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Scene 1
Nivi points knife at Manju. Manju says i didnt do anything, i was just bringing you to consciousness, Nivi says this is all happening because of DEvika, i will end everyone who will come inbetween me and Ravi, i will not leave her, she leaves. Manju says where she is going? Shweta says let her go, she is in anger. Nivi comes to car and sits to drive, Manju comes there and asks her to stop. Nivi leaves, Manju says she will bring our truth out, what if she tries to attack Ambika? we will be jailed, our truth will come, Shweta says Janki will not leave you both then, Manju says what to do?
Ravi washes his face and says i was so drunk, did i do anything wrong? he recalls how he moved back from engagement, he says i shouldnt have said no to her infront of everyone, she has done so much for my family, i shouldnt have done it, i would have talked to her personally, she would have understood that i cant engage anyone else when Devika is here, i should talk to her and will make her understand.
Nivi is driving car and says how could Devika be alive? maybe my plan was not full proof, i should have been alerted when i didnt find our body, today i will finish you with my hands and will burn you infront of my eyes, i will not do any mistake this time. Manager calls her and says i have messaged address of Janki’s house, Ambika lives there, Nivi thanks him and ends call, Nivi says i am coming Devika, today your story will end. Nivi drives car, she sees police checkpost and doesnt stop car there, she doesnt allow them to check her car and drives away.
Manju is calling Saket but he is not picking up, Manju says if Nivi tries to hurt Ambika then our plan of killing Devika will come out too and all will know that we three tried to kill Devika, we will be jailed, she calls Saket. Ravi comes there and asks what happened? why she is tensed? Manju says Nivi is tensed, her engagement is called off, she is sad, i was thinking about her. Ravi says i didnt do right, i am finding her, i wanted to talk to her, where is she? Manju thinks how to tell him where she has gone, Manju says she has gone to finish.. i means finish her tensions, she has gone to have fresh breath, Ravi says you are right but where she is exactly? Manju says i am dying to know that too, she whispers to herself that i should not talk about dying and all, Ravi says i will see her in her room, he leaves.
Nivi comes to Janki’s house. guard stops her and asks whom you wanna meet? she says Devika, he says who Devika? Nivi says i mean i want to meet Ambika, i know them very well, guard says i will call her and ask about you. Nivi says i have arrived from london and i want to surprise them, dont tell her that i have come, i promise you that your job will not be snatched, i will tell them that i asked you to not tell them about me arriving, he says okay you go in, Nivi goes in house.
Shweta comes to Vikas and says Nivi is so angry, she had put knife on Manju’s neck, she will kill Ambika/Devika.. he says you mean murder? Shweta says i mean Nivi is hyper and gets angry so soon, Vikas says you have enjoyed Nivi’s money alot so now you get ready to bear consequences, you will go to jail with Nivi as you are with her and fully responsible of whatever she will do, i have not used her credit card so i am safe, let me sleep, he goes to sleep, Shweta gets tensed.
Nivi comes in Janki’s house, she sees Devika’s picture on wall and says you were saved last time but this time i will not leave you. You destroyed my engagement and sleeping peacefully? you have only few breaths remaining before i kill you. Nivi comes in one room, its all dark in room, Nivi sees someone sleeping on bed, she thinks its Devika, she thinks that day Devika got saved but this time i will not leave her. Nivi stabs on bed, she says i will kill you, she stabs on bed again and again and says i wont leave you. lights are switched on, Janki and Devika comes in room, they see Nivi stabbing empty bed, Nivi says in wont leave you, she tries to attack Devika but Janki pushes her away and says you are mad women, guards come there and grabs Nivi, guard says she said she is Ambika’s friend thats why we allowed her to come in, Janki says she can say anything and you will allow her to come in? Nivi says leave me, i will kill you Devika. Devika comes near bed and sees kbed being stabbed badly by Nivi, she gets tensed.
Manju thinks that i thought i will become rich after Ravi marriage with Nivi but what is happening here? she gets call from Saket, Saket says why are you calling me again? dont irritate me, i am busy, you enjoy Nivi’s money. Manju says when you will listen everything then you will be shocked too, she tells him everything of how Devika cameback and called herseflf as Ambika, Nivi has gone to kill Ambika. Saket says we killed Devika, she cant be alive, there can be two people of same face, you should have stopped Nivi, Manju says i tried but she didnt stop, Saket says this is not my business, you are enjoying her money so you should control her, dont irritate me, he ends call, Manju gets tensed.
Devika comes to Nivi, Nivi says why dont you accept that you are Devika, just accept it, Devika slaps her. Nivi says your slap means that you are Devika, Devika says what fear you have from this name? you accept it that you have killed Devika, the way you behave when Devika’s name prop up, it is clear that you have killed Devika, you came here thinking that i am Devika and you wanted to kill me again, but you forgot that i am not Devika and you cant kill me just because my face resembles Devika, that Devika might be fool to get killed but i am Ambika Raichand and i wont tolerate this, you cant kill me, now i know that you killed Devika to get that Ravi right? Nivi gets tensed, Janki comes there and says i have called police, they will come here soon. Ambika says this Nivi cant do anything to us. police comes there, Janki says to inspector that this girl Nivi tried to kill my daughter, thank God my daughter was not on her bed, you can see bed, inspector arrests Nivi and takes her from there. Janki asks Devika if she is fine? Devika says i am fine, dont worry.

