Kalash 18th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Sakshi hugs Rekha and says i will not work in kitchen and Savitri have allowed me to not do it, Sakshi says to Devika that you should learn tricks from me too, Rekha ask her to not come in her talks, girls leave. Ravi and Vikas comes there, Rekha greets them, Rekha says i was thinking about you Ravi, Shekhar says to Ravi that we will have tea, Ravi says i will make it, now i am part of family, i know you like black tea, he leaves, Rekha says to shekhar that see Ravi knows this but not Saket.
Ravi comes in kitchen, all girls are there, Sakshi sys someone is looking hot, Ravi says it was hot day so looking hot, he says i have come to make tea, Devika is putting stuff on shelf, RAvi says nice exercise, Sakshi says take her to your home, she will clean your kitchen, Devika ask her to shut up, a bucket falls from Devika’s hand and flour falls on Ravi, he is all white, Devika smiles, RAvi coughs, Deviak ask are you fine, she starts wiping flour from him, Pallavi says now Savitri will not leave us, she should not see Ravi, Sakshi says we should take him in Devika’s room, its close to kitchen, Devika has her hand on Ravi’s shoulder, she ask Pallavi to clean flour, she taking Ravi in her room when Savitr comes there, girls hide Ravi, Savitri leaves, Devika takes him in her room, Devika says it all happened because of Sakshi, Sakshi says you were looking at him so lost balance, Savitr comes there so Ravi hides behnf door, Sakshi makes some excuse, Savitri leaves, Ravi sys you girls will kill me.

Scene 2
Saket’s mother says to Saket that i feel something is fishy with this ring, why any jeweler will cheat for such small ring, Saket says Manju is putting fire in things, mother says you should investigate, Saket says i will first find out the jeweler, i have no concern with gold and all, i want Devika only but i was insulted by making me say sorry, till i dont make them and Ravi say sorry to me i will not sit quietly, he ask mother to go to their house and ask for bill of ring then we wil find jeweler, she says i will go, she leaves, Saket says i will make them beg to me.
Ravi goes in Devika’s washroom and takes shower, he looks for towel, he opens door and ask for towel, Devika gives it to him, Devika says from outside, i am sorry, my feet slipped, it all happened because of Sakshi, Ravi recalls how DEvika got concerned for him, he says no need to say sorry, you helped me too, she ask what? he thinks how to tell her that i like to take her help in things, Ravi says i won competition becauwse of you, he says my clothes are wet, can you give me some clothes, Devika says i will bring it and will press your clothes, Ravi thinks she was so concerned, she was looking cute in tension, Devika brings clothes for Ravi, Ravi opens door of washroom, he is shirtless and in towel only, Devika looks away, is about to leave but slips and falls in Ravi’s arms, they are close, share eyelock, Devika becomes conscious and leaves, Sakshi comes to devika and ask did Ravi got ready or not? DEvika says i dont know, Sakshi says why you are blushing, did you see him in towel? does he have 6 packs? DEvika says girls dont talk like this, Sakshi says if was in your place then i wouldnt have left chance to see him in towel.

Scene 3
DEvika and Sakshi comes in lounge, Rekha ask where is Ravi? she ask why you both are tensed, did something happened? Savitri ask them to speak up, Devika says Ravi came in kitchen, i slipped and flour fell on him, Savitri says i will not leave you both, they all are stunned to see Ravi comes in Sanjay’s clothes who is alot more fat than Ravi, all starts laughing, Ravi likes Devika’s smile, Rekha ask them to stop laughing, Savitri is laughing too, Devika leaves, Pallvai gives Ravi’s ironed clothes to him, he comes in Devika’s room and says to her that if you keep smiling like this all life then i promise i will keep becoming joker like this for you because you look so nice while smiling, he leaves, DEvika is surprised, Sakshi comes there and ask what did he say that you are blwshing so much, DEvika ask her to shut up.
Saket’s mother and Shweta comes to Savitri’s house with gifts, Shweta says to her that why are you taking to their house again? mother says its important work, see what i will do, they see Ravi and Devika going on bike together, she says there is something fishy between them, i will talk to Saket about this, she is free with boys after engagement too. on bike, Ravi says to Devika that new boss Navidita is coming to office, i am excited to see her, Devika says i know you are excited to impress her, she will give you promotion, they come to office, Ravi ask if i am charming enough that she will give me promotion? you are a girl too, does my charm work on you? Devika blushes and recalls how they became friends, how Ravi said that i am always there for you, then how she got engaged to Saket, Kabhi na sukoon aya plays, Devika says it used to not work before but now its working, Ravi says i forgot i had to pick Manju from market, he says i will call her and tell her i came to office, he calls her and says i forgot to pick you, Manju says i will not get auto here, one car strikes her, Manju falls, girl comes out of car, Ravi is worried otherside, he says i am not getting her voice, if she had accident? DEvika says we should go to her, Ravi ask her to go to office, i will go and inform you.
Manju says to girl that i will not leave you, if you are rich so you will do anything?

PRECAP- Saket’s motehr ask for bill of ring which Savitri gave to Saket as engagement ring, SAvitri and Rekha gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Mind blowing episode. thanks atiba for fast update.
    I want devika to marry ravi. fingers crossed !

  2. yes rani even im fingr crossd

  3. nicee serial i want to know wgen devika falls love in ravi i am ambitious …to see..Devika marry ravi not saket..

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