Kalash 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Nivii says when I was very young my mom ran away with another man. She just left. Never looked back. I was in second class. What does a kid want? A mother. Nothing can fulfill that. Who would do that? My dad. He sent us to hostel. He didn’t want our tension. He never looked back at us. Never asked us how we are. He didn’t care at all. When I came back home I saw my dad having an affair with a girl of my age. What didn’t I see? He never asked us what we want. Do we miss our mom? Do we have friends. Do we need anything. He only gave us money to shut us up. That was the kind of father I had. I studied after all this. My brother was so jealous of me. He couldn’t bear me taking my dad’s business ahead. He took everything from me. He gave me aid to I could start from scratch. Without any help. And then my younger sister that I loved more than my life, she had an affair with my bf. He left me because of her. She is going to marry her. This is my family. These are the people with home I grew up. Nivi says no one can understand what I went through. I didn’t want to hurt anyone. I don’t trust anyone. I couldn’t trust anyone and I was shattered, then ravi came in my life. He stood by me. I could trust him. I got to know later you were in his life. I was madly in love with him. I didn’t want ot lose him. I lost everything when he got married to you. So I decided I wanted Ravi at any cost. After losing everything I got attach to just one person and I didn’t want to lose him. i don’t want to hurt you. I wanted to create misunderstanding and separate you two. I didn’t want to kill you. I lost patience and then I just decided to kill you. I planned your murder and gathered all the people who had a reason to kill you.

I have no hope from humans. She is crying. Devika says I am very sorry. I didn’t know all this. I am sorry. Because of me you were hurt and your hopes broke. You loved him and couldn’t get him because of me. I know that all the bad people become that way because of a reason. I can understand your pain but that doens’t mean you will walk on the wrong path. That won’t ease your pain. Just like you I lose my brother just when I was born. I never called anyone mom ever. And my papa always thought I am responsible for my mom’s death. He didn’t even want to see my face ever. My dadi hated me so much. She gave love to my brothers but never to me. I always thought why I don’t have all that love but I never lost hope. Like you I didn’t even have money. My dadi said there won’t be a penny spent on me. I didn’t give up. I had to do something on my own. My mom dreamed of making a school for poor kids. when I said no to my brothers for giving them that money they left me and broke every relationship with me. They never looked back at me. how could I give them that money when I had to fulfill my mom’s dream. When everyone got to know that I am dead they didn’t care. I wanted to go back and see how my family is.. My chachu and my dada died as well. My dadi and papa everyone went abroad. Sakshi was in mental state. You made her mentally unstable. But I didn’t lose home We can’t give up. We can’t take revenge of our pain from someone else. And see after all those problems things fixed. That can happen to you too. I know you are hurt but things work out for better. if you do positive. He can be your friend. I can be your friend. Please end all this. Whatever you did please end this. Please confess and save ravi.
Nivi says that’s a very smart move. You are getting smart like me. I go jail and tell everyone. You both live happily ever after and I stay in jail? I won’t let that happen. If he isn’t mine he won’t be yours either.

Scene 2
Ravi is in jail. He is missing Devika. The song judaai plays in background. He recalls the moments he spent with Devika.
Devika says God is with me and thats enough. Nivi says please explain how will you save him? Truth is that you can’t do anything. He is sentenced. Once he is punished I will live happily. I wanbt you to see him away from you. There is another surprise. Devika says I know it already, that saket is alive. Nivi is dazed. Devika says that Saket and you killed monty. Surprised? You are shocked in my place. I know everything. What else will you tell me? Nivi says how you know? Devika says thats not important. I know everything. I knows whats your plan. Saket will be after me once ravi is punished? You and saket can never succeed. you both will be jailed. Nivi says how will your prove it? You don’t know anything. Who will tel the court? Devika says you. Nivi says why will I? Devika points gun on her. Devika says if you don’t confess I will kill you. Nivi says you can’t even kill an insect. Devika says I am not joking. I can do anything to save ravi. What will happen? I will be in jail too with ravi.

Precap-Devika points gun at saket and says Nivi didn’t call you. I did. Are you shocked? I was even more shocked that you are alive.

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