Kalash 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Monty is in office. He says I don’t know whats happening there. He sees his phone ringing sakshi is calling him. He says so sakshi knows that I lied to her. She will fight me but I don’t care. I am not sitting here for her. But I need to confirm whats happening there. Is Nivi successful in her plan? I will talk to sakshi later.
sakshi says he isn’t even picking my call. I believed her and this is what he did with me. All the promises were lies.
Ravi is on his way. He says I am so busy in work I have not been giving Ambika time. I should ask her if she has not had dinner I should ask her to go on a dinner.
Sakshi calls Ravi and says Ambika’s life is in danger please come here to temple. He says what happened? Sakshi says Nivi called me here at the temple because she wanted to murder me. Now ambika went in pretending to be me. Ravi says how can nivi do this. Sakshi tells him everything. She says please come here before she harms Ambika. ravi says I am coming don’t worry.

Nivi says I will kill you all so there is no one between me and ravi and I will start off with you. She takes out her dagger. Nivi says no one can save you from me today. Your chapter is over. Ambika says stop it. Nivi is shocked. Ambika takes off the cloth from her face. Nivi says Ambika you here I called sakshi here. AMbika says I know you called her here to kill her like you killed. You should be scared of yourself. Devika’s ghost will kill you like you killed her. You thought Devika’s ghost should be killed with sakshi. Sakshi was so happy when Monty called her but you can’t see anything. You are so selfish. First you killed devika and now you wanted to kill sakshi too. how many people will you kill? Even if you kill the whole world you won’t get ravi. Nivi says I can do anything for Ravi. I will kill you if sakshi isn’t here. You are the biggest problem of my life. You took everything from me. You are living with him knowing I live in the same house. I will kill you today. Ambika says are you mad? You can’t see the truth. No plans work in this world only God’s. What will you do with that. You get served with what you deserve. If your murder on or ten you won’t get anything. You will exposed. Nivi says shut up no one can do anything. I am not scared of anyone. I do everything with my confidence. I killed devika and no one could save her. And now I will kill you and no one can save you. ravi will be upset but I will bring him to life again. I will live with him. Ambika says enough. You can’t kill me here. God will save me from you. Nivi says lets see if she saves you. Did God save Devika? she was gone like you will be. Nivi is trying to stab Ambika. Police comes and says drop your weapons right there. Nivi says oh so it was all ambika’s plan.
Nivi says you are my not Ambika you are devika. She wanted to kill me. It was her ghost. Nivi says where is sakshi? I need to find her. Janki says shut up your game is over. Nivi says I am not looking for sakshi I am looking for devika but devika is dead. She starts crying. Nivi says I am so sorry. She hugs sakshi. She is pretending to be mentally unstable. Ravi slaps her and says shut up. I want to kill you right now. Stop this drama. You killed my wife. I can’t believe this. He says inspector please arrest her. Ravi hugs Ambika. He says in heart nivi killed Devika and I couldn’t save her. I am sorry Devika. She planned all this. He recalls when devika died. Ravi says why did you risk your life. Ambika says i couldn’t risk sakshi’s life. I wore safety jackets but it got hurt a little. Ambika faints. Ravi says call the doctor. We will take her home. He takes Ambika home.

Ambika says leave me you don’t know who I am. She is in police station. They lock her up. Nivi says you know who I am. You should have called more people here. Manju is there. Nivi says this is my award ceremony. She says good evening everyone. I killed a ghost. Thank you. She sees manju and is dazed.

Precap-Janki says to Ravi you are responsible for all this. Ravi says what did I do? Janki says I know were part of nivi’s plan. Ravi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice twist…. finally ravi se pucha tho ki kyun kiya…. i hope ambika will tell tht sshe is devika….

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