Kalash 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Janki sees devika’s picture. She says I hope ambika is fine. She didn’t answer my phone. I am so scared. I don’t know what to do. Her phone is out of courage. Let me call Ravi. She calls ravi. He doesn’t pick either. Janku says did I make a mistake. Suddenly picture slips from her hand. Janki gets more worried.

Rekha wakes up from sleeping saying lado lado.. Sakshi and palavi come in. Sakshi says ma you slept so late. Rekha says ravi and devika are not okay. I don’t know what to do. Palavi says they will be fine. Nothing would go wrong. Sakshi says they will come back with all the happiness. Rekah says why heart says she is not okay. I don’t know what to do. THey both hug her.

Ravi and devika fell on a grabage.
Janki says she didn’t call me once. What if she is in a problem? Rekha calls her. Rekha says I am really worried. Did you talk to them. I couldn’t sleep for a moment. Please tell me if there is any news. Janku says their phones are off. I am scared too. Forgive me I shouldn’t have sent them there. Rekha says I told you. Janki says we will go there to look for them. Rekha says yes we will go. I will come. Janki says I will arrange tickets.

Ravi opens his eyes. He looks for devika.
He finds her. Ravi says devika open your eyes.. He says I am here. Devika plese open eyes. He feels her heartbeat. Ravi hugs her and says devika please open your eyes. you can’t leave me. You kill me but don’t leave me. Please talk to your ravi. He goes everywhere looking for help. He says what should I do. Ravi says devika please open eyes. He checks her hand is bleeding. Devika opens her eyes. She says ravi are you okay? He says yes. She says water.. He says I will find it you lie here. Ravi collects water from the lake.

Rekha janki and sakshi are on their way. sakshi says their phones are still off. Ravi says devika your ravi has water. Open your eyes. He binds his shirt on her hand so it doesn’t bleed. Ravi says devika open your eyes. I will take you from here. He picks her up and takes her out.

Precap-Ravi holds devika’s hand and cries. Inspector says to janki we found a purse here and we are sure its of the women who fell from here with her husband. Check if its your daughter’s.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Oh no another missing/search track. Have the writers got no other track? Now everyone will probably presume they are dead.

  2. Devika can’t die pls Ravi wont able to live without her


    Another missing and dragging track.. or may be going to romantic like it happend in naagin season 1.. i mean jungle me mangal…

  4. What crap. Snivelling. Ravi was to much

  5. Its good.They were united forever.

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