Scene 2
Ravi says to Manju that where is Nivi? i will bring her, just tell me where she is, i am worried. Manju says i dont know where she is, if i had known then i would brought her. Manju gets call from police, Ravi picks it up, inspector says to Ravi that Nivi tried to kill someone. Ravi says no there is some misunderstanding, inspector says we saw her with knife, its true, Ravi says i will come, he ends call. Manju says what happened? ravi says she has tried to kill someone, its all because of me, i will bring her, he goes.
Devika says to Janki that you shouldnt have called police, you know Nivi was about to confess that she tried to kill Devika, she asked me that i am Devika so i asked her if she killed Devika, she was about to confess but you came here with police, Janki says you did good work but its so soon, you know she can change her statement anytime, we need proofs against her that she tried to kill her, Devika says our servants was there, Janki says but Nivi would have said that they are our servants and are lying, we need solid proofs, and it was important to make her get arrested, now she wil think twice before attackin you, i am worried thinking what if i had not come to your room before she came there, flashback shows Devika crying in her room. Janki comes there and asks what happened? devika says nothing, Janki says dont hide from your mother, Devika cries, Janki says i know you are hurt, Ravi’s memories are hurting you but dont worry your mother is with you, we are strength of each other, dont feel alone, i wont let you stay in room alone, come to my room, Devika says no i am fine here, Janki says you know when my daughter was child, i used to make her listen lullaby before making her sleep, Devika says okay tell me lullaby today, lets go to your room, they come out of room and sees Nivi coming there, they are stunned, fb ends. Devika says to Janki that i am sorry for questioning you, you did right by calling police, Janki says its okay, now Nivi will be set riht, she must be having good time in jail, we destroyed her engagement ceremony so it was sure that she would show reaction but if she can try to attack you once then she can attack you again, we have to be careful.
Nivi is cell in police station. She thinks that what have i become? i am in jail because of my foolishness, i am Rakesh Luthra’s daughter, dad would be so angry that i am in jail and what if Ravi knows this? he never loved me but he always respected, i will lose that respect too, i am so foolish.
Manju says i have to talk to Shweta. She comes to Shweta’s room and tries to wake her up, Shweta shouts that robber has come, Vikas wakes up too, they see Manju in room, Vikas asks what happened? did Nivi kill Ambika? Shweta says my tongue slipped so he knows, Manju says Nivi is in jail as she attacked Ambika, Vikas says this is not small case, she has tried to murder someone, Ravi wont be able to free Nivi from jail and you both are with her in her acts so you both will be nabbed too, Manju says its useless to talk to him, she leaves with Shweta from there.
Ravi comes to police station with Monty. He asks what happened? she cant do anything like this, inspector says we have FIR filed on her, court will decide if she has done right or wrong, Monty says her status is very high, you even know who she is? how can you arrest her? Ravi says let me talk, he says to inspector that she is my fiance, please let me meet her once, inspector allows him to go,
Ravi comes to Nivi’s cell, she hugs him, Ravi says i know you cant do anything like this, i will being you out soon, Nivi thinks that i am happy, he doesnt know anything, Ravi says i know you must be upset that i broke engagement, i know you must have gone there in anger but you wouldnt have done anything, Nivi says yes i was so angry that you called off engagement so i went there and created scene but i didnt do anything, i didnt attack anyone, Ravi says i know, i will arrange for bail, he leaves, Nivi says i love you Ravi, thanks for believing me.
Janki says to Devika that sleep now, tomorrow must be difficult for you, Ravi will get involved in case, you may face him but you have to be strong, she sees Devika sleeping, she says i know this is not easy for you, i wish i could ease your pain.
Monty says to inspector that you dont know who is Nivi, her status is very high, inspector says lower your tone else you will be jailed too, Monty says dont warn me, leave Nivi right now, Ravi comes there and asks Monty what is this way to talk? Monty says inspector must have taken money from Raichands thats why he is not leaving Nivi, he is sold out, Ravi asks Monty to leave from there, he leaves. Ravi asks inspector how can he free Nivi? he says you wont get bail as this is murder case, only if Ambika takes her case back then Nivi will be free, you know Raichands are very strong family, much more stronger than Nivi, they have witness of attack too, i dont want to get involved in this power fight, if you make Ambika agree to take case back then Nivi will be freed, Ravi thinks.

Scene 3
Its morning, Devika comes in jail and smirks seeing Nivi in jail, Nivi says you? how did you come here? just get lost from here else.. Devika says what will you do? you can shout as much as you want but you cant do anything, Devika says to nivi that i came to see how you are enjoying in this jail, how was your night here? how did you live here? there is no AC here, have you come to jail for first time? Nivi fumes in anger. DEvika says i am sorry you are criminal, you must have come here many time, Nivi says dont think that you have succeeded by sending me in jail, you dont know me, Devika says you are right, i dont know you, we have met for 2times only, you still think that i am devika? why Devika’s ghost is not leaving you? you used to hate Devika when she was live like this? the way you tried to kill me was interesting, i dont have anything against you but my mom got worried and sent you to jail, Nivi says stop this nonsense, i know you have come here to destroy me, i will kill you, leave from here, Devika says you are daring, you will kill me in jail only? oh you will remain in jail after killing me too, try and kill me, Nivi says you know how dangerous i am, just leave else i will kill you, Devika says i know you are dangerous, what you did with Devika? how did you kill her? i know Devika died by falling off from cliff, dont tell me you pushed her off cliff? jailer comes there and gives her food, Nivi says what is this food? i dont eat it, jailer says you are in jail and you will get this only, he leaves, Devika says if you want then i can order something nice for you, you are my business partner, Nivi says just get lost, Devika says you are right, you deserve this food only, bye, she leaves, Nivi angrily looks at her.

PRECAP- Lawyer says to Ravi that go to Ambika and ask her to withdraw case and you have to do it soon before case goes to jail. Ravi says inspector gave that suggestion too and you are saying this too, Lawyer says i cant do anything to help you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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