will come back home. Don’t worry you go home. Rekha takes the phone. She says are you fine? how is ravi? We were so worried. Devika says we are fine. Everything is good between me and Ravi. You were right about Ravi. We will never be separated. Go home. I will meet you there. Give phone to sakshi. Saskhi says how are you? Devika says don’t worry. I am fine. Everything is fine now nothing could go this right. You were right about Ravi. He can never harm me. I was wrong about him. We are in a village. I want to stay here with Ravi. Take ma and chachi home. Sakshi says we were so scared. Enjoy there and then come back. Don’t worry about here I will take care of everything.

Ravi says the wedding would be fun. Where has aunty taken Devika? Devika comes dressed in the Gujrati attire. Ravi says you look so pretty. She says I look fat. He says no no you look for pretty. He gives her a flower. Devika says you look good too in kurta pajama. When we go back done all your shirts and pants and wear these. He says I want to live here forever. It is so peacful. I would go to work and you would cook home and I would take on my bike. Devika says you know we can’t stay away from our people but this village is so nice. But our families are waiting. We will come here to amba ji and come here to meet aunty uncle. They are doing so much for us. He says my back hurts. She says are you saying I am fat. He hugs her. He sari slips a little. She says let me ask aunty to fix it. He says your husband is here you don’t need aunty. I can do it for you. He fixes it for her. They hug each other.

The wedding starts. Sushpa introduces them to everyone. She says their couple is so good. God saved them. Take their blessings and be like them. They told us that we always have to stand by each other.
Janki says to Rekha this hotel has just this one room. Can you adjust? rekha says its just one night and we will stay here together. Sakshsi says yes then we have to go home. Rekha says shouldn’t we go and meet Devika and Ravi. They said they are fine but we should go to them. Maybe they are injured and hiding it from us. Janki says I understand your feelings. They should spend some time alone. Away from all the tensions. Their misunderstandings are over. Let them heal all bruises of their relationship. Sakshi says aunty is right. They should spend time with each other. You dont’ worry.

Precap-Devika says this time we know whom are we getting married to. We have chosen each other. And there is betrayal. Just you me and our pure relationship.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Serial ending on 17/3. Read in spoiler on fb – Telly news and TRP of Indian serials.


    Lovly dubby episode… I think it will be ending soon.. ????
    But want to see happy ending

  3. 4th time marriage ha ha ha

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