Kalash 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Devika recalls her moments with Ravi. She says I couldn’t save my Ravi. But I can’t give up like this. I have to do something. I have to fight for our kid and Ravi. I promised him I won’t let anything happen to him. She sees a knife on table. Devika picks the knife and cuts the rope. She finds that gun and says I will go to court and show this to everyone. But what if the verdict is announced? She calls Janki. devika says ma.. ma.. Where are you? Janki says where are you? Devika says I have proofs to prove Ravi’s innocence. I am coming. Janki says but judge is about to announce. Devika says please stop the hearing somehow. I have to save ravi. Janki says okay I will try you come as soon as possible. Devika picks the camera she hid there.

In court room, Judge says all the proofs are against Ravi. Janki stands up and says he hs not done anything. You can’t punish an innocent person. She pretends that she is about to faint and not well. Judge says go and sit on the seat. Janki pretends that she can’t brethe. Everyone stands up. Judge says constable take her out. Devika runs towards the court room. Constable is taking Janki out. Janki says we have to save Ravi. Dvika comes in the court and says stop.
She says the law is blind. I am here to expose the reality to everyone with proofs. Nivi and saket are dazed. Devika says to Ravi I know you have not done anything I have all the proofs to save you. Prosecutor says first mother did this drama and now daughter. This is just to waste time. Please announce the verdict. I am sure she has no such evidence. Devika says stop lying. You can’t get an innocent person punished. I have proofs that will shock everyone here. Judge says the law doesn’t allow you to halt the court. DEvika says but law respects the truth. Please give me once chance to prove an innocent person free of charge. I have evidence. Judge says okay I give you ten minutes.

Devika gives the gun to judge. She says this gun was in Ravi’s hand at the time of murder. But Monty was shot from the gun that was presented in the court. And this video play it and you will know was behind monty’s murder. Prosecutor says why do we need to see all this? Ravi accepted his crime and this case is over. Devika says case will end now when everyone sees the reality. Ravi has not killed monty. Judge orders to play the video. Nivi says in video so you can prove that ravi is innocent? You know nothing about how I an saket planned this murder. How we exchanged the guns. I will tell you when monty and ravi were fighting. I and saket thought that was the right time. I sneaked out and turned the lights of. Saket stood behind ravi and killed monty. Everyone is utterly shocked. Saket said no one can save Ravi. He and nivi attacked devika and took gun from her. They threw her on bed and roped her with the chair. Saket is trying to run. Janki sees him and says that is saket he is trying to run. Police arrests him. Devika says that Nivi and Saket planned Monty’s murder. Monty stood by her she killed him. Nivi says yes I did. I killed him. You wanna know why? Because I loved ravi. I did so much for him what did I get? I will take everything from him. This devika played smart. I won’t leave them both. Judge announces, Ravi is innocent. He release him with respect. devika is in tears. Sakshi and Gurwinder are shocked. Judge announces life time imprisonment for Nivi and Saket. Rekah and Janki hugs each other.
devika hugs Ravi. Sakshi says I am sorry. I thought so wrong of you. Devika says someone else is too happy to. Ravi says who? She says the one who is about to come.. Ravi says who? DEvika puts his hand on her stomach. He says what? Are we going to be parents? He hugs her. And says you are mommy to be? Janki says yes. She is expecting. Ravi says I can’t tell you how happy I am. Let’s go home. The happily go home.

The end.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. swatee hemraz

    i will reAlly miss kalash …love u ravi and devika….was one of my favourite show




    I am happy to see happy ending… but ending was incomplete without baby.. atleadt they have show for 5-10 min more by cutting uncessary things and have shown baby in ending…
    But I must say that for the first time life ok shown happy ending and show concept was little slow and dragging but never left the concept.

  5. Last location was a court room.

  6. Araiffa khan south africa

    Thank goodness this show came to.an end was very boring with divika an Ravi talking to themselves all the time this was ektas worst soapie she spoilt the image of two beautiful people

    1. Shaziya Ahmad

      I will really miss kalash, i wasn’t think that 17th march episode will be last. I just love the pair of ravi and devika, they both look best with each other and they just made for each other. I request life ok to start another daily soap with this pair please please. Missing you ravi and devika…

  7. Nadira Poliah-Mohammed

    Was expecting a much nicer end, with the baby and all

  8. This is the best show i ever seen. I love this beautifull couple ravi devika…i going miss the show…nice happy ending….this is the one of best shows of kapooor’s….

  9. Omw guys I still can’t believe that Kalash is over, it’s finished, but for whoever truly loved Kalash including me, remember that Kalash can never end, Kalash is a part of our life, whenever we get in problem then we should remember this show, we should remember how Devika fought against injustice, how she fought against the truth, then we should gain courage and determination just like how Devika got determination and strength to face her enemies, and yes I’m happy, finally Saket and Nivi got punished, and perfect punishment, life time imprisonment, their whole. Life will get wasted behind bars. If they got death punishment then they wouldn’t go through pain which lifetime imprisonment will give them, blo*dy damn fools, that is what they deserve, we should also become like Devika and fight against every injustice of this world, I salute Kalash for punishing their criminals, something which other shows have failed to show because in other shows, criminals never get punished, you ate right guys, it would have added the cherry on the top had they shown the baby taking birth, but anyways it was so good to see the truth unfold and the evil getting punished, I’m crying in my heart, life OK did wrong by ending Kalash as it was the only watchable show, now the channel Trp will go down, I will miss you guys and especially Kalash, I really fell in love with the show, but not its gone forever, I hope that life OK brings more shoes. Like Kalash, I can’t believe that I am commenting for the last time, will miss Kalash and everyone, good job writers, thanks for this nice show, I really loved it, bye guys and finally bye to Kalash, I hope that the writers think about writing Kalash 2 for us viewers, I simply loved the show, please bring back Kalash to life OK again, bye everyone, and finally a job well done to all the actors of life OK who did justice to this story, will really miss Ravi and Devika…

  10. Hey I’m new here .kalash was one of my favorite shows until the recycling started but I still watched it .if I were to finish KALASH I wud foward the nine months until the baby wAs born and make them move back to their original house leaving the mansion.that wud recreate where they started from with their memories . Ok bye everyone

  11. Salute kalash I ask enjoyed so much I m very happy fir the way it ended wish we saw the baby though

  12. really awesome show kalash really everyone should learn that what’s the importance of life and partner from Ravi and Devika and I pray to Ambe Maa that make every ones pair like them and make them realize that what is the importance of marriage in our life this cereal taught us that money is not everything and we can’t purchase the happiness of life from money and pride plus revenge is very bad which always gets us in to trouble at last like Nivi and Saket so I really appreciate this cereal Kalash and want to say to every couples that become like Ravi and Devika then only you can gain happiness in your life and life will become heaven for everyone. I really request Ravi and Devika to come back in Life ok with another cereal and rally I feel that Ravi and Devika are made for each other in real life may Mata Rani always bless them with love and happiness any my good wishes are always with them.

  13. I love Ravi and Devika

  14. Rajnish Bharti

    I will miss this serieal

  15. Rahul Balotiya

    I really miss you so much my favorite pair Ravi and devika they both are made for each other love you guys..
    I’m seen it first episode to last episode it’s full of love?
    Agr ho ske to is show ko aage bhi telecast kro plssssssss

  16. O What a relief ! I wonder why it didn’t happen sooner. I thought such kind of stories won’t last more than a month.But it run more than I expected. any how it finally ended.hoping for good stories to come

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