Kalash 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Ravi is taking Devika out of jungle. He recalls he asked her that if you are in a trouble and you have to choose one of the two ways. Devika said its easy, if I am confused whats right and wrong I will ask God. God will give me a symbol. He says wow what an answer. How will see God with closed eyes? Devika says you don’t need eyes to see God. devika says God tell us whats right and wrong.
Ravi says show me a way God. He is walking out. He says nothing would happen to you ambika. He brings her near lake. He gives her water and picks her up again. A villager sees them. He asks what happened? Ravi says my wife has fainted. Please help us. I can’t find a way out. We fell from cliff. The man says I live in the nearby village. Come to my home I will call the doctor there. Lets go. Can you pick her up all the way? She says yes.

Janki and rekha are asking people if they have seen ravi and and devika. They get no clue. Rekha says no one saw them. Where they are. Janki says they came here someone should have seen them. Janki says how can she so irresponsible. Janki says maybe they went to the cliff where devika died. Sakshi says I know where that is. Lets go.

Scene 2
The man brings ravi and devika to his house. Ravi lays Devika on bed. They cover her. Ravi says can we call a doctor? her hand is bleeding. He says yes I will don’t worry. He calls the doctor. The man says doctor isn’t picking up. We have just one doctor in the village. Ravi says she has been fainted for long time. Pleas do something. The man says let me bring the doctor here. You stay here with her and try to get her up. you can change my clothes. Ravi says devika please open your eyes. I am here with you. I wont leave until you open your eyes. Doctor will treat you. He makes her drink water.
Ravi cleans her face. Ravi says you know I love you so much. If you are in pain my life stops. Please open your eyes. You are worrying me. Please don’t do this. I am holding your hand and I will never leave it. Please come back. I can’t live without you. Devika opens her eyes. Ravi says thank God. He is crying. Ravi says thank God you are okay. I can’t lose you again. I would kill myself. She says I wont’ let anything happen to you. She says where are we? Devika says I am fine. You are here to take care of me. The man comes in and says you are at my home. Your husband picked you up here. He really loves you. You are very lucky. He made you conscious before the doctor came.
Doctor treats devika.

Rekha Janki and sakshi are near cliff. Rekha says I am really worried. I want to see them. They could have informed us. They see police. Janki asks them whats happening? Inspector says what are you doing here? A couple fell from here and died last night. Janki says do you know who they are? Rekha starts crying. Janki says nothing can happen to our Devika and Rekha. Inspector says please go from here. Janki says my daughter and son in law are missing. She shows him the photo. He says we have not seen who they were. They can be your daughter and son in law. Janki says thats not possible. He says we found a purse. Recognize if its hers.

Ravi gives Devika tea. She says ravi I would take it. He says its hot. I will drink after you. She says I won’t like it if you don’t care of yourself. You faced so much troubles. Uncle was right. I am very lucky. No one can love me like you. I am very sorry. I considered you my enemy. I don’t know how to apologize. He says dont’ say sorry. I love you. He caresses her face and says no sorry. It is my responsibility to take care of you. You are not allowed to doubt on me ever again.

Precap-Inpector shows janki the purse. Sakshi says didi had this purse when she left for amba ji.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Are bhai ab to bas karo. Phr koi dushman le aoge lagta h.phr devika shak karegi

  2. Is devika ka name shak ho ta

  3. Chalo kuch to accha hua is serial me

  4. Yeah I agree, at least now don’t start another revenge track or missing/dead track.

  5. No the story will end in 2 weeks…new serial is coming at last the serial is going to end….dont worry no more drag will be happen.

  6. Don’t close this serial. There are more story to come up.


    I want to say that every girl should have husband like ravi who is caring, loving and who stands with his wife in every right situtation

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