Kalash 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Nivi says why would devika come here? Janki says then whom were you talking to? Nivi says I was talking on call with my brother. Nivi says so late at night? Nivi says its not night in USA. Are we done? Janki says you are hiding something. I want to check your room. Nivi says this is ridiculous. You think I will let you check my room? Janki says your room? This is my house. She asides her. Nvii says you have no manners? No one is here. Janki says where is your laptop if you were video calling? Nivi says what about phones? Janki leaves. Janki says where is devika? I looked everywhere. Maybe she went to meet ravi.. Her phone is off as well. Janki says I hope she is fine.

Nivi says to Saket well done. Devika opens her eyes. She recalls that Nivi took her gun and hit it on her head. Devika says where is ravi? Her mouth is shut. Saket says so you woke up finally? i was scared if you have died. Fine? Nivi says obviously she is feeling great. She sleeps for three days. Saket says it happens. you were so tired doing all the efforts so you needed rest. Your family has gone to court. Today ravi will be punished and you will stay here.
The case will be over after today. Nivi says since you are missing your family is really worried. They are looking for you everywhere but not in your house. They don’t know you are in your own house’s guest house. I feel bad though. SAket says they don’t even know what you re going through. Just wait and let ravi be sentenced.

Scene 2
Vikcy says to Janki police is looking for devika. Rekha says where is she gone. I am so worried. Janki says I am sure she is in trouble.
Ravi arrives there with police. He says where is devika? Janki tells him everything. He says she is missing since two days? Did you inform police? Vicky says we did everything but they are clueless. But don’t worry we will find her. Ravi says please do something. Police takes him inside.

Devika is trying to break the ropes. She says I couldn’t do anythin for ravi even when I know the truth. I have save him please help me God.
Janki says to Nivi if I get to know you are involved in devika being missing I won’t leave. Nivi says even if I knew I would never help you. I thought she was respnsible. Its too late now. Nothing can change ravi’s sentence now. I feel very bad for you. Janki says I knew the meoment you entered my house that something wrong is gonna happen. You have harmed her I am sur and you are behind monty’s death. Nivi says don’t stress so much thats not good for you. You have to listen the verdict too.

Scene 3
Hearing starts. Prosecutor says the case is clear like mirror. The statements made it clear that ravi killed monty. Ravi confessed him crime as well. But Mr. Mehra thinks there is still a chance. This ravi should be punished for killing his brother. I would request the court to sentence him to death. Nivi says this is what I wanted.

precap-Devika is running towards the court. She comes in the room and says stop.

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  1. Last episode tomorrow

  2. Oh. My God, I still can’t believe that tomorrow the show will telecast it’s last episode. I’m really gonna miss this show. Life OK should not have ended this show because of the men centric theme which they want, I can’t believe that tomorrow I’m Gonna. Comment for the last time, this is all too good too be true, I’m very ?

  3. Gonna miss u badly last day please why don’t you extend the show feeling very very sad ? ?

  4. Human beings we are ridiculous. Mohammed you wanted the show to end its ending and still you are lamenting

  5. When did I want the show to end, you are mistaken, perhaps someone else said this, because many people want the show to end, not me, I love this show, it’s the only watchable show on life OK, the story and everything is nice, why would I want the show to end?

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