Kalash 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ravi comes to his room and brings out Devika’s saree which she wore on their date, Ravi says she wore it on our official date, this color suite her well, i proposed her that day, thats why this saree is special, he hugs it. Nivi comes there, Ravi puts saree down, Nivi says come with me, i have to show you something, he says where? Nivi says dont question it, you will trust me, she drags Ravi from there.
Nivi brings Ravi to Malini, Ravi sees all candles in room and asks what is all this? Nivi says this is Malini, i want Ravi to see all this, Ravi says what is happening here? Nivi says Malini is professional medium to contact dead souls, i want her to bring Saket’s soul so we can know truth about his death, Ravi says what nonsense is this? Malini says i have been successful in this work, i am sure that Saket was murdered not died, Ravi brings Nivi to corner and says you trust all these things now? Nivi says i feel like Ambika is behind Saket’s murder, i am sure of it, Ravi says dont take my wife’s name again, i wont bear it, Nivi says i know what i am doing, i think you should know truth, your blind faith will go away after knowing truth.
Sakshi comes to Devika and says i have to tell you something, there is something wrong in house, i met weird woman, she has weird magic type stuff in her bag, i dont know why Nivi called her, Devika says we have to find out what she is doing with that magician, Sakshi says Nivi wont let us enter her room, Devika says this is my house, i can go anywhere in this house, we will think about it later, we have to find out what Nivi is thinking, i wont let her hurt me and take Ravi from me, this is no time to think, they leave from there.
Ravi says to Nivi that i warned you earlier, i know about my wife. Devika and Sakshi are eavesdropping on them, Ravi says to Nivi that how would Ambika have killed Saket? she was with me all the time, she told me to bring Saket’s body here, she takes care of everyone, she would murder him? i wont spare you if you say anything against her, Nivi says lets test your faith once, Ravi says i dont believe all this, Malini says dont doubt my work, ghosts and souls exist and i can control roaming souls, you dont know about it Ravi but when Saket’s soul will come here and tell truth then you will believe me, Ravi says to Nivi that i dont believe it and dont say anything against my wife, nonsense, he leaves from there, Devika and Sakshi hides from him.
Devika is tensed and says to Sakshi that what we will do now? Sakshi says i didnt know Nivi would plan all this, she is desperate to bring your truth out to Ravi, i am scared, what if Malini really calls Saket’s soul? Ravi dont believe it but what if she calls Saket’s soul and he tells truth? she can put you in jail, Nivi can do anything, we have to stop her, Devika says yes for that we have to prove her wrong, we have to break her confidence, i didnt know she would go to this extent, maybe Malini lied to Nivi, first we have to know if Malini is saying truth, they leave.
Malini is doing magic, Devika and Sakshi are keeping eye on her. Malini says to Nivi that if you have anything remaining of Saket then bring it, when i keep it here then his soul will come here, Nivi says i think i have Saket’s watch, she goes to bring it. She brings it, Malini says i am going to call soul, when i call soul then there wont be any noise in room, dont even move or say anything else soul will leave, Malini says keep reciting some lines, some other souls might come with Saket’s soul but dont be scared and dont move frorm here. Malini starts calling soul. Devika and Sakshi are looking at them. Malini says come here, we want to help you, we know Saket you were died, Nivi wants to bring justice to you, come here infront of us, we know who killed you is in this house, tell us her name, who killed you? come to fore Saket, you can say anything to us. Wind starts blowing, Nivi is tensed, Nivi gets up and says Saket’s soul has come here, this is great, i wanted this, Malini says i told you to not say anything, soul came here but she left hearing you, why did you say in middle of process? you destroyed everything, now i have to start again, dont move from your place again. Janki comes to Devika and Sakshi. Janki asks what are you doing outside Nivi’s room? Devika says she wants to prove me wrong and you know she called magician and they are trying to bring soul of Saket here, Devike tells her everything, Janki says oh God, i didnt know Nivi would go to this extent, Sakshi says what if Saket’s soul comes for real? it will be problem for us, Janki says we will go one step ahead, we will turn this around, Devika says how? Janki says before she can call Saket’s soul, we will call someone’s soul, she tells them plan which is muted, Devika says this is great plan. Sakshi asks what plan is it? Devika says nivi is sure that soul is going to come because she trusts Malini, she has doubt that i am Devika too, if Saket’s soul tells her truth then she will know about my truth but what if some other soul come in that room? Malini is calling Saket’s soul, she tells her plan, Sakshi says if soul comes in you then Nivi will make Ravi believe that you killed Saket, Devika says Devika’s soul would not come in me, she wont be able to say anything because her truth would be coming out, Sakshi says who will act like Devika’s soul is in them? Devika says you have to do it Sakshi.

PRECAP- Malini says soul come in this room. Sakshi comes there and says in Devika’s voice that you called me so i had to come.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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