Kalash 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Devika says to Sakshi that if Devika’s soul comes in you then Nivi wont doubt you and you can take revenge too, Sakshi says you are right, she has tortured me a lot, her bad time has started.
Manju is in jail and says to lawyer that bring me out of jail, i want that, lawyer says i am trying, i will come day after tomorrow, he leaves. Ravi comes to lawyer, lawyer says i have told your mother that i am trying, Ravi says that you have done a lot. Lawyer says you are doing so much for her but why dont meet her? Ravi says she is has done a lot of bad things to me, i cant forgive, she has forgotten that she is my mother but i havent forgotten that she is my mother, i might have done mistakes in childhood too, she has done wrong, i cant forgive her, she didnt respect my love so i cant meet her, when will she be free? lawyer says we will free her soon, he leaves. Ravi thinks that Manju will be freed from jail but what will i say to Ambika? i will have to take Manju back to home but what she did with Janki and Devika cant be forgiven, what will i do?
Malini is calling Saket’s soul. Nivi thinks that soul might be coming here as winds are blowing. Malini says i want to talk to you soul, come infront of me. Devika hides behind wall and is looking at them. Malini says say soul what you want to. Devika says you called me so i had to come. Nivi says this is not Saket’s voice. Malini says soul who are you? thank you for coming here, what problem and pain you have? tell me. Devika says i am soul which wants justice, you said you will give me justice, i was died and my murderer is in this house and i will leave after taking revenge, Malini says tell me who killed you? i have called you here so i will help you, who did injustice with you? tell me truth, who killed you? tell me name of that person, i will for sure help you, Nivi looks on. Devika says i am Devika and i have come to kill Nivi, you have given me chance and i will not leave before killing her, Nivi are you tensed? why you are shivering? you didnt shiver before pushing me down hill, you did mistake by killing me and you did mistake again by calling my soul here, i will not leave before i kill you, Malini angrily looks at Nivi. Nivi says i didnt kill you Devika because you are alive, you are living as Ambika in this house, stop lying. Devika says you will find truth soon, you will die for sure, you snatched my house, my family and my husband, i wont leave without killing you, Nivi shouts to shut up, Nivi says to Malini that i dont want this soul in this house, send her away, Devika says i will enter someone’s soul in this house and that will help me to kill you, you will die, Malini tries to do something to send soul away. Sakshi enters room and glares at Sakshi, Sakshi says in high pitch voice that you killed me Nivi but i will kill you and your soul will roam in this house, i will go after killing you only, Devika is stunned seeing Sakshi in room. Sakshi says to Nivi that i will kill you. Nivi says do something. Malini throws some water on Sakshi, Sakshi faints and falls on floor, Nivi and Malini leaves from there. Devika comes to Sakshi. Sakshi gets up and leaves from there with Devika.

Scene 2
Nivi comes to her room and is scared, Malini comes there, Nivi is praying to Ambe Maa. Malini says you should have told me everything before, Nivi says you should have left till now, you said you are professional? and got degree from foreign? it doesnt work, you brought problems for me, Malini says you didnt tell me that you are killer, i wouldnt have helped you at all, you didnt tell me what mistakes you had done in past, Nivi says i called you to call Saket’s soul where is he? Malini says i had to call someone whose killer is in this house and it applies to your case, Nivi says you had to call Saket’s soul only. Malini says i told you that other souls could come too, Nivi says why didnt Saket’s soul come? Malini says i thought you want to help some soul but i didnt know you are killer yourself, Nivi says get out and i wont give you penny, Malini says dont mess me with else i will tell everyone whom you killed.
Janki says to DEvika and Sakshi you both did best, Sakshi says Nivi was so scared, Devika says she deserves it, she will regret doing all this. Janki says we will make her go crazy, Devika says to Sakshi that this is your chance to take revenge for all pains she gave to you, Sakshi says we will not spare her this time, we will torture her, Devika says i dont want easy death like Saket for her, she has to bear pain which she gave to others.
Ravi comes to his room and sees Nivi worried, he asks you in my room? she says i was thinking something, Ravi says i am sure Saket’s soul might have come and told you everything right? this is all rubbish, nobody trusts all this, these women are just earning money making fools of everyone, Nivi says i was there and i have seen it with my eyes, Malini is not fraud, she called soul, Ravi says she called Saket’s soul? Nivi says she called Devika’s soul, i swear i heard her voice, she came to take revenge from me, she wants to kill me, she said she would destroy me, she came in Sakshi’s body, Ravi says shut up, what are you saying? you believe all this in this age? you saw Devika’s ghost earlier too, move away from these things, Nivi says i was mistaken earlier but not this time, i saw her, i am not joking, look at my situation, i am scared, Ravi says what has happened to you? i cant believe this, i dont believe these blind faiths, he leaves, Nivi screams Ravi dont leave me.
Sakshi says to Devika that i have seen many horror movies so i will scare Nivi off, Devika says all the best. Ravi comes there and says why all the best for Sakshi? Janki says Sakshi was saying that she wants to study further now she is fine now so we were wishing her luck, Sakshi says i was thinking if Monty would like it, Ravi says i will talk to Monty, Devika says husband and wife should talk about it, Sakshi will talk to her, you come with me, i want to show you something, she takes him from there. Janki and Sakshi comes out of Nivi’s room, Janki says her room’s lights are on means she is awake, we shouldnt be overconfident, Ravi could have heard us, we have to be careful specially when Ravi is around.

PRECAP- Janki says to Devika and Sakshi that Nivi is scared but she will be fine till morning so we have to do something at night only, we have to scare her once more. nivi is lying on her bed, she sees Sakshi standing in her doorway and glaring at her like ghost.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. That malini looks do much like janki

  2. Omg amazing acting

  3. Omg. The episode was so nice. I enjoyed everything. And this is perfect chance ,Sakshi can also get revenge. Nivi actually prayed to Ambe maa and in past what she said. I don’t believe in all this nonsense and God. Devika and Sakshi made mincemeat out of Nivi. It’s confirmed that soon Nivi will lose her mental stability after today’s and upcoming episode ghost drama

  4. Can anyone tell me what time this serial runs?

    I usually catch the repeat the next day at 18.30, but now only Ghulaam is running in that slot 🙁

    Love this serial, very sad that I miss it.

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