Kalash 17th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ravi comes to DEvika’s house, he says to Ajay that i want to meet Rekha, her health is not fine, Sanjay says how dare you come here after what your brother did to my sister, what you think that we will welcome you? leave from here, Dada ask Sanjay to behave with him, he is son in law of this house and his insult will not be tolerated, Sanjay leaves from there, Dada ask Ravi to go and meet Rekha in her room.
Ravi comes to Rekha, she is sleeping, he sit beside her and says i understand your pain but i dont understand why problems are coming our life, i have not done anything wrong then why this with me, oneside is my brother and otherside is Sakshi, both are close to my heart, whose side should i choose, i know both are innocent but they are trapped in all this, if i dont support

Monty then he will break down, what should i do.
Pallavi is in college, some boys say that she is sister of a girl(sakshi) whose pictures of disco went viral, Pallavi ask them to let her go, they say entertain us too, we like to go to club too, Pallavi cries, Sia comes there and says arent you ashamed of teasing a girl, if you dont leave from there then i will complain to police, boys leave, Sia says to Pallavi that if you dont stop crying then i will start crying too, Pallavi smiles, Sia ask friends? Pallavi accept her friendship.
Ravi comes to Sakshi’s room, she is crying, she sees him and hugs him, she says my life is destroyed, everything is finished, Ravi says i wont let anything happen, i will set everything, Sakshi says how will you everything right? what will you do, my mother, dadi everyone thinks i am wrong, they dont care about me, my own people dont trust me, i am innocent, Ravi hugs her and says nothing will happen, he makes her sit and says tell me everything what happened that night, i want to know what Monty told was right or wrong, Sakshi says that night i went to party with Monty, we were enjoying and drank juice after that i dont remember anything, Ravi ask do you doubt Monty that he can do anything like that? Sakshi says no, i know Monty is very nice guy, he cant do anything cheap like this but no one will believe us, Ravi says dont worry, i will set everything, you take care of yourself, do you trust me? Sakshi nods.

Scene 2
Addy says to Monty that we all know that problem have come in life but Devika cant insult us like this, Monty says you should understand that her sister’s life is destroyed, she is angry, dont take her things to heart, Manju comes there and says i went to mandir, how Monty cameback home? Addy says Navidita Luthra helped us, she is very powerful lady, i was amazed to see her personality, DEvika comes there and listens this, Manju says she is very nice girl and also very powerful, i wanted to make her daughter in law and she liked Ravi too, Addy points her that Devika is standing behind, Manju says then i found Devika, she is a diamond so i chose her for my son, DEvika leaves from there, Manju ask when did she return? Monty says just now.
Savitri says to herself that all are talking about Sakshi in city, that Monty have destroyed her life, he is cheap person, Saket comes there and ask why did you call me here? he tells her that Monty got bail, Savitri ask how? you said that he will not get bail, SAket says Ravi’s boss Navidita helped them, she is powerful and did bail of monty but i dont understand why she is helping them, Savitri says Manju wanted to make her daughter in law, she wanted her to get married to Ravi but then she trapped Devika, these Garewals have maligned our respect, i will take revenge for that, its a good chance, DEvika is every angry with Ravi, we have to just put salt in fire and she will be on our side, we will take revenge of what they did to Sakshi but for now, its easy to break Ravi and Devika’s bond, i want your help, will you help me? Saket says i wanted to say this only, Ravi has snatched Devika from me, now i will do such a thing that Devika will Ravi herself, she will not talk to him ever, she will come to me, Savitri ask are you sure? he says its my promise.
Sakshi comes to Rekha, she sit beside Rekha and ask about her health, she says i brought soup for you as you like it made by me, you will feel better after taking it, i will make you eat with my hands, Pallavi comes there too, Rekha stops her, Sakshi says you can beat me, scold me but eat something, Rekha says to Sakshi that you are getting worried for me? you want me to eat something? Sakshi says yes, Rekha says then bring poison for me, Sakshi is shocked, now i just want to eat poison from your hands, i will get peaceful death and you will get life of freedom, bring poison, Pallavi ask Sakshi to leave, Sakshi leaves, Rekha cries.
Sakshi comes out of room and recalls Rekha’s bitter words, she cries , Shekhar is talking on call and says no one like Sakshi lives in this house, dont call here, he ends call, Atal ask Shekhar to be calm, Shekhar says i never thought i will see a day like this, i dont have courage to bear all this, Atal says this time will pass too, Shekhar says its all Sakshi’s fault, she shouldnt have gone to party, Atal says dont say like this, they turn to find Sakshi standing there, she leaves from there.

Scene 3
Shweta says to Saket that you have done great work, i dont understand from where you get ideas, i am happy to se sad faces in that house, Manju was so worried for Monty and that Ravi is listening alot from Devika as he took Monty’s side, Saket says to Shweta that more bombs are going to explode in Ravi’s house, they own daughter in law(Devika) will leave their house, they tried to mess with me so now they have to bear consequences, and that Sakshi was trying to go against me, now she is gone, he ask whats with Navi? why she is helping them, does she know what happened in marriage, Shweta says she went from marriage earlier, Saket says wait for right time and tell her the reality for Ravi and Devika’s marriage.

PRECAP- Devika ask Ravi to promise her that he wont let tears come in Rekha and Sakshi’s life, can he do that? Ravi comes to Monty and says promise me that you will agree to what i say, he says yes, Ravi ask Monty to marry Sakshi, Monty is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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