Kalash 18th March 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Ravi wakes up, Devika is relieved, they hug each other, Humdard plays, Raiv winces in pain, Devika asks what happened? Ravi says my hand is not moving, Devika says you must have fell from this side from cliff thats why your hand is frozen, you have to walk, Ravi says i dont think i can walk, Devika says i am with you, you have to walk for me, for our love, she tries to walk with Ravi, Ravi falls down on ground, he faints, Devika cries and asks him to wake up, she looks around and finds cart, she makes Ravi lying on cart and starts moving cart by pulling it, she sees a hut and starts moving towards it. Devika brings Ravi near hut, she knocks door of hut and asks if anyone is present inside? she breaks door and doesnt find anyone, she lifts Ravi and brings him in hut, she puts him on bed and tries to wake him up, she wipes his wounds, Devika says nothing will happen to you, i wont let anything happen to you, we cant lose like this, our love cant lose like this, once you get fine then i will tell you about my feelings for you, i will tell you what you mean to me, you are my life, my hopes are attached with me, i cant live without, she hugs him, she moves back to see her Mangalsutra stuck in his shirt’s button.
Monty and Sakshi are leaving, Rekha asks where are you going? Monty says we have to go to jungle to find Ravi and Devika, Rekha says i will come too, Manju says i will come too, i cant wait not, Sakshi says we are going there to also bring Navi’s truth out, Monty says she is behind this kidnapping, Sakshi says i called her, she said she was in office but birds were chirping behind her, she was in jungle, Manju says you are blaming her, she must be in office, Sakshi says then come with us, if you see her in jungle then you will believe that she is behind kidnapping? Manju says yes, Sakshi says then you have to come with us, Shweta thinks that if Navi is there then Saket must be in jungle too, i have to inform him, she deliberately hits her knee with table and screams, she says to Manju that i cant walk now, Manju says okay Vikas will stay here with you, Shweta says no he is needed there more, you all go, i will be fine, all leave, Shweta says i have to call Saket and tell him that all are going to jungle.
Devika asks Ravi to open his eyes, Ravi opens his eyes and says i am going to die, i am dying, Devika says what are you saying, nothing will happen to you, we wont lose hope, Ravi says i am dying, i am afraid of dying, i am afraid of going away from you.
shweta says i have to call Saket else he will be in trouble. Saket and Navi are in jungle, Saket gets Shweta’s call, Navi says dont take their call, they must be wanting to know any clue about you, dont take any call, she disconnects her call. Shweta says he disconnected my call? i should call Navi and tell her to inform Saket that all are coming there, she calls Navi but Saket says dont pick her call, he disconnects her call, Shweta says they are not picking my call, i have to inform them else they will be in trouble. deepak comes to Saket and asks him to come. Deepak brings Saket to tree in jungle and shows him blood on it, Saket says they must be near, lets go, they all go in that way.
Devika says to Ravi that dont say anything like this, nothing will happen to you, Ravi says i might be seeing you last time, i have got lots of love from you, tell my family that i love them alot, i care about them alot, Devika says you will tell them yourself, nothing will happen to you, Ravi says your Chachi Rekha have given me alot of love, ask her to forgive me, i couldnt fulfill her promise, i couldnt keep you happy, Devika says you have given me so much happiness that i cant even define it, you are saying rubbish, you cant leave me, if you try to leave me then i will come with you too, trust me nothing will happen to you, Ravi says i married you to protect you from Saket, i fell in love with you, you believe me? Devika says i believe you, Ravi winces in pain, he says i want to see you till my last breath, i want to die seeing your face, Ravi breaths highly, Ravi loses breaths and dies, Devika is shocked, she shouts Ravi’s name, she says no you cant leave me, she asks him to open eyes, she sees him breathing and says he is still alive, he must have fainted due to excessive blood loss, i have to tie clothes on his wounds, she brings clean cloth and takes off Ravi’s shirt, she wipes his wounds on his chest, she ties cloth on his wound, she breakdowns in tears and says God make Ravi fine, i havent asked anything from you but make Ravi fine, you made me marry Ravi, i asked you if Ravi is right one for me? then you made me marry him, you have made this relation then why are you doing this now? you cant take Ravi away from me? you can take everything from me, you can take my property too but make Ravi fine, give pain to me not to Ravi, she cries and hugs Ravi.

PRECAP- all family members come in jungle, they find Navi there, Manju slaps Navi and says i thought so good about you but you are evil, Sakshi was right, you are here in jungle means you are behind this kidnapping, Navi looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. koi meri jaan le kiyu nei leti yaar??
    yea kidnapping case hai yea kuch aur

    1. My grandmother’s name was Ena. Where does the name come from and what does it mean?

  2. I’m extremely happy with my family whenever I watch this drama I mean life ok about Ravi and devika in fact when Ravi was died I felt so sad
    and one thing that devika is a talents girls as far as I know she is the only one to take care about Ravi more than his family …..but I hope Ravi will be good ….. but I still suffering to watch next story
    what happens to Ravi is he died forever or will be good….I just can’t wait for Monday …its really hurting me to watching ….
    so my last question is how can I know that theirs ahead of stories …please tell me ….
    and thank you so much

    1. i feel the same… i think we cannot know what will happen in the next weeks but if they didn’t announced the serial’s end, it means they won’t end this now so Ravi cannot die (i hope so!!) so we have to believe that he’ll be ok 😉

  3. This kidnapping drama nd devika taking Ravi to the hut on the cart and the falling from the cliff is exactly copied from kumkumbhagya .where Pragya gets kidnapped and Abhi comes to her rescue

    COPY CATS???

    1. Seriously even i was thinking that i have seen this same sort of nautanki somewhere…thanx for reminding.

  4. Hope this track ends soon. Will Ravi and devika be found by family Monday and will navi be exposed or will she lie herself out of it?

  5. i really hope nobody will die (except for Saket or Navi sorry) … there are amazing feelings spread by this serial, it has to continue but they have to end this kidnapping track 🙁

  6. This serial is a chore to watch!

  7. yaar ye storie khatam ni hoga…roj ek jaisa dialogue I cant live.u r everything flash back navvi and saket said same thng bt storie is not moving…totally boring except d acting chem. between ravi and devika…good actors but writter of d story have no mind same thing again again….new story comes and finally bad man win good 1 suffer…nothing new or extra to wait for…i thnk life ok should take step for der trp like othr channel…kalash is a good story wth romance,feeling,family,action and drama bt d writter dnt hv brain hw to use it perfectly…and navi is totally irritating bt sanket is good as always…i just stop watching dis program…cz othrs channel hv good program to watch for at 8.30…

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