Kalash 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ravi says to Devika that i have lost you once and dont want to loose you again so i overreacted but i am sorry, i wont do it again, Devika says i went to mandir but i wont leave this house, i will throw people out whom i dont like, Ravi says did someone tease you at mandir? Devika says i have headache, stop all this, Ravi says i will bring balm for you, Devika says i can take care of myself, Ravi says i am devoted husband, i will bring medicine, he goes, Devika thinks why you keep taking care of me Ravi? dont increase my shock, my enemies are around me, i dont know if you are with me or with my enemies. Ravi brings medicine and says take it, Devika says i am not child, i will take what i want, you are you concentrating on office work, Ravi says i was leaving but i wanted to see your face before going, Devika says i have come now so you leave, Ravi says take medicine then i will leave, you have to eat it, open your mouth, she does, he makes her eat medicine and then gives her water, he lovingly looks at her and says now i will leave, if you need anything then please please call me, i will like it, Devika says i wont call you, i can take care of myself, Ravi says i am going to miss you, he holds her hand and says i used say to Devika that my heart used to beat for her, you are like Devika and i love you a lot so when you come closer, my heart beat increase twice, so think how much i am going to miss you? i am like this only, telling truth, i should, take care, she looks away, Ravi leaves, Devika is tensed and says he talks like he loves me a lot, i dont understand anything, she goes to make tea.
Devika is passingby Nivi’s room and listens talking, she thinks to peek inside, she opens door slightly. Nivi says to Saket that we have to finish what we have decided, we have to kill Ambika, she is danger for us, we will do planning then execute, she says to Manju and Shweta that dont do any mistake, do what we say, dont use your mind, we cant afford mistakes, like we four killed Devika, sameway we are going to kill Ambika. Shweta says first we have to separate Ravi and Ambika, because Ravi always save her, i used to bring difference between Devika and Ravi to weaken their relation, Nivi thinks, Manju says i will take all wealth of Ambika after her death, she is Ravi’s wife so Ravi will get it and i will take it from Ravi, and Nivi has already made Ambika sign papers which says she will get everything back when Ambika dies. Ambika thinks that so it was Nivi’s trick, i am so fool, why i didnt read papers? Nivi says if she dies in one year then i will get everything, i feel like making Ambika mad like i made Sakshi mad giving her medicine, i die seeing her with Ravi, Saket says i dont have time for all this, first that Devika and now this Ambika, kill her and get it over with, Devika is shocked to hear all this, she leaves from there before they could see her.
Devika thinks that they are not humans, they are evils, they have facades and are so cheap, they should get punished, they are all my enemies, they want to kill me again, i am such fool to sign papers which Nivi gave me, they are still making plan to kill me, i have to be careful, she has headache and thinks i should make tea for myself. She comes in kitchen and starts making tea. Jyoti comes there and says tell me if you need anything, Devika says i am just making tea, Jyoti asks why you seem tensed? Devika says everything fine, Jyoti leaves. Devika thinks that this is time to fight, i have to take weapon, i cant be defensive, i have to attack now, they can stoop to any low for their mission, i cant feel pity for them now, i have to attack them like they will get lesson of life, i will take revenge from all of them, i will make sure that they pray for death but life will be more cruel for them.

Scene 2
Devika sees Shweta in her room, she thinks what Shweta is finding in my room? Shweta is checking her cupboards. She finds locker keys, Shweta thinks that thank God i got keys back, nobody will blame me, she leaves from there, Devika hides behind pillar and thinks why did she take keys of locker? she wants to stea jewelry? if Manju sees Shweta stealing jewelry then they will have fight.
Devika comes to Manju and says there is problem, someone stole locker keys from me, when i cameback to room, it was not there, your and my jewelry was there, Manju says lets go.
Manju and devika comes to locker room, they see Shweta leaving with bag, Manju asks her to show bag, she says you are alleging me that i stole jewelry? Manju says thats why you stole keys from her room? Shweta looks at Devika with doubt, she says i took my jewelry only, i wanted, Manju says then show me bag, what if you took mine or Ambika’s jewelry, Shweta says dont you trust me? Manju says i dont trust anyone, show me, she snatches bag from her and opens it to find all jewelry inside, she says these are not your jewelry, dont you dare take anything from here, Manju says take your jewelry only, Shweta says i need more, Manju says tell why you need them? if you do this again then i will call police. Shweta gets call and gets tensed, Devika notices it, Shweta leaves from there, devika goes behind her.
Shweta says to caller that i will come there soon, i have arranged jewelry. Devika has listened all this and thinks that there is something wrong, why she is taking her jewelry and to whom? Shwata leaves. Devika thinks i thought to Manju and Shweta have fight but this is deep secret, i have to find out whom she is giving jewelry too, this information might be useful for me, i have to follow her.
Shweta takes rickshaw, Devika is following her in her car.
Shweta comes to hotel and asks about Mr. Ankush from reception, she gets room number and leaves. Devika is following her. Shweta comes room of Ankush and closes door. She gives him jewelry and says take it and stop blackmailing, your demands are not ending, Ankuch says give me my money and you will be free, what did you bring? you promised to bring all jewelry. Devika is listening all this and thinks why he is blackmailing her? Shweta gives him her jewelry and says my mother in law caught, what if vikas catches me? i am requesting you to delete photos and videos, my relation will be destroyed, give me chance. Ankush says you can cry, weep, even if you sit in my feet, i wont change deal, you promised me that you will give me enough money that i will be able to go abroad, you give me money and i will wipe proofs of your unfaithfulness.

PRECAP- Saket says to Nivi that this time i will make solid plan, all will remember this party, Nivi looks behind him and is shocked to see Ravi there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. So devika heard everything and she was there when nivi, shweta, manju, and saket was there and they CLEARLY SAID WE FOUR KILLED DEVIKA SO WHY DIDN’T SHE CATCH THAT PART WHERE NIVI SAID WE FOUR!!!? SHE STILL THOUGHT WRONG!!! SO BAKWAAS…!!!!!


    So finally devika heard that Navi, Saket, Manju and Shewta are behind her death.. but i hope she realise soon that ravi is innocent…

  3. I hope Ravi hears some part of their plan and tells Janki Devi. There’s one thing they are missing is that Janki is helping Devika with this mission that she’s trying to do. Janki is probarly going to backfire their plan then?

  4. I really feel sorry for the people who still watch this.This serial is only dragging no progress

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