Kalash 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
RAvi says to Devika that now you will say that i have made them stuck in lift, he ask why did you press the button, Devika says i didnt know lit will stop, she ask Ravi to do something, she is feeling suffocated, he says stop speaking, i will try to open door, Ravi tries to push the door, he opens his lighter so Devika imagines some fire from her past, she starts shouting to put this fire away, Ravi ask what happendd, DEvika keep shouting, Ravi puts hand on her mouth and looks at her..
, Ravi ask Devika are you fine? Devika says this start happening with me in daytime too, Ravi ask what are you saying? Devika says i just wanna go out from here, i am not feeling well, Ravi says i will try, he pushes door, finally the door is opened, Raiv’s hands get hurt, he comes out of lift, Devika is about to fall while coming out but Ravi holds her, they look at each oher, he pushes her out of lift, they come loser, Sadqe tere plays, Ravi gives her purse, Devika leaves, Ravi says she is weird, Didnt say thanks even, he leaves too.
Saket and mother comes to Savitri’s house, Saket brings gifts, Rekha brings snacks, Saket says my car’s tyre got punctured so got late, Savitri ask Rekha to bring gifts too which i bought for them, she gives gifts to Saket, Saket says we dont need it, Savitri says i know these are not much expansive as your gifts but i will like if you take it, Saket gives it to his mother, Saket says i have bought some jewelry for Roka, Savitri is happy and likes all sets, Saket ask which will look good on DEvika? she says all are good, Saket says i like this one, Savitri says your choice is very nice, she shows him one set and says this is not latest design, maybe Devika will not like it, Saket says this is not for Devika but for you, Savitri is going crazy, she goes to to put jewelry in safe, mother says to Saket that she is greedy, saket says i am buying them to hide my bad side, i have concern with Devika only.

Scene 2
Amit comes to Ravi and says its good you have started working on designs, he likes his designs and says Navidita didnt do wrong by choosing you in core time but Devika is very good too, Ravi says i like competition, it pushes me to work hard, Amit says Navidita is very strict, Ravi ask who is she? Amit says she is my sister and handles this office, she doesnt like people easily but is impressed with you but you have to work hard else she can take back what she has given you, he leaves Ravi thinks that Amit also thinks Devika can give compeition to me.
Dada says to Savitri that Saket’s mother didnt like how you were going crazy seeing gifts, this is not good, you cant have greed like this, Savitri says when Saket likes Devika then his mother cant even change his decision, Dada says Saket knows your weakness and is giving you gifts to make you on his side, Savitri says yesterday Devika was near tat wall, she was going to touch it, i cant take risk to let Devika know this secret, i have to marry her soon, dada is worried too.
Devika is trying to open katchup’s packet, Ravi ask should i help you as you cant do anything, Devika says did i ask for your help? he takes it from dEvika and says i will open it, Devika says to others that save your faces his over confidence is dangerous, Ravi gets idea, open packet and pushes it on Devika’s face, Devika’s face is smeared, Devika is shocked, Ravi says sorry, Devika goes to washroom.
she comes in washroom and says i know he did it deliberately, she open null to wash her face but null gets broken, she ask for help as she is getting drenched in water, Ravi comes there and laughs, she sys i am washing my face, leaving my lunch because of you and you are laughing on me, Ravi comes to help her, he tries to close the null but gets drenched in water too, Devika hides her face behind Ravi’s shoulder to be saved from water, Ravi looks at her, they share eyelock, Ravi tries to close the null but cant, Devika starts laughing, Ravi also starts laughing, he sees Devika laughing and is mesmerized with her beauty, Devika realizes it, becomes conscious and leaves.

Scene 3
Saket thinks to go to Devika’s office and if she is free then will take her on lunch, he gets call from his goon who says that we are having tiff with other party’s goons, come soon, saket thinks i made a good plan and this happened, he leaves for office.
Ravi is busy in making designs, Sherry comes there, he says i was focusing and you spoiled me design, he says i am tired, she says i know and when your mood is not fresh then how can you make good design, she ask him to take break, i will give you head massage, he says i am fine, she says no problem, i will give you massage, she starts massaging his head and shoulder and looks at him with lust. Devika is in office, working, Saket calls her and ask where are you? she says i have some work so i am in office only, Saket says its very late, i am away from office too, how can you come alone to home at this time, he ask where is Ravi, she thinks now he will send Ravi with me again, Saket ask Devika to find Ravi in office and ask him to talk to him, she nods.
Sherry ask Ravi abotu his girlfriend, Ravi says girls doesnt understand that i need time for my work, Sherry says then why dodn you make a girlfriend who helps you in work and can give you company in freetime, Ravi says not bad idea, he says i will take nap, you leave. Devika is coming to Ravi’s office, Ravi is sleeping on couch, its dark, sherry is about to leave, she comes to Ravi and sit beside him, Ravi wakes up adn ask is there some problem, she says dont take me wrong but.. we both are alone, Rithvik doesnt have time for me, so we can spend time together, she comes closer to him to kiss him just then Devika enters and is shocked, she thinks how can i enter in his office, she turns away.

PRECAP- Ravi says to sherry which love you are talking about, i dont need love of a person like you who can ditch her fiance, i have my family to love me, i dont need anyone else, Sherry says which family you are talking about? you are step son of that family, Ravi is hurt.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